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Alcatel Alsthom
54 Rue La Boetie
75008 Paris
Tel: 33 (1) 40761010 Tlx: Fax: 33 (1) 40761413
Holding Co: (94) Alcatel Alsthom Group, (92) Alcatel Alsthom Group Subsids : (94) Space & Defense Group, Alcatel Systems de Defense, Alcatel Alsthom Recherche, Alcatel Bell, Alcatel Business Systems, Alcatel Cable, Alcatel CIT, Espace, ISR, Italia, Mobile Communication France, Qualcomm, SEL, Telecom Norway, Telspace, TITN Answare, Cegelec (Cegelec CGA, Cegelec Soprano)
Turnover : 23.1 B ecu
Source Ref: Eurosatory 92 Catalog, Eurosatory 94 Catalog, Co Info 6/94, IDEX
95 Catalog Exhibition: EUROSATORY 92, Eurosatory 94, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Co Info 6/94 : Alcatel SEL is the sole supplier of VHF radio and radar land- surveillance equipment in Germany.
Additional Information :
Euro 92 : Infrastructure networks, C3I systems, space systems, tactical networks, security systems.
Co Info 6/94 : With global sales of ECU 23.7 billion and 200,000 employees worldwide, Alcatel Alsthom is one of the world's 40 largest industrial companies. Alcatel Alsthom: Defense & Security Activities: Total group sales ECU 1.2 billion.
Communications systems : provides systems, equipment and services for military infrastructure networks.
C3I systems : Based on skills acquired with STRIDA, the French surveillance and air
defense data processing system., the group is developing C3I systems for air defense, troop management, intelligence, frontier surveillance, and various other applications. Its intelligence products handle data acquisition and processing in command centres. The group has also developed numerous systems for preparing and conducting missions. One of the most widely known is the SAFARI systems, used by the United Nations (UN) in Somalia.
C3I systems : Alcatel provides a full range of C3I systems dedicated to Army, navy and Air Force as well as Police and Civil Security, Border Surveillance or any other Command & Control driven body. Systems feature a complete set of integrated command and control supporting functions ranging from data collection and fusion, situation assessment, force and resources management, planning and tasking and operation control. C3I systems are displayed to illustrate four levels command chain : strategic operational tactical combat & execution
Strategic level : JCOC (Joint Command Operation Centre) SICOIA, intelligence processing and photo-interpretation system (DEIMOS), satellite situation display (MUSCAT), forces/resources management system (SGFM), multi-media integrated management platform (BDS).
Operational level : Theatre JCOC - a deployable C2IS providing support to commanders in charge of theatre operations. TJCOC is equipped with command, control information system (SAFARI) comprising two workstations : whole theatre data fusion situation assessment support tool taking account of friend as well as foe forces.
Tactical level : A deployable Interoperable Air Command and control modular system (DIAMS) for air-land battle operation supports the tactical level. The system includes : an intelligence processing and photo-interpretation module (DEIMOS), a multi-sensor intelligence fusion system (AXIS), a planning and tasking module (PEGASUS) forces and resources management module (SGFM) a tactical situation display (VISU tactique)
Combat/execution level : Illustrated by a segment dedicated to image acquisition and first level processing into a SAFARI dedicated system. The resulting intelligence data (IMINT) are transmitted to the tactical level and the operational level where they are fused and integrated into a SAFARI component.
Surveillance Systems : Based on the Border Master 2000 on area surveillance system performing intelligence data acquisition from multipurpose battlefield radar RATAC-S and providing decision support tools.
IDEX 95 : Communication systems - tactical command and control infrastructure
Alcatel Radio Space Defense
5, Rue Noel
Pons 92000 Nanterre la Defense
Tel: 33+1 46 52 3000 Tlx: 615000 F Fax: 33+1 46 52 3696
Source Ref: Milipol 91, Co Info 11/91
Exhibition: Milipol 91
Export/Imports :
(91) Systems completed in over 80 countries worldwide.
