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Germany to India


Aeromaritime Systembau GmbH
Hanauer Str 105
Munchen 50 D-8000
Tel: +49 89 14 90 50 Tlx: 522 829 AVIO d Fax: +49 89 1401110
Holding Co: (92) Aeromaritime Systems Group BV (Netherlands)
Source Ref: IPEC 90, IPEC 91 Catalog, Co Info 10/91, International Defence Directory 91, How to get anything on anybody, Lapin, 91, Co Info 5/92, IDD 93, IDEX 95 Catalog Exhibition: IPEC 90, IPEC 91, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Co Info 10/91 & Intersec - 250 Systems worldwide.
Additional Information :
IDEX 95 : Communications systems, IFF-Systems, IFF-Test equipment, mobile electronic workshops
IDD 93 - shipborne communications Systems & equipment, ground based communication systems, monitoring systems, secondary radar (IFF); antennas, crypto equipments.
Co Info 5/92 - Proposal for "Wide Area Network" Fax Monitoring using ASYM 7600 System.
IDD 91 - Training services.
Lapin 91 : Fax intercept system that utilises a modem custom software and a PC computer or compatible.
Co Info 10/91 - ASYM 7600 Facsimile Monitoring Systems.
IPEC 90 - Facsimile Monitoring Equipment - ASYM 7500 A portable monitor, ASYM 7500 B Intercept Modem, ASYM 7500 C Card
Dornier Security Systems GmbH
PO Box 1420
D-88039 Friedrichshafen
Tel: +49 7545 89098 Tlx: 734209 0 DO D Fax: 49 7545 85591
Holding Co: (94) Deutsche Aerospace. Subsids : (94) Senstar
Source Ref: ILE Vol2 85, Securitech Europe 91, Co Info 11/91, IDD 93, Securitech Europe 94, Exhibition: Int'l Security Essen 84,
Export/Imports :
ILE Vol2 85 - Dornier 228 Utility Aircraft supplied to Royal Oman Police.
Co Info 11/91 - "Outdoor protection" supplied over the last 10 years.
Additional Information :
ILE Vol2 85 - GUIDAR & SPIR Cable sensors. DORNIER 228 Utility Surveillance Aircraft.
Securitech 91 - Perimeter Protection & control - IMS Integral Security Fence System & (RADOBS) Radar Object Protection. Also supplies complete TV Surveillance Systems.
Co Info 11/91 - Safety Technology & Systems MTS.
Radar Intrusion Detectors : The RABOBS system, based on advanced radar technology, is suitable mainly for mobile and stationary indoor and outdoor surveillance tasks.
Buried HF-cable intrusion detection systems GUIDAR, SENTRAX, PANTHER and REPELS, manufactured by our Senstar subsidiary, were tailored for indistinguishable outdoor surveillance.
The protection and detection technology is completed by TV surveillance systems with modern video crossbar technology, CCD cameras, special illumination techniques, and intelligent video motion detectors. A particular feature is the DAVID video motion detector which is specifically designed for perimeter surveillance.
Rennhak Nachtsichtsysteme
Regenburger Strabe 4-6
Hagelstadt / Regensburg D 8401
Tel: 49 9453 8003 Tlx: 17-945380 RENNH Fax: 49 9453 8004
Source Ref: Securitech Europe 91, Co Info 11/91, Co Info 6/92
Export/Imports :
Co Info 6/92 - Importing, Advertising International Technologies (Lasers) Ltd - (Israel) advanced night vision systems, I.R & visible laser sights & illuminators.
Additional Information :
Securitech 91 - Night vision systems, Sniperoptics Day/Night - used by Special Forces. Videosystems, camera systems, laserscope FA-6/FA-9 - Laser targeting device, 360 degree camera - automatic, fully hidden observation camera.
CASHKASE - High voltage shock case, DICTACASE - Looks like a normal briefcase but can record every conversation with 8m.
Products about which we make "no publicity" because we design and offer things individually.
SIM Security & Electronic System GmbH
RoSlaufstrasse 1,
D-67433 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse
Tel: 49 6321-91279 Tlx: Fax: 49 6231 17059
Directors : (92) H. G Schilling, J. Nikolic
Source Ref: BAEE 88 Catalog, COPEX 90 Catalog, Copex 91 Catalog, Co Info 6/92, Copex 92 Catalog, Copex 93 Catalog, Securitech Europe 94, p76, Co Info 8/94, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: BAEE 88, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
Co Info 6/92 - UK Representative : MIA Rowe Associates
Additional Information :
COPEX 90 - Long-Range Surveillance system LRS-33, CCD Cameras & high performance video technology
Co Info 6/92 - Intensified CCD Cameras, Long range zoom system, Mobile Airport Surveillance system, Laser Systems, Digital Image processing, Video Transmission and Remote Control, Infravision SIM-ICCD-01, Laservision - Night vision technology.
