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Press Releases

Companies from the UK, the US, and Israel provided mass surveillance capabilities to Colombian security services

2 September 2015

Privacy International's new report exposes the companies that have built the Colombian Government's controversial and highly invasive surveillance systems. The report “Demand/Supply: Exposing the Surveillance Industry in Colombia” shows the extensive dealings that companies from Israel, the UK, the USA, Finland, and New Zealand, among other countries, have had in supporting Colombian government agencies in purchasing surveillance equipment. Many of the company's customers were agencies that did not have lawful authority to carry out communications interception using such systems.

Pakistan Intelligence agency sought to create mass surveillance system, new report from Privacy International reveals

21 July 2015

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency sought to capture all communications entering and within the country, in what amounts to the most significant expansion of the Pakistani government’s mass surveillance capacities to date, according to a new Privacy International report released today, “Tipping the Scales: Surveillance and security in Pakistan”. The project is the first Pakistani government-run centralised mass surveillance project to be publicly revealed.