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Privacy International is growing, again

Want to work for a small charity that holds governments and companies to account on surveillance? We are excited to announce three new openings at Privacy International.

PI is embarking on a new project to work with partners across the world to conduct advocacy and investigations into government surveillance programmes. The project will involve research to identify case studies of surveillance abuses by government, and we will work with local investigators to document case studies of human rights abuse relating to surveillance, identify potential victims of wrongful surveillance, and identify witnesses and sources. Advocacy plays a strong role in this project, and we will collaborate with civil society partners to raise awareness about modern communications surveillance capabilities and advocate for policy change to enhance privacy rights.

We are looking for an Advocacy Director to lead this work. This person will be responsible for managing our multi-country advocacy and capacity-building work on government communications surveillance capabilities in 13 developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. She or he will also be responsible for managing a five-person project team.

We are also looking for two Research Officers. These individuals will be responsible for conducting investigations into surveillance technologies with partners in Africa (northern and eastern), Asia (south and south-eastern), and Latin America. They will work closely with in-country investigators to help develop their capacities to conduct investigations in this technologically complex domain.

Please apply before the deadline of February 7 2014.

Find out more about the positions by clicking here.