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ICO Commissioner slams EU data protection directive

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Liat Clark
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"The UK Data Protection Regulator seems to be rather out on a limb in comparison with his counterparts in Europe," Anna Fielder, trustee for Privacy International, told, commenting on Graham's position. "The data protection proposal currently under debate is a development of existing legislation, not a radical revolution. It is necessary because the existing legal framework is being widely abused and is becoming less and less relevant with the advent of new technologies. This is particularly true in the UK, which has some of the weakest data protection laws in Europe. Industry wants the same law across Europe to make it easier for it to conduct business; to achieve this you need some degree of prescription. You can fine-tune some of the administration requirements, but do not throw the baby out with the bathwater... Perhaps the ICO would like to perpetuate the status quo in which people's personal information is abused without their knowledge or consent because boxes are pre-ticked and consent implied?"