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Every click you make, every call you take, they’ll be watching you

The Sunday Times
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Tim Rayment
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Experts point out that as many communications, including those on Gmail, are protected from prying eyes by an encryption method known as https, it would take significant resources to break the security.

“The Home Office needs to come clean about what precisely they’re planning,” Eric King, head of research at Privacy International, said last week. “There are two options here: either the system they’re proposing won’t actually give them the access they’re after, in which case it’s a colossal waste of money, or they’re planning to break https on a massive scale.

“The latter option would have extraordinary implications. By cracking one of the most secure and widely used forms of encryption on the internet, the government would be jeopardising the entire e-commerce industry and fundamentally altering the internet as we know it.”