National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Kenya

The National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders – Kenya (NCHRD-K) works to protect human rights defenders, strengthen their capacity and influence, and reduce their vulnerability to the risk of persecution. Established in 2007, it is the only national organisation that works primarily in this area.

27 Mar 2020
From our partners from the Defenders Coalition: The civil society’s Police Reforms Working Group, comprised of twenty national human rights organisations, condemn the unnecessary and excessive use of force by Kenya Police Service officers yesterday at the Likoni Ferry Crossing, Mombasa. The police

This is a legal analysis of Kenya’s Data Protection Act which was adopted in November 2019.


PI submitted with its partners a joint stakeholder report on the state of privacy in view of Kenya's review at the 35th session of the Universal Periodic Review.

We welcome the effort by the Government of Kenya to give life to and specify the right to privacy, already enshrined in Article 31(c) and (d) of the Constitution of Kenya by proposing a draft Data Protection Act. We particularly appreciate the direct reference to this Constitutional right in the
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The Privacy International Network is celebrating Data Privacy Week, where we’ll be talking about how trends in surveillance and data exploitation are increasingly affecting our right to privacy. Join the conversation on Twitter using #dataprivacyweek. It is often communities who are already the most
State of Privacy
Table of contents Introduction Right to Privacy Communication Surveillance Data Protection Identification Schemes Policies and Sectoral Initiatives Introduction Acknowledgement The State of Privacy in Kenya is the result of an ongoing collaboration by Privacy International and the National Coalition
In December 2018, the National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders-Kenya published a report analysing the needs and concerns of human rights defenders (HRD) in relation to privacy, data protection and communications surveillance. A summary of their findings is below. Access the full report on their
This photo originally appeared here. For years, Privacy International and our partners in Kenya have been promoting the right to privacy in Kenya through research and investigations into government and private sector policies and practices and advocating for the adoption and enforcement of the
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To mark International Women’s Day 2018, Privacy International and some of our partner organisations - Datos Protegidos, Derechos Digitales, the National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders-Kenya, the Karisma Foundation, and the Foundation for Media Alternatives – are telling the stories of women
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Written by the National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders - Kenya and Privacy International 05:00: Mercy’s alarm goes off. She gets out of the warmth of the bed into the piercing morning chill. She switches on the bedside lamp and reaches for her Bible. She then checks in onto her devotional