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Privacy International urges Creativity Software to end contracts with Irancell and once again calls for answers concerning activities in Iran

Privacy International’s Director-General Simon Davies has today written to Creativity Software CEO Richard Lee urging him to “follow suit” after surveillance technology company Area SpA withdraws their business from Syria.

In the letter, Mr Davies reiterated the seven questions he asked in his letter of 10th November - questions that Richard Lee has so far failed to answer. He asked whether Creativity has had dealings in other Middle Eastern and North African countries, and requested details of the nature of the technology sold to Iran, such as the worth of contracts, the particulars of software and hardware and whether Creativity's technicians have since visited the country. Mr Davies wrote:

Your answers will be crucial in preventing future harm, and in mitigating the harm your company has already done by selling such dangerous technology to a regime that shows as little concern for the lives, liberty and personal dignity of its citizens as Iran."

Privacy International awaits a reponse from Richard Lee.