Privacy International defends the right to privacy across the world, and fights surveillance and other intrusions into private life by governments and corporations. Read more »


Right now we're investigating the international trade in surveillance technologies, monitoring legal and policy developments across Europe, and building capacity for local privacy defenders in Asia.


Promoting the right to privacy and data protection in the development and humanitarian fields.
Prying open the Five Eyes arrangement and bringing it under the rule of law.
Exposing the global trade in surveillance technologies and holding it to account
Building capacity and conducting research across the developing world.


Since the 1990s, we have engaged in educational campaigns about the risks of DNA databases for forensic purposes and fought against their expansion.
Without proper safeguards against abuse, ID policies can facilitate social exclusion and serious grave human rights abuses.
Democracy demands that policies be fully debated in national legislatures, not laundered through international fora.
We helped end a secret arrangement that gave the US authorities sweeping access to the vast majority of financial transfers taking place across the world.
In-depth reports on the current state of privacy in 195 countries around the world.
We believe that nationwide communications data retention policies are incompatible with human rights.