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Data Protection in Latin America: The Next Decade

Friday, November 29, 2013 - 09:00
Universidad de San Andres, Facultad de Derecho, sede campus Victoria Vito Dumas 284, Victoria Buenos Aires, Argentina, Room Agardy in Edificio Mario Hirsch.

On 29 November at the Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires, Privacy International along with our local partners at Privacy LatAm will be hosting a conference, Data Protection in Latin America: The Next Decade. The program will cover government surveillance and data protection, focusing on data protection agencies in Latin America, international data flows and regulations in Latin America, the right to be forgotten, and cloud computing in the region.

Speaking at the event will be Danilo Doneda, Nelson Remolina, Joel Reidenberg, Carly Nyst, Pablo Palazzi.

Find the agenda below, and go to PrivacyLatAm's website for more information.

Morning Session

The protection of data in the aftermath of the NSA-PRISM scandal (English)

Carly Nyst (Head of International Advocacy Privacy International)

The Surveillance State (English)

Joel Reidenberg (Prof. Fordham Law School)

Government Data Surveillance in Latin America (Spanish)

Ramiro Alvarez Ugarte (ADC, director de Acceso a la información) & Beatriz Busaniche (Fundación Via Libre)

Afternoon Session

Evolution of Data Protection in Latin America: the next decade (Spanish)

Danilo Doneda (Brazil, FVG), Nelson Remolina (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia), Juan A. Travieso (DNPDP), Renato Jijena Leiva (Univ. Valparaiso, Chile).

The Right to be forgotten, free speech and the Internet (Spanish)

Pablo Palazzi (Universidad de San Andres, Argentina)

Eduardo Bertoni (CELE, Universidad de Palermo).

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