Grindr provides safety tips and features for users in anti-gay countries

In 2017, Grindr, which at the time was available in 192 countries, began implementing new privacyimplementing new privacy protection measures in order to help protect its users in anti-gay countries such as those in the Middle East and Africa. Among them: users will be able to to change the Grindr app icon on their phones, and in collaboration with regional activists the company will put out weekly (or, if necessary, daily) notifications including safety tips to avoid police entrapment and information about local LGBTQ resources. Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Iran, and many African countries, as well as Egypt, where up to 70 men were arrested in October and November 2017. In 2016-2017, Grindr was sold to the Chinese gaming company Beijing Kunlun Tech.

Writer: David Hudson
Publication: Gay Star Business
Publication date: 2017-11-28