Additional Information :
Milipol 91 - Complete C3I solutions - SICOSC - Civilian Security System, SCOPP, the C3I system for Police Forces.
ALPA France
28 Avenue Henri Guillaumet
31500 Toulouse
Tel: 61 48 44 10 Tlx: Fax: 61 48 24 73
Source Ref: MILIPOL 91 Catalog
Exhibition: MILIPOL 91
Export/Imports :
Milipol 91 - @OTHER (Telephone Monitoring) Systems sold worldwide
Additional Information :
Milipol 91 : "French leader" in telephone monitoring, created 11 years ago. AMETHYSTE - portable telephone recording & information processing sets used by the French police army forces. Also remote control systems
Compagnie Francaise d'Exportation (COFREXPORT) S.A.
14 bis, rue Daru
75008 Paris
Tel: (1) Tlx: 643 252 F Fax: (1)
Source Ref: Milipol 91, Milipol 93 Catalog, INDEPO 94 catalog + advert, Copex
94, Co Info 2/95, IDEX 95 Catalog Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Milipol 93, INDEPO 94,
Copex 94, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Milipol 91 : Distributor for EGIS & Sentor produced by Thermedetec Inc (USA), Alcatel Communications Systems
Additional Information :
IDEX 95 : Engineering, manufacturing and commercialisation of electronic surveillance and security devices for police, army etc.
Co info 2/95 : Engineering, manufacturing and commercialization of surveillance and safety devices for Police, Army and authorities.
Distributor for detection systems : EGIS explosive detection system, SENTOR drug detection system.
Telephone auto-start COF-030, connected to a telephone makes it possible to trigger the operation of a tape recorder or micro-transmitter in order to record the contents of a telephone conversation.
Voice Timer COF 040, voice activated trigger; transmitter microphones COF 112, 118, COF 110, 113, 150, 111.
Miniaturized telephone listening-in system COF 117; Fax interceptor COF 230; multiple/single line fax interceptor COF 231, Multiple Lines Fax interceptor COF 231/M.
Ciphered telephone sets COF 270, encoding and decoding modules for transmitting and receiving COF 274, Encoded Audio Transmitter/Receiver with remote control COF 310/2, COF 320/R, COF 230/E, COF 310/R.
Miniaturized micro transmitters COF 310, 311; transmitter belt COF 348,
Video micro camera COF 357; TV transmitter 430-550 MHz COF 363; Camera Box with integrated video transmitter COF 368; video mini camera COF 370, Video Camera Module COF 371; Portable HF video set COF 383; TV transmitter 950MHz - 2.5 GHz COF 393E; Video transmitters and demodulator set COF 393 E, COF 393 R, Receiver antenna; HF Microphone detector COF 410; HF transmissions detector COF 411; detector for active and passive microphones COF 430; Detector/Jammer for carrier current micro-tranmitters COF 435; detection attache case COF 480.
Parabolic microphone - this very light carbon fibre system is especially designed for picking up sound from a distance COF 505,
EMC/EMI Receivers COF 510, COF 511, COF 512.
Telephone line recorder with voice synthesizer COF 555. Directly connected to the telephone line, this device can record all conversations from the line and all dialled pulsed and DTMF phone numbers. Digital Telephone recorder COF 590.
Infra-red video for vehicles screening COF 560,
Night monitoring system with camera COF 600, Recording scanner receiver COF 620, Radio relay unit COF 634.
Small recording case COF 640. Attache case for extra-discreet recording of conversations in ambient surroundings. When connected in parallel with a telephone line, it records calls. Even when open, the attache case remains perfectly anonymous. Wire listening-in device COF 643. This equipment is designed to provide efficient assistance by acoustic monitoring of locations. It serves to listen- to noises and conversations throughout the audible AF spectrum, either in mono or stereo. Multi-wire listening-in device COF 653.
