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We ran workshops in a number of countries to bring together key stakeholders, and when appropriate, to open up the discussion to the public.  PI and the LSE co-hosted  meetings with local groups and universities.  These turned out to be very successful events as we were able to reach new audiences, and engage directly with the media.

In Bangladesh we ran a half-day public workshop at the press club, with approximately 40 members of the public in attendance.  Our participants included political leaders, journalists, and members of the judiciary.

In Pakistan we ran a public workshop in Lahore at FAST-NU, with attendees including industry officials, academics, students, and members of the public.  In Islamabad we ran a more closed-meeting with key experts from across Pakistan to consider how privacy can link with their existing work.

We ran a public workshop in the Philippines at the local university, to an audience of approximately 40 people.  We also ran a closed-workshop for civil society organisations to learn about how privacy fits in with their policy agenda.