Securitech Europe 94 : SIM Security develops and manufactures electronic and opto-electroni high performance components and systems for applications by authorities, industry and science. SIM is an industry leader, especially in the development of low-light level CCD cameras. INFRAVISION and NANOVISION series of night vision cameras. IR Zoomlasers (light sources for CCD cameras), Wireless Radio Transmission equipment for video Transmission - SIM Video link.
Copex 93 : No details
Co Info 8/94 :
Intensified CCD Cameras SIM-ICCD-01, SIM-ICCD-04/04S,05/05S/05A/05SA, SIM-ICCD -06-I/II/S/SA,
Night Vision equipment : Dark Invader with Gen II and Gen III image intensifiers. DI3000-I standard night vision scope with Gen II image intensifier, DI3020-I with IR laser illuminator, DI4500 goggle with image intensifier, DI4700 AVS Binocular Night Vision goggle, DI7000-I OWL small, compact Night vision scope with Gen III image intensifier, DI7500 OWL Camcorder System.
Thermal Imaging Cameras : SIM-PYRO 2000 Handheld Thermal camera, SS-600 Termal Imager system.
Black & White CCD Cameras : SIM-VPC-465/465PH, 715/715PH. Super micro CCD cameras - SIM-SM-10, SIM-WT-501, SIM-WT-202. Colour CCD camera SIM-CK-99 / SIM-CK-77,
Video Systems : Roof eye Covert camera system. The Roof Eye is a motorized optical system, which can be installed in vehicle roofs, camouflaged as an antenna. The optics allow 360 degree turn. The image is in focus from 1m - infinity.
Zoom laser system : SIM-LI-810/50M/500/1000/ RS500/ RS1000
Systems : Mobile Airport Surveillance System - Long range super zoom lens, Dual sensor camera, IR-Laser illuminator, S-VHS Video Recorder, Colour monitor with character editor, Wireless Video transmission (optional)
Econ Optics Mechanics
PO Box 60
GR-190 03 Markopoulo
Tel: 30299 23831 Tlx: Fax: 30299 23830
Holding Co: (94) ECON Industries Group, (92) C. Economides & Sons SA
Source Ref: Eurosatory 92 Catalog, The Defence Industry in Greece : Export Directory 94 (Eurosatory) Exhibition: EUROSATORY 92
Export/Imports :
The Defence Industry in Greece : Export Directory 94 : Export to the following countries (no details) : USA, Germany, France, Portugal, India, Malaysia, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus. Representatives in the Middle and Far East countries.
Additional Information :
The Defence Industry in Greece : Export Directory 94 : Electrooptics (Passive, IR), Lasers, Precision Mechanics.
Econ Optics/Mechanics SA belongs to the group of Econ Industries. ECON specialises in manufacture of electro-optics fir both defence and civilian purposes.
Eurosatory 92 : Electro optics, precision mechanics, night and day sights, laser rangefinders, Tilephos Long Distance Night vision system.
Intracom SA (Hellenic Telecommunications & Electronics)
GR-190 02 Peania Athens
Tel: 301 664 49 61 Tlx: Fax: 301 664 43 79
Source Ref: Eurosatory Catalog 92, The Defence Industry in Greece : ExportDirectory 94 (Eurosatory) Exhibition: Eurosatory 92
Export/Imports :
The Defence Industry in Greece - Export Directory 94 : Listed as exporting to : Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine, Sweden, UK, South Africa.
Representatives in Berlin, Bucharest, Moscow, Sofia.
Additional Information :
The Defence Industry in Greece - Export Directory 94 : Manufactures : Digital radio link systems, rural subscriber radio networks, digital secure voice, fax and data transmission systems, Turnkey Informatics systems, telemetry systems.
Euro 92 - Communications systems.
Bharat Electronics Ltd
Trade Centre, 116/2 Race Course Road
Bangalore 560 001
Tel: 812 269897 Tlx: 845 2477 BE IN Fax: 812 265657
Source Ref: JDW 26/5/90, p1039, Co Info 1/91
Export/Imports :
JDW 26/5/90 : Bharat exports in 1987-88 were RS288 million and increased to Rs519 million in 1989-90. Supplied a radio communication network and night vision binoculars to Mauritius, sub-units of radars to Switzerland, optical prisms to West Germany, semiconductors to France, digital communication equipment to Sweden, and transmitting tubes to the UK, Switzerland and Bangladesh.
Co info 1/91 : Joint venture agreement with OLDELFT Group NV (Netherlands)
Additional Information :
Co info 1/91 : Bharat Electronics - Manufacture a wide range of electronics equipment - Tactical & Strategic communications equipment/ systems, secrecy equipment, surveillance radars, communication equipment.