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MI5 and the Olympic Games

The Independent has reported that a new intelligence system has been developed and deployed in the UK in advance of the Olympic games:

"The new system developed by MI5 for the Olympics, including computerisation, details of which are classified, has been in place since last October. It is deemed to have been highly successful, and will be kept in use after the Games have finished....Security Service has installed a new monitoring and intelligence gathering system to ensure safety of the Games. This includes security checks on more than 540,000 people, monitoring militant groups and also liaising with foreign intelligence services."

The WikiLeaks Spy Files revealed a highly profitable industry that exists solely to support this kind of operation, but the Independent article seems to suggest that MI5 developed the system themselves. It's possible that the British government wanted a home-grown solution, and was nervous about using an American or Israeli system. Interesting that this comes at a time when the National Security Agency in the United States has also just undergone a massive overhaul of their system



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