Video surveillance attache case COF 666. Intended for on-off operations, this fully self-contained case provides discreet automatic surveillance of a given area, by making a sound and picture recording on a 8mm video cassette.
HF video monitoring unit COF 740.
Multi-function surveillance lamp COF 748. This standard lamp enables discreet remote surveillance and transmission of pictures and sounds of all movements inside a camera shooting angle. An entire audio and video transmission set s hidden inside the standard lamp.
Jamming transmitter COF 800. This complex signal transmitter is designed to jam radio transmissions, even coded transmissions, or to saturate nearby receivers. Protection emitter COF 815 designed to jam radio waves to ensure convoy protection from bombs or other explosive charges by rendering their ignition by a radio-controlled system impossible.
Perimeter surveillance system COF 825.
Tracking system COF 888. Installed in a vehicle, this system makes it possible to follow, from a distance, another vehicle under which a transmitting beacon has been installed. Rane 800m in the city to 7-8Km under ideal propagating conditions.
Infra-red audio transmitting/receiver set. COF 1908.
INDEPO 94 : Tracking system with optional Travelpilot COF 888.
Copex 94 : Designing, manufacturing and marketing high performance electronic surveillance and security devices for Police, Army and Public Authorities throughout the world for over more than 15 years. On display at Copex :-audio and video surveillance, fax interception, detection, jamming, tracking, tempest applications.
Radio electric tracking systems fitted on all kinds of mobile supports.
Data Mast
ZAC du Moulin - Rue de l'Arpajonnais
91160 Saulx-les-Chartreux
Tel: 1 69 09 16 67 Tlx: 603 881 Fax: 1 69 09 09 48
Source Ref: Securitech Europe 91, Milipol 91, Milipol 93 Catalog
Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
Milipol 91 : Distributers for SCHLUMBERGER, OUTOKUMPU (Finland), Sector 6, Blindart, C.S.D. (UK) , Wallop-Maxon-Italdis, PW Allen (UK)
Additional Information :
Securitech Europe 91 : Video Surveillance Systems, Magnetic & Infra Red Detectors, Structural Armour
Milipol 91 : Rents security equipment - Detector gates, Controlix, Acess Monitors, TW, Provides staff qualified, trains staff in methods & specific products & regulations, Mine clearance equipment - Mk4 Bomb Disposal Outfit (Wallop ?), Surveillance ? Counter Surveillance - Listening devices, micro devices, video & wireless devices, anti-terrorist systems, night vision, weapon detection equipment, Access Control & monitoring systems, radio communications.
Milipol 93 : Is a French company with experience in two main fields of avtivity for over 21 years :
Protective equipments (Police, Defence, Special Services) ; persons and goods security.
Mine Clearance and Bomb Disposal equipment, Surveillance / Counter surveillance, High Security Identification, Explosive and metal detectors,
Peripheral Protection - by moving or stationary marker systems, by underground systems, by suspended systems.
Video Surveillance : CCD video cameras, B&W or colour, Matrix, Uniplex, Quads, Switchers, American Dynamics, lenses, video pictures by modem, night vision. Radio communications.
4, rue dus Repos
75020 Paris
Tel: (1) 43 70 62 96 Tlx: Fax:
Source Ref: Milipol 93 Catalog
Exhibition: Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
Milipol 93 : French distributor for Comverse Technology Inc (CTI)
Additional Information :
Milipol 93 : DICAR SA is the distributor in France for CTI
AUDIODISK systems, developed by CTIs Government Systems Division, are designed to provide a complete environment for telecommunications monitoring and processing activities.
Two individual orders in excess of US $20 million and $14 million - the largest orders for products of this kind ever - have been granted to CTI in 1992.
The AUDIODISK systems are also used by commercial and financial organisations, including logging of financial transactions and automated transcription systems for parliaments and similar users.
TRILOGUE, developed by CTI Commercial Systems Division, primarily for message management and information distribution.
