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Privacy International has compiled data on the privacy provisions in national constitutions around the world, including which countries have constitutional protections, whether they come from international agreements, what aspects of privacy are actually protected and when those protections were enacted. We are pleased to make this information available under a Creative Commons license for organizations, researchers, students and the community at large to use to support their work (and hopefully contribute to a greater understanding of privacy rights).

The categories

Though the right to privacy exists in several international instruments, the most effective privacy protections come in the form of constitutional articles. Varying aspects of the right to privacy are protected in different ways by different countries. Broad categories include:



This country report is an attempt to evaluate the privacy and surveillance laws and practices in place in this country. This 2010 report was updated with the financial support of the European Commission's Special Programme "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship," 2007-2013.  Updates to the Hungarian Report published in the 2010 edition have been provided by: Ivan Szekely, Open Society Archives at Central European University, Hungary; Máté SzaBó, Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights at Ministry of Education, Hungary; Endre Győző Szabó, Department of Judicial Cooperation and Private International Law of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Hungary.
Privacy International are in the process of updating these country reports globally, it is a huge undertaking and we are always looking for in country knowledge. If you have some information to share or if you spot a error, or an area that the law or practice has been updated, please email us. Any donations would be gratefully received to help us keep these reports up to date. 


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