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Working at PI

At PI we believe that for people to be treated with dignity and to preserve autonomy, we must defend the right for all people everywhere to have access to privacy protection in laws and technologies. The empowerment of the individual is core to our work.

Accordingly, PI aims to empower its staff and create a good work environment. PI celebrates diversity in its people, its approaches, and its strategy. People here are looking to change the world by developing expertise, creatively disseminating research, and conducting effective advocacy. 

Our work holds the powerful to account. We uncover their capabilities and investigate their claims. We explore the strength of laws and technologies, and test their boundaries. Safeguards and protections must be verifiable, and we ensure they are under constant review. We live up to our own demands and conduct our work in an accountable manner — to the public, our board, and our funders.

How do we work

Working at PI means joining a team of people who focus just as much on how we work as the targets of our work. Our core values are that:

  • We work with others to better understand, to engage, to change minds (including our own), and to build a movement.
  • We lead by example, set high standards, and critically evaluate our work. This means also learning from our mistakes.
  • We deliver on our promises. This means that we are accountable and we work on until we achieve our objectives.
  • We are all responsible for building and maintaining a good and strong PI and field.

We know that this is a unique moment in time where we can influence the shape of the future and we are fortunate to have this opportunity. PI is looking for people who share these values and want to build a sustainable movement to protect privacy everywhere.



Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning Officer
Posted on 20th December 2016

Responsible to: Executive Director
Key relationship: Programme Leads, Grants and Finance Officer
Contract: Permanent
Working Hours: Full-time
Salary: £36,000
Location: London



The Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning Officer will play a leading role in the design and delivery of monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy for PI’s strategic programmes. In particular, this role will primarily focus on providing support and capacity development to a multi-year and multi-partner project falling under PI’s Global South programme that works in partner countries on the impact of data intensive systems on human rights, and in particular on the right to privacy. 

With the experience and knowledge gained through providing support to the Global South programme and through direct engagement with partners across the Privacy International Network, the M&E and Learning Officer will also develop and share lessons to enable  further improvements across PI’s other programmes through effective  monitoring, evaluation and learning practices. The M&E and Learning Officer will lead in the building, documenting and disseminating of lessons around core products, processes and approaches, ensuring we continually learn and adapt our approach to best meet internal and external needs.

The person in this role will:

  • Lead the development of a monitoring & evaluation and learning strategy for Privacy International, contributing to the improved effectiveness of PI and our partners’ programme design,  execution, impact and influence. Approximately 80% of the focus of the job is on the Global South programme with the remaining resources being applied to other programmes and activities at PI.
  • Build knowledge and skills on design, monitoring and evaluation systems within the programme team by providing training and regular backstop support.
  • Coordinate the ongoing and systematic monitoring of the programmes to assess progress against objectives, both to continuously learn, and to take timely corrective actions, if necessary.
  • Coordinate the delivery of monitoring, evaluation and learning reporting requirements for a funded multi-year and multi-partner project, and management of all evaluation processes.
  • Contribute to the preparation and timely submission to the donors of annual work plans.
  • Provide technical and advisory services to staff at Privacy International and partner organisations on operational monitoring, evaluation and learning, with the expectation that all of PI’s strategic programmes and partners benefit from sharing of lessons learned.
  • Help to build the institutional capacity of both PI and its partners in technical skills around monitoring, evaluation and learning.
  • Contribute to compilation of succinct communications and dissemination outputs, presenting key achievements, challenges and opportunities related to the progress reports targeting internal and external audiences.


  • Ensure that an M&E strategy for Privacy International works across all of PI’s Programmes.
  • Participate actively in programme planning process and budgeting.
  • Develop templates for annual and bi-annual organisational reporting to collect data against agreed indicators.
  • Develop standards and tools to monitor the quality and rigour of strategic programmes.
  • Supervise regular data collection, both internally and externally, and ensure quality of the data by verifications and validations.
  • Assist in building capacity of partners in planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Support partners in conducting baseline surveys and Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) surveys.
  • Provide feedback to partners and programme teams on projects’ performance based on monitoring data.


  • Analyse and discuss findings based on regular monitoring data.
  • Provide technical support on M&E and evidence-based recommendations to the relevant Project Manager and partners.
  • Design, coordinate and conduct project evaluations (mid-term and end-line).
  • Design and conduct monitoring and evaluation surveys.

Reporting and documentation

  • Draft quarterly, six-month, and annual reports.
  • Record, manage and preserve monitoring and evaluation data in a secure and accessible format.

Strategic oversight and planning 

  • Assist programme leads in multi-year plan and budget planning process to develop a high quality M&E and learning strategy for all strategic programmes.
  • Work closely with project teams and local partners to refine a coherent overarching monitoring, evaluation and learning framework across our programmes.
  • Assist programme leads in reviewing project plans.
  • Ensure that programme leads receive adequate support in the planning process by supplying relevant data, information and guidance.

Learning and sharing

  • Facilitate efficient information-sharing among PI’s programmes and within specific projects, including from and with national partners, to promote adaptive learning in complex areas of practice, working with others to facilitate and document key reflection moments.

Technical advice and capacity building

  • Conduct regular consultation with PI staff and PI’s network of partners to identify capacity building needs of staff, and design, plan and coordinate relevant capacity building initiatives.
  • Provide timely, effective and high quality advice and technical support to M&E and learning activities for PI staff and PI’s network of partners.