CTI markets its products worldwide directly and through leading international distributors in telecommunications. The TRILOGUE message management system has been selected by AT&T for distribution in more than 60 countries.
Export Trading Services SARL
12 Rue des Epinettes
75017 Paris
Tel: (1) Tlx: 290 523 ETSPAR Fax: (1)
Directors : ((5) Bernard Cayron, JL Vignaud, P Motreff, C. Hugon
Source Ref: MILIPOL 91, Milipol 93 Catalog, Law Enforcement Industry Digest v4, n2, (94), p7, FRIE ( French Import Export Db) 1/95 Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Milipol 93
Additional Information :
FRIE 1/95 : Agents specialising in the sale of particular products or ranges of products n.e.c (5118) Total sales FF 7-10 million.
Milipol 91 & 93 : Individual and collective armament (+ spares), Special ammunitions, Electronic Grenades, NBC assault respirators, Ballistic helmets, shields, jackers, Miniaturized Audio Video, EOD / IEDD, explosives, Sophisticated gear and specialised webbing, Targetry, Intelligence electronics, radio, monitoring, Discrete systems, countermeasures, Special fast entry equipment, training.
12, Rue Charles de Gaulle
78350 Jouy-en-Josas
Tel: (1) 39.56.1999 Tlx: Fax: (1)
Turnover : 90 63M Fr
Source Ref: MILIPOL 91 , Co Info 11/91, Milipol 93 Catalog
Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
Co Info 11/91 : Equipment used by CNES, THOMSON, AEG, Dassault Aviation & for export.
Additional Information :
Milipol 91 : Military & Electronic Warfare equipment design and manufacture. RTH 10, TDM 5 - Demodulation of time division multiplexed channels. DIANE - Computer detection by Digital acquisition of transmission signals OSCAR - Automated Radio detection finder systems - monitoring & sorting unit Interception & measurement of HF spectrum occupation TAITI - Technical Analysis & Identification of intercepted signals UNIR - HF or V/UHF Search Unit SAIGON - Automatic Interception & Direction Finding System - VHF/UHF signals DRAGON - Direction Finding & Analysis Search System
Milipol 93 : Five departments working in collaboration : Telecom - Activities : COMINT electronic warfare systems, ELINT data acquisition systems, Technical analysis, Satellite interception, Transmission- Decoding-Demodulation.
Systemes - Data acquisition systems, Control and Monitoring systems, on-board computer-simulators, Numerical buses, Maintenance tools.
ENTEC : Nuclear and Chemical physics engineering, Mechanical engineering, Signal Conditioning & processing, Boards Design.
Production : manufacturing & integration.
Exports : International sales of I2E products.
Equipments exhibited at Milipol 93 : TAITI, DAMOCLES, DURANDAL
Intertechnique SA
61, rue Pierre Curie
78370 Plaisir
Tel: Tlx: 696 242 Fax:
Source Ref: Milipol 91 Catalog, JDW 10/9/94,
Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Farnborough 94
Export/Imports :
Milipol 91 : ATAL Wescam System selected in 21 countries
Additional Information :
Milipol 91 : The ATAL Wescam system covers in real time three main areas :- Global surveillance - land / maritime borders etc, specific surveillance - VIPs travel, demonstrations, mass meeting control and otehr police missions, civilian security. The Global requirement has lead to system spirit - required for rational solutions to surveillance network problems.
173, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine
F-75011 Paris
Tel: 33(1)44 67 7070 Tlx: Fax: 33(1)44 67 7077
Source Ref: MILIPOL 91, Milipol Paris 11/93 Cat
Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, 93
Export/Imports :
Milipol 91 - Also presenting were Geolink, OIP, PGM - Distributors for LEI (Lae Enforcement International, Litton, Startron, CAL.
