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III. Privacy issues

National Identification System

Information Card Index of the information center of the police of the Republic of Armenia is operating under the Government of RA. The activity of the card index is regulated by the Decree of Government of RA No. 933, adopted on May 20, 2004.

In the information card index1 the following categories of people are registered: Citizens of the Republic of Armenia, foreign countries' citizens, persons without citizenship accused of committing a crime on the territory of the Republic of Armenia regardless of the nature of crime, punishment measure, term of the punishment; Persons, who served a sentence in other countries and were returned to the Republic of Armenia; Persons who are in the criminal investigation inquiry; Persons who were accused and the cases were ceased by not justifying bases, prescribed by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia; Those juveniles who were excused from the criminal liability and to whom were applied compulsory measures of a pedagogical nature; Persons, who committed an act prescribed by law and to whom were applied compulsory measure of a medical nature; Those convicts who were granted pardon or amnesty before court decision came into force; Those persons whose criminal proceeding were not terminated on the justified basis; Persons who are released from detention on the basis, prescribed by Criminal Procedure Code, Article 132, part 1, point 1.2

First copies of cards of registration and fingerprints are stored in the information center of the police of the Republic of Armenia and second copies are sent to the information center of the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation, according to the intergovernmental agreement about the exchange of the information, signed by the ministries of interior of CIS countries, on August 3, 1992. State structures and natural persons are eligible to use Information Card Index, the latter through local Police stations of RA. Information Card Index is directly available to police representatives of those CIS countries that have signed relevant intergovernmental agreements.

Information on persons who are checked in the Information Card Index is available for: Administration of President of the Republic of Armenia, administration of Government of RA, Police of RA, National Security Service of Government of RA, General Prosecutor's Office of RA, courts, Criminal - executive department of Ministry of Justice of RA, Ministry of Defense of RA. Listed structures are eligible to obtain the information on accused persons, detainees, arrestees, convicts, revised court decisions, place and time of imprisonment, place of deprivation of liberty, fact of escape, inquiry, death in the place of deprivation of liberty, application of amnesty or pardon, place where archival criminal cases are stored. Natural persons are eligible to obtain the information on the facts of their conviction or inquiry as well as registered and stored information.

According to the "Law on National Security Agencies of the Republic of Armenia," which was adopted on December 28 2001, national security bodies cannot collect, store or disseminate data on personal and family life of a citizen, which was received during the activity of national security bodies without consent of the citizen, except in cases prescribed by the law.

During the implementation of the activity of the national security bodies the protection of rights and freedoms of a citizen are guaranteed. Each person has a right to appeal the actions of the national security bodies or officials that have violated his/her rights and freedoms in the way prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Data on national security agency officials, or persons who confidentially cooperate or cooperated with those agencies, documents on methods and ways of their activity are stored in the authorized archive.


  • 1. A department/division that operates within the structure of information center of the police of the Republic of Armenia, where data on the following category of persons are collected, processed, coordinated and stored.
  • 2. Criminal Procedure Code, article 132, part 1, point 1 states: "The detained shall be released on the basis of the decision of the body which carries out criminal proceeding if the suspicion about his committing an action forbidden by criminal law has not been proven correct."