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Revolution or Over-Regulation: Will data privacy reforms aid or stifle innovation?

Friday, April 26, 2013 - 09:00
Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building, London School of Economics

Privacy challenges loom large amidst the continuing innovation of Big Data, cloud computing, the convergence of mobile phones and the internet, and social networking. Concerns have been expressed that new proposed legal frameworks in Europe to protect privacy as a fundamental right risk curtailing economically and socially valuable innovation generated by the internet and mobile technologies.  Equally however, the new legal frameworks may create conditions of trust for new business opportunities where individuals can have confidence in the marketplace and their interactions with governments.

This year’s SSIT workshop has invited leading academics, policy makers and industry practitioners to open the discussion on the privacy challenges brought about by the latest wave of internet enabled technologies, data and services, the new regulation intended to address them, and the industry’s concerns that this will limit their capacity to innovate. The workshop will include

  • theoretical analyses of the privacy threat within the current techno-organizational ecosystems and socio-political circumstances
  • presentations of industry strategies and government and NGO policies to address the risks inherent in ICT services and products
  • panel debates on the importance of the threat and on feasible action

Speakers include:

  • Richard Allan, Facebook director of policy in Europe
  • Colin J. Bennett, University of Victoria, Canada; and Visiting Professor, Vrije Universiteit, Brussels
  • Marie-Helene Boulanger, Data Protection Unit, JUST, European Commission
  • Kasey Chappelle, Vodafone Group 
  • Simon Davies, LSE Enterprise
  • Anna Fielder, Privacy International
  • Lucas Introna, Professor of Organisation, Technology and Ethics, Lancaster University
  • Ian Readhead, Director of Information, Association of Chief Police Officers
  • David Smith, Deputy Commissioner, Information Commissioner’s Office

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