Additional Information :
Milipol 91 - Distributed products include :
All Caliber sound suppressors, Waterproof night vision equipment, Trident Tactical Targets, all Guns, lights & laser sights, submachine guns, night/day surveillance airborne, Communications & Surveillance systems, Police Batons, Forcible Entry Tools, All types of equipment for special units, SWAT Teams, Security services, Body Guards etc.
Milipol 93 - For the 3rd time at the Milipol exhibition, L'Authentique will show you this year new products and services that will once again create the Event. Great customers like : Interior Ministry, Defense Ministry, Environment Ministry, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Justice Ministry in France and other Countries put trust in us.
Morpho Systemes
33 Route de la Bonne Dame
77300 Fontainbleu
Tel: 33 (1) 64696000 Tlx: 693 056 Fax: 33 (1) 64220304
Subsids : NAMSI (North American Morpho Systems Inc)
Source Ref: Co Info 91 , MILIPOL 91, Co Info 11/91, Echos 12/3/92, p10, Milipol Moscow 4/92 Catalog, Milipol 93 Catalog
Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Milipol Moscow 92, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
Milipol 93 : The first MORPHO system was sold to the French Ministry of Interior. In Europe, Austria, Germany, England & Wales, Scotland and the Basque country province in Spain are using Morpho AFIS. In the Middle East and Asia, Morpho has already installed systems in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.
Echoes 12/3/92 : DM 60 million contract to supply the German Ministry of Interior with an Automatic Fingerprint Recognition system.
Co Info 91 - Morpho AFR systems used in France (National Police) 1985, Indonesia (National Police) 1989, Hong Kong (Royal Police) 1989, Austria (National Police) 1989, Spain (Basque Province) 1990, USA (various states) 1986-90, other agencies - ministry for foreign affairs (OFPRA) France, Scottish Criminal Record Office, Hertfordshire Constabulary.
Additional Information :
Milipol 93 : Morpho Systemes main goal is to develop and produce Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS), also referred to as Automatic Fingerprint Recognition (AFR). These systems are used for the management of civil information concerning individuals and for law enforcement and public safety applications. Sagem also has a subsidiary in Tacoma, North American MORPHO Systems, Inc (NAMSI), meeting the marketing demands in USA & Canada.
Exhibited at Milipol Moscow 11/92
Echoes 12/3/92 : Automatic fingerprint recognition equipment supplied to German "Land regions" over the next five years.
Fingerprint ID Kits (PN 3999991)
Co Info 11/91 - Owned by French State owned financial state institution that manages all the funds of the savings institutions in France.
Produce Fingerprint recognition systems - AFR (Automatic Fingerprint recognition systems) & AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification system) - System exported to Indonesian Police.
26, rue de Chateaudun
75009 Paris
Tel: (1) Tlx: 290 688 FETTRAD Fax:
Subsids : (91) Protexarms (Italy
Directors : (93) Andres Brignone (MD), (91) M. ANDRES BRIGNONE (MD)
Source Ref: Milipol 91 Catalog, Milipol 93 Catalog, p232
Exhibition: Milipol 91, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
Milipol 91 - Branch in Italy
Additional Information :
Milipol 93 : Same as Milipol 91.
Milipol 91 - Manufacturer & distributor of: Counter measures & protection equipment against illegal listening, Surveillance equipment, Communication Protection, Cryptographic devices, Security software, Opto Electronic devices, Training - Computer Security, Electronic Surveillance & Counter-Measures - Specific to Police & Defence, Electronic warfare.
Catalogue (70's) - range of electronic counter-measure equipment and surveillance devices.
18, rue Jules Saulnier
93206 Saint Denis Cedex
Tel: 49 33 58 00 Tlx: Fax: 49 33 58 33
Source Ref: IPEC 2/93, Milipol 93 Catalog, p234
Exhibition: Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
IPEC 2/93 - Belgian State Police will be linked to their headquarters' computer facilities through a 400,000 wide area communications network from Racal Datacom.
Additional Information :
Milipol 93 : Secure communications systems.