  • Work with Campaigns and Communications team to develop a communication and dissemination strategy based on the findings of the M&E and learning processes, targeting internal and external audiences. 




Qualifications and Experience

  • An advanced degree in any relevant discipline or equivalent training and work experience that proves extensive knowledge of a range of methods and approaches in M&E, including a strong understanding of research design and data collection methods.
  • Demonstrable experience in playing a leading role in designing, implementing and managing at least two of the following: organisational learning, research, monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment.
  • Experience of M&E and learning for civil society organisations in the context of, or in, the Global South. 
  • Experience in designing tools and processes for quantitative and qualitative data analysis, interpretation and report write-up, using appropriate computer software and other systems and tools.
  • Good understanding of the current M&E trends and systems in development sector.
  • Demonstrable experience of working with and understanding of requirements of major development donors.


  • Strong interpersonal skills in liaising, communicating and engaging with colleagues and external audiences from diverse backgrounds.
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills, both in written and spoken English.
  • Demonstrated ability to address and communicate complex issues in challenging environments, in a clear, concise and compelling manner.
  • Strong eye for detail, e.g. exceptional editorial and sub-editorial skills.
  • Strong multi-tasker, with the ability to manage multiple deadlines. 
  • Willing and able to work occasional evenings and weekends, and to travel internationally.


  • Passion for technology and the role it plays in the governance and protection of human rights.
  • Knowledge and experience of working in international human rights and familiarity with international human rights law.
  • Competency to conduct gender-sensitive risk management. 
  • Proven experience to conduct gender mainstreaming in M&E and learning strategy as well as programme design and implementation.
  • Fluency in a second language, with fluency in Spanish or Arabic being a distinct advantage. 
  • Experience of organising events and/or workshops.

To apply please send a covering letter (two pages maximum) and a CV (also two pages maximum) outlining how you meet the essential and desirable criteria to by 6pm GMT on 19th January 2017. Interviews will take place the week of the 23rd January 2017 at our office in Clerkenwell, London. We are able to arrange video conference interviews with candidates who are unable to travel.





Want to volunteer for a charity that holds governments and companies to account on their intrusions into our private lives? Then apply to join Privacy International’s volunteer program!

Privacy International is a London-based charity that’s committed to fighting for the right to privacy across the world. 

In our volunteer program, you won’t be making coffee or doing the photocopying. Volunteers are treated as full members of the team, and we want you to play a meaningful role in our campaigns, litigation, research and advocacy projects.

Here’s what we’re looking for in volunteers:

  • a strong commitment to fighting intrusions into our private lives by governments and corporations
  • pursuing or holding a degree in law, political science, public policy, communications or similar academic studies
  • a knowledge or interest in the intersection of rights and technology
  • maturity and independence
  • initiative and demonstrated ability to work without supervision
  • excellent communications skills

Volunteers will assist Privacy International's team at our London offices. We ask that you commit to a minimum of three days per week for three months. However, based on your personal, academic and/or professional commitments, we are very flexible about this.

We have four intakes of volunteers per year, although there is flexibility over start and finish dates:

  • Spring intake (approx 1st March- 31st May): Application deadline - 4th January
  • Summer intake (approx 1st June - 31st August): Application deadline - 5th April
  • Autumn intake (approx 1st September - 30th November): Application deadline - 7th July
  • Winter intake (approx 1st December - 28/29th February): Application deadline - 6th October

Please take a look at our projects and legal actions to get a sense of our current work before applying. As well as individuals with an interest in law, policy and advocacy, we are also interested in hearing from individuals who want to work in communications, campaigning and fundraising. 

How to apply

  • Please send your CV and a short covering letter (maximum 300 words) to
  • Your cover letter should clearly indicate what specific area(s) of our work you would like to get involved in and why you think you have the appropriate skills and interest.
  • In your application, please clearly state which intake you are applying for. We will NOT consider any applications until after the application deadline date. 
  • We will respond to you within four weeks of the application deadline.

Important notes for applicants

  • If you are not a European Union (EU) citizen, you will be responsible for making all appropriate visa arrangments. If you are applying from outside the EU, please ensure that you research visa requirements, and the timeline and costs before applying to volunteer at Privacy International. Unfortunately, Privacy International cannot contribute to any costs that you may incur in arranging your visa and neither can we apply for a 'certificate of sponsorship' on your behalf. You may want to consider applying through the BUNAC programme, which gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to work as a volunteer in the UK for up to six months. Details of this programme can be found at 
  • We will cover reasonable travel and lunch expenses while you volunteer at Privacy International.
  • We ask volunteers to use their own laptop if they can. Do please let us know if this will be difficult for you.

What’s it like to volunteer at Privacy International?

I learned a lot of things during my time at PI and it broadened my knowledge of important issues in the world today. It was also good fun working with a team of friendly, like-minded people and I would recommend this program to anyone I know. - George Dallas, Summer 2013 Volunteer

I had a fantastic experience as a volunteer at Privacy International. In addition to gaining a practical insight into human rights work and learning something new everyday, I felt a great sense of satisfaction from doing positive and meaningful work as part of a really inspiring team. - Beth Lubin, Spring 2013 Volunteer

When you volunteer at Privacy International, you are not treated as a volunteer but one of the team. The people who work at PI are very enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, which makes volunteering here both exciting and fulfilling. I have been given responsibility to do work on cutting edge projects since day one. - Emily Linnea Mahoney, Winter 2013 Volunteer