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Privacy International slams snooping bill whitewash

The Inquirer
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Dave Neal
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Privacy International says that there is no doubt that it is designed to encourage MPs that might not agree with the snooping bill to support it.

"The document contains significant evasions and distortions about the proposed 'Communications Capabilities Development Programme' (CCDP), and is clearly intended to persuade unconvinced Lib Dem MPs to vote in favour of the proposal," it warns.... There are other problematic areas in the briefing, including fudged facts and errors, according to Privacy International's executive director Gus Hosein, and he said that they will contribute to murky debates and threaten civil liberties.

"Debates around communications interception are always plagued by the complexity of the issues at stake. However, given that the Communications Capabilities Development Programme represents one of the most significant threats to civil liberties this country has faced in the past five years, I would have hoped that MPs were at least being given clear and coherent information about it," said Hosein. "How are they supposed to make an informed decision when the issue comes before Parliament if they are presented with briefing documents riddled with factual inaccuracies?"