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FinFisher Report

Help us hold surveillance companies like Gamma to account.

FinFisher is a surveillance product self described as “Governmental IT Intrusion and Remote Monitoring Solutions” manufactured by UK-based company Gamma International. In April 2011 the Guardian reported that Egyptian dissidents had found a proposal document from surveillance company Gamma in the ransacked headquarters of Mubarak’s secret police service. There is also evidence that this technology has been deployed in Turkmenistan, as well as Bahrain.

FinFisher uses trojans that infected the target device and then proceed to take screen shots, intercept voice-over-Internet calls like Skype and transmit a record of every keystroke to a computer. They transform mobile phones into location tracking devices and text messages and call records retrieved in this way have been presented to victims during subsequent torturous interrogations.

Privacy International has been at the forefront of investigating the trade in surveillance technology which includes exposing Gamma International’s sale brochures, videos and product specifications. In the wrong hands, today’s surveillance technologies can have devastating effect. Thats why, Privacy International’s lawyers, Bhatt Murphy, have commenced legal action against the British government asking why, despite repeated requests, the government has failed to take any concrete steps to stop British surveillance technology being exported to repressive regimes. Privacy International defends the right to privacy internationally, with success stories reaching back two decades. 

In order for Privacy international to continue to hold governments and surveillance companies like Gamma to account, we need to know more about the circumstances in which surveillance technology like FinFisher is being used. Information you provide might be used as part of a legal action to help stop surveillance companies like Gamma in future. 

Help us understand more about FinFisher by sharing with us the details of your experience. We would particularly welcome information about the following:

Which countries are using FinFisher?
  • Can you give us details of where you live and where you’ve travelled to recently? Do you have any thoughts about where you might have been infected with the trojan?
Which systems is FinFisher particularly targeting?
  • If possible, can you share with us any details that your anti-virus software gave you and the details of your operating system?
Who are they targeting?
  • We suspect that FinFisher is being used to target activists and dissidents on the basis of, for example, membership of a human rights organizations, political activities or affiliation, or ethnicity or some other element of identity. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts, if any, on why you have been targeted by FinFisher.
Privacy note:
  • Although you may have found FinFisher on your computer, Privacy International cannot guarantee that your computer is not infected by other trojans that may still be monitoring you. If you are concerned your computer are still compromised, we recommend contacting us using a different computer.
  • Any information that you provide to Privacy International will be used only for this study and we will only share with your consent.
  • Privacy International does not sell, rent or lease personal data.
  • Privacy International will vigorously challenge any attempts by government agencies or private sector organisations to gain access to any information that you give us.

Contacting us

You can contact Eric King, Privacy International's Head of Resarch at His PGP key is available here, or you can reach him on jabber at If you'd prefer you can use the form below, none of the fields are mandatory, and please only provide information you are comfortable with sharing.