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Canada to Egypt


Codalex Ltd
5780 Decelles Avenue
Montreal Quebec H3S 2C7
Tel: 514 731 3251 Tlx: Fax: 514 738 1970
Source Ref: Canadian Security Products & Services, August 93 (Copex 94)
Export/Imports :
Canadian Security Products 8/93 : Export Markets : Codalex systems and accessories are in use by the military forces of the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, USA, Zambia and several other countries that have received equipment through the US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.
Additional Information :
Canadian Security Products 8/93 : Codalex Ltd is a Canadian owned corporation incorporated in October 1975. Codalex designs and manufactures military multiplex systems and accessories. Codalex's principal customer is the US Department of Defence with major systems and accessories being supplied to the US Marine Corps and US navy. In addition to work for the US DoD, has designed and manufactures communications and control systems for the Saudi Arabian Air Defense Systems under contract to Litton Data Command Systems (US) and Thomson CSF (France).
Gross Sales $4M, Export Sales $3.8M, Ratio Commercial/Defence 1:99. date of profile 14 Feb 1992.
PICS - Photo Ident Card Systems, Ltd
5317 Lane Street
Burnaby BC V5H 2H4
Tel: 604 434 1321 Tlx: Fax: 604 434 1821
Source Ref: Copex Miami 93 cat
Exhibition: Copex Miami 93
Export/Imports :
Copex Miami 93 - Extensive experience of exporting to Caribbean & Latin America - army and government.
Additional Information :
Copex Miami 93 - Integrator of identification and access control card technology. PICS custom manufacture plastic ID cards, vinyl membership cards, tracking cards and access control cards.
PICS has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing cards for export to Caribbean and Latin American countries including army, government and drivers licence programs.
PICS also provides a consulting service to the security ID marketplace
Tronex International Security Inc.
2387 Eglinton Ave. E, Suite 1
Scarborough Ontario M1K 2M5
Tel: 416 288 1322 Tlx: Fax: 416 288 1325
Source Ref: Copex Miami 93 Cat
Exhibition: Copex Miami 93
Export/Imports :
Copex Miami 93 - Exports products & services to Latin America through a network of agents in 16 countries.
Additional Information :
Copex Miami 93 - Tronex Int Security (1990) specialises in offering various products & services to the Latin American Region. Exclusive marketing rights are held for numerous products of North American & European origin. These products are offered through an established network of agents n 16 countries, catering to Governments, Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Multinationals etc. Specialised products/services include: Body Armour, Electronic Surveillance & Counter surveillance equipment, Detection equipment (metal, narcotics, etc), Tactical training etc.
FAMAE : Fabricaciones Militares
Av Pedro Montt 1568/1606, PO Box 4100
Tel: (562) 5569131 Tlx: 242346 FAMAE CL Fax: (562) 5550944
Subsids : (92) Arcomet, Metalsam, FAMAC, Metalmec, FAMET, Gdn 4/1/92 - See also IVI Finance & management
Directors : (92) Brig General Hector Letelier (Removed in 1992)
Source Ref: COIN 90, Co Info 1/92, Guardian 4/1/92 , MILIPOL 91 Catalog, Co
Info 11/91, Milipol Moscow 92, Co Info 92 (ITB) Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Milipol Moscow 92
Export/Imports :
MILIPOL 91 - Exhibited via ITB - Comercio Internacional LDA - Portugal based company.
See also MOWAG (Switzerland) and THYSSEN HENSCHEL (Germany) - MOWAG Produce the PIRANHA Internal Security (I.S) Vehicle & Thyssen have production licence from MOWAG & have exported to Chile.
GDN 4/1/92 - Exports of 11 Tonne of Arms , ammunition including Swiss SIG rifles & Blowpipe Ground -Air Missiles via Panama (Luxembourg) Company (IVI Finance & Management) to Croatia.
Jing An (China) Equipment Import & Export Corp
25 Xi Tang Zi Lane, Nth Wang Fu Jing St
Beijing 100006
Tel: 551560 Tlx: 210020 CJIMC CN Fax: 861 5121365
U. Hold Co: (92) Ministry:Foreign Economic Relations Turnover : Zhyiang Factory 1m Yuan profit
Source Ref: MILIPOL 85, China Secure 92 cat, Securitex Thailand 93 cat
Exhibition: MILIPOL 85, China Secure 92, Securitex Thailand 93
Export/Imports :
Imports & exports to China - sought market via Milipol 85 for thumbcuffs (and other equipment).
Attended as visitors to Milipol 91 in Paris.
China Secure 92 - Chinese import / export company for wide range of riot and security products, including electric shock weapons, tear gas, handcuffs & thumbcuffs & leg cuffs.
Additional Information :
MIL 85 - Weapons for police use, detectors, communication equipment, traffic control systems, personal safety equipment - Thumb Cuffs & Electric Shock batons. Sought markets for equipment via Milpol 85. See David Hoffman for Photograph.
China Secure 92 ( Co-organisers) wide range of products for export.Anti-riot shields, helmets, steel wire police club, night viewers, tear gas launching shock baton, MD JA-90-A light & stun gun, MD888 multi functional stun gun, MD 868 Defender, dagger pistol, letter & walkthrough bomb detectors, pistols, carbines, machine pistols and rifles. DMH Security Baton (with torch) 50KV.
electric batons 100,000 v
Securitex Thailand 93 - CCTV Equipment, Personal Security Equipment, Surveillance Systems
Philips (China) Investments Service Company Ltd
Beijing Office, 22 Jianguomenwai
Beijing 100004
Tel: 5128883 Tlx: 22850 PHILI CN Fax: 5127351
U. Hold Co: (92) Philips (Netherlands) Holding Co: (92) Philips Hong Kong Ltd
Source Ref: China Secure 92, Co Info Sheets 92
Exhibition: China Secure 92
Export/Imports :
China Secure 92 - Importing Philips equipment from Hong Kong, (Netherlands ?).
Additional Information :
China Secure 92 - Video Surveillance equipment, CLS 8000 Communications Logging system - can monitor up to 64 channels on one 1/2 inch tape - (this is listed in COIN 90 as being produced by Philips Netherlands).
Bouet Moellevej 3-5, PO Box 132
9400 Nr. Sundby
Tel: +45 98 19 20 33 Tlx: Fax: +45 98 19 19 14
Source Ref: Copex Catalog 93, Co Info 11/93, Milipol 93
Exhibition: Copex 93, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
Co Info 11/93 : ETI Incorporated (USA)
Additional Information :
Copex 93 : Founded in 1985 and located in the northern part of Denmark, specialise in fax and data communication equipment. Produces and developing sophisticated fax and data monitoring equipment. Always customised to fit the customers need.
Co Info 11/93 : ETI Faxlog Line Analyzer - the unique tool for the analysis of fax communications and protocols. ETI Fax encryptor.
Milipol 93 : Specialises in data and fax communications. Resulted in successful development of outstanding products for interception, monitoring, error detecting and analyzing fax and data transmissions.
Working with customers having highly specialized and sophisticated requirements, ETI develops advanced multi-line monitoring systems.
Spectronic Denmark
Skindbjergvej 44, DK-8500
Tel: 45 86 38 72 22 Tlx: 60 320 Fax: 45 86 38 77 04
Subsids : (93) Spectronic (USA)
Directors : Peter Kristiansen , Claus Aabo - Sale
Source Ref: COPEX 90 Catalog, MILIPOL 91, Copex 91 Catlog, Co Info 20/5/92,
Copex Miami 93 Catalog, Securitech Catalog 93, Copex 93 Catalog, Milipol 93 Catalog, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 90, Copex 91, MILIPOL 91, Copex 92 Catalog, Copex Miami 93, Copex 93, Milipol 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
Copex Miami 93 - US Distributor in Florida.
Additional Information :
Copex 94 : Spectronic products and customer designed control systems, of electronic surveillance and countersurveillance have been supplied to friendly governments throughout the world. At Copex 94 Spectronic will be displaying equipment covering the following areas : Fax Monitoring, Room Monitoring, Telephone, Modem and Cellular Monitoring, Radio Bug Detection, Frequency Hopping Wireless Micro Transmitter, Jamming.
Milipol 93 : Telefax monitoring program, Jamming systems, fax recorder control systems, radio bug detection system, room monitoring systems. Since 1983, Spectronic have been developing and producing advanced equipment for electronic information gathering, surveillance and counter-surveillance.
Copex Miami 93 - Fax monitoring, Room Monitoring, Radio Bug detection, Jamming, Videolink.
Securitech 93 - Jamming systems - sweep jammers, broadband jammers, manpack systems, mobile systems. Fax recorder control systems. Telefax monitoring program, Radio bug detection system, Room monitoring systems :- advanced wired microphone systems for - Passive lines, Active telephone lines, Active 220V main. Since 1983, Spectronic Denmark have been developing and producing advanced equipment for electronic information gathering, surveillance and counter surveillance.
Copex 93 : Since 1983, Spectronic have been developing and producing advanced equipment for electronic information gathering, surveillance and counter- surveillance. Supplied to friendly Governments throughout the world. Fax monitoring, Room Monitoring, Radio Bug Detection, Jamming.
COPEX 90 - Electronic surveillance & counter surveillance equipment - in conjunction with customer designed control systems, DEX 017 System - Counter surveillance systems, SP900 Microwave videolink.
Giza Systems Engineering
PO Box 1913, 2 El-Mesaha Square
Dokki, Giza, Cairo
Tel: 20 2 3490140 Tlx: 92096 eh un Fax: 20 2 3499253
Holding Co: (94) Alkan / Nossier Group (Egypt)
Directors : (94) Mohammed Nosseir (Chr), Akil Beshir, Sadeh Abaza
Source Ref: Kompass Egypt 94
Export/Imports :
KOmpass Egypt 94 : Exclusive distributor for : Digital Equipment Co (USA) Computers, Louis New mark (UK) Security systems.
Additional Information :
Kompass Egypt 94 : Listed as importer and distributor of the following equipment : Counter surveillance equipment (40.97.15), Surveillance equipment (40.97.16), Security control centres, Security systems, computerized, Telephone Wire Tapping (40.97.20), Transmitters, Miniature (40.97.21), Intruder detecting and plotting equipment (40.97.22), Security systems, microwave (40.97.23), Surveillance equipment, motion picture recording type (40.97.24), Surveillance systems, electronic (40.97.25)