IPEC 2/93 - Belgian State Police communications network - some 100 locations will be connected to the nationwide system which will incorporate extensive back-up capabilities.
SFIM - Societe de Fabrication d'Instruments de Mesure
13, Avenue Ramolfo Garnier
F91344 Massy Cedex
Tel: 33 (1) 69208890 Tlx: SFIM 602 164F Fax: 33 (1) 69202813
Holding Co: (94) SFIM Industries comprises : Sopelem, Sofretec, REOSC, ATNE,
STAREC, SFIM Inc Subsids : (93) SFIM Traffic Transport, (92) Acquired 100% share in SOPELEM from Alvis (UK), (91) SOPELEM (51%)
Turnover : (91) FF 2Bn
Source Ref: MILIPOL 91 Catalog, Defense News 16/8/92, p23, International Defence Directory 93, p503, Milipol 93 Catalog, p260, JDW 10/9/94, IDEX 95 Catalog Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Milipol 93, Farnborough 94, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Co Info 9/94 : AFCS 166 automatic flight control system for the Advanced Light Helicopter (India).
IDD 93 - UK Rep - Sarum Systems
Additional Information :
IDEX 95 : Exhibiting as part of national group (France).
Milipol 91 - One of the leaders in sighting systems for lightweight intervention vehicles. SOPELEM Night vision goggles and Episcopes for light armoured vehicles, Road Traffic control with radars & electronic controllers, MESTA 208 Radar , CERVA system useable from moving vehicle.
SOFMA (Societe Francaise de Materials D'Armement)
17 Boulevard Malesherbes
75008 Paris
Tel: 33 1 42 65 9710 Tlx: 280 566 F Fax: 33 1 42 65 1006
Holding Co: (91) Private Company under State Control.
Sharehldgs: (91) Progiat (35%), Thomson SA (13%), Aerospatiale (9.6%), Cressot Loire Industrie (6.9%), Renault Vehicules Industriels (6.7%), SNPE (1%), Panhard et Levassor (6.7%), Luchaire (6.7%), Fives Cail Babcock (6.7%), Chantiers Navals (1.7%), Equipmentiers (6%)
Source Ref: JDW 10/12/88, Milipol 91 Catalog, Co Info 11/91, Milipol 93 Catalog, IDEX 95 Catalog Exhibition: Defence Asia (Bangkok) 88, MILIPOL 91, Milipol 93, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Milipol 91 - Activities extend to over 70 countries worldwide - French Armament Export Agency.
Additional Information :
IDEX 95 : Exhibiting as part of national group (France).
Milipol 91 - Main role to export land based & naval weapons systems.
Co Info 11/91 : Established in 1939, SOFMA has been devoting its activities to export of ground equipment since 1954. Its area was expanded to include naval equipment in 1980 when it was merged with SOFREXAN and SOMELER. Shareholders represent private and nationalised firms. The companies activities extend to more than 70 countries in the five continents.
Army weapons : armored vehicles: AMX Leclerc, AMX 40, AMX 32, AMX 30, AMX 10 families, wheeled and tracked. artillery: self propelled gun, 155 AUF 1, towed gun 155 TRF 1 and light gun 105 LG 1. Antiaircraft artillery; 25mm and 20mm single or twin gun turret or towed mountings. Individual weapons in particular FAMAS and FRF 2, retrofits (AFVs of all types), munitions, mines, NBC equipment.
Equipment for which private manufacturers are prime contractors : wheeled vehicles (armoured or soft), special equipment for airborne troops, security- forces equipment, battlefield and base surveillance systems, mortars, anti- tank rockets and missiles, ammunition, mines, radars, lasers, radios, NBC equipment, simulators.
Security equipment : security forces equipment, protection, detection and neutralizing equipment, anti-intrusion devices, automated digital image retrieval systems, automatic surveillance and control systems.
JDW 10/12/88 - Defence Asia (Bangkok) Special representative : Brigadier General (Ret) Pierre Calleja.