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Italy to Taiwan


Srl Via G. Da Verrazzano 42 10129
Tel: 11 56 83 200 Tlx: Fax: 11 59 04 93
Source Ref: How to get anything on anybody, Lapin, 91, IPEC 93 Catalog, Milipol Paris 11/93 Catalog, INDEPO 94 Catalog (Manoconsult entry)
Exhibition: IPEC 93, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
INDEPO 94 : Distributor in Switzerland listed as Manoconsult. Document video scanners, video surveillance.
Additional Information :
IPEC 93 - Miniaturized radio transmitter, Cellular monitor intercept devices.
Milipol 93 - manufacturers miniaturized radio-transmitters and beacons for industrial and military security. Main products are: Miniaturized radio-microphones with a wide range of accessories.
Remotely controlled miniaturized radio-transmitters with total flexibility of use and complete set of accessories, ranging from motion switch up to scramblers.
Covert Surveillance equipment.
Cellular interception systems.
Further details of our range of products will only be given to lax enforcement personnel (assume they mean law enforcement ).
Lapin, 91 : "World's smallest crystal controlled surveillance transmitters. Operate in the 700-900 MHz bands. Stable, slightly larger than a thumb nail".
Officine Galileo
Via Albert Einstein 35 I-50013 Campo Bisenzio
Tel: +39 558 9501 Tlx: 570126 GALILE I Fax: +39 558 950600
Source Ref: Int'l Defence Equipment Catalog 88/9, COIN 90, COIN 92/3, Co Info 92, International Defence Directory 93
Export/Imports :
IDD 93 - Agent in Thailand is SAPAC International Co Ltd
Additional Information :
IDEC 89 - MADIS is a sighting and turret drive system for self-propelled anti aircraft guns.
LTFCS - Laser Tank Fire Control Systems. VANTH - family of optronic fire control systems. OG30B - shipborne thermal imager suitable for panoramic surveillance, observation & identification, acquisition and tracking against surface & aerial targets.
VTG120 man-portable thermal camera.
COIN 90 - OGVN6 Night vision binoculars, OGVN 7 Miniature night sight.
COIN 92/3 - OGVN6 night vision binoculars. GALFLIR - a multi sensor electro optic system mainly intended for avionic use - using FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red). VTG 120 thermal imaging system - portable apparatus for night surveillance and for aiming medium range weapons. VTG 240/N thermal imaging system. TURBO thermal observation unit with rangefinder - specifically designed to allow round the clock surveillance, observation, target spotting and target or impact point accurate location. OGVN 7 miniaturist night sight - compact night sight for observation & aiming. Uses second generation light intensifier tubes. OGVN 3 night vision sight.
Co Info 92 - PACIS - Pilot Aid and Close-In Surveillance FLIR. The PACIS is a thermal imaging system designed to be installed on helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The PACIS fulfils the following operational requirements :- Navigation, Day/Night surveillance, Border Patrol, Search & rescue, Remote Sensing and monitoring, Take-off and Landing aid.
GALIFLIR - stabilized Thermal Imaging system for Aerial observation. Is a thermal imaging system designed to be installed on helicopters, low-speed aircraft or RPV's to provide Navigation & flight aid in darkness, Day/Night Surveillance, Search, recognition and tracking of targets.
Jordan Technology Group
Source Ref: National Security July/Aug 89, p3, JDW 9/89,
Export/Imports :
Nat Sec 7-8/89 - Memo of Understanding signed with Thorn EMI Electronics to produce the Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI) equipment at a production sight in Amman (Jordan).
JDW 9/89 : Jordan Technology Group have signed a MoU with Sopelem of France to service and maintain portable night-vision equipment and helicopter night- flying goggles manufactured by SOPELEM, with Thorn EMI to produce thermal imaging equipment, Schweizer Aircraft Corp of New York to produce Schweizer Model 330 turbine training helicopter.
Additional Information :
Nat Sec 7-8/89 - Jordan Technology Group was established in 1988 as a private shareholding company with limited liability. Its aim is to promote Jordan as an Arab centre for technology transfer into the region and develop high technology export orientated products.
AlphaSafety SA
19, rue des Joncs L-1818 Howald
Tel: (352) 48 19 15 Tlx: 2990 ALPHA LU Fax: (352) 48 10 67
Source Ref: Milipol 91 Cat, Milipol Paris 11/93 Cat
Exhibition: MILIPOL 91, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
Milipol 91 - "Sells a broad range of products to Law Enforcement, Government and Defence agencies. The products are almost exclusively supplied from top quality manufacturers in the United States."
Additional Information :
Milipol 91 : Surveillance - Portable video & Recording system, Night Vision,
Communications - Two way ear Microphones, Control systems for hostage, Crisis incidents.
Investigation - Computers for composite sketching of suspect, collation, identification, forensic & fingerprints.
Alphatron Observation and Communication B.V
Postbus 21003,
KP van de Mandelelaan 40
Rotterdam 3001 AA
Tel: 010 452 06 00 Tlx: 24009 Fax: 010 452 12 70
Source Ref: Utrecht Security 93 Catalog, Utrecht Security 95 Catalog
Exhibition: Utrecht Security 93
Export/Imports :
Utrecht Security 95 : Representatives for : Asim (Switzerland) Boschtelecom (Netherlands) EEV (UK) cameras, sensors, night vision equipment Microtec (Belgium) video switchers Hernis (Netherlands) IM (Nottingham, UK) infrared transmission systems Philips (Netherlands) - observation systems Robot (UK) video systems Standard (Kanagawa, Japan) Tecsec (Gwent, UK)
Sec Utrecht 93 - Representatives for : Boschtelecom (Netherlands) - mobile communication equipment. EEV (UK) - cameras, sensors, night vision equipment Hernis (Netherlands) - explosion proof camera system. I.T.S. (Nottingham, UK), infrared transmission system for video and audio data. Philips (Netherlands) - observation system. Snec (Brettevill, France) - Imarsat standard C Communicate Standard, (Kanagawa, Japan) - Tecsec (Gwent, UK) - Camera's, lens Videor (Radermark, Germany) - camera?
Additional Information :
Utrecht Sec 93 - Complete program CCTV and communication equipment; engineer divisions for designing of installations and networks to customer specifications; installation assistance and 24 hour service group; selling of sensors and pick-up tubes from a wide range of standard products, as well as on customer specification; turn key projects for industry and institutes, like airports, prisons, industrial estates, police stations etc.
BV Delft Electronische Producten (DEP)
Dwazziewegen 2,
PO Box 60 NL-9300 AB Roden
Tel: +31 5908 188 08 Tlx: 53678 Fax: +31 5908 135 10
Holding Co: (92) Delft Instruments Defense BV (Netherlands)
Source Ref: Int'l Defence Equipment Catalog 88/9, Int'l Defense Directory 93, JDW 4/2/95, Co Info 7/95
Export/Imports :
JDW 4/2/95 : Leading manufacturer in the field of low light detection and imaging. Marketing worldwide, with special focus on Western Europe, USA, Canada, South East Asia.
Additional Information :
JDW 4/2/95 : LOw light imagers, image intensifiers. Latest development for use in night vision applications is the P3 Perfect Picture Performance Image Intensifier Tube (IIT).
IDD 93 - Image Intensifier Tubes.
IDEC 88/9 : Image intensification tubes. 3rd Generation :- XX 1530, XX 1630, 2nd Generation :- xx 1420, XX 1440, XX 1450, XX 1470, 1st Generation :- XX 1140, XX 1220, XX 1270, XX 1340, XX 1460. Set up in 1970 as a company geared exclusively to the research, development and manufacture of image intensifiers for military, security, medical and scientific needs.
Delft Instruments Electro-Optics BV
PO Box 5083, NL-2600 GB
Delft Van Miereveltlaan 9
Tel: +31 15 601901 Tlx: 380111 NL Fax: +31 15 145762
Holding Co: (92) Delft Instruments Defense BV
Directors : (92) J.P.J.M. Korte
Source Ref: SW Thesis 87, JDW 16/12/89, p1352, Int'l Defence Equipment Catalog88/9, COIN 90, WSJ 21/9/91, Financial Exp 10/5/91, JDW 25/5/91,p892, COIN 92/3, International Defense Directory 93, JDW 4/2/95 Exhibition:
Export/Imports :
Finance Ex 5/91- Producing Image Intensifiers with Bharat Electronics (India)
WSJ 9/91- Delft illegally exported night-vision equipment containing Hughes Aircraft parts to Iraq & Jordan before & during the Gulf War.
Additional Information :
IDD 93 - Manufacture of passive night vision equipment for observation, aiming & driving, including: LLTV, thermal imaging cameras & systems, laser rangefinