Building the foundations: Surveillance and the right to privacy at the UN in 2014

After remaining in the shadows for decades, the right to privacy is finally having its day in the sun at the United Nations.

And rightfully so, given how seriously the right has been uniquely threatened in the past few years. Technology continues to rapidly evolve in the digital age, Western intelligence agencies are undertaking mass and indiscriminate surveillance of the world's communications, and countries around the world are continually adopting heavy-handed policies that imperil privacy rights.

Investigatory Powers Tribunal rules GCHQ mass surveillance programme TEMPORA is legal in principle

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) today followed its previous judgments in finding that UK security services’ may in principle carry out mass surveillance of all fibre optic cables entering or leaving the UK under RIPA, the 2000 law that pre-dates the modern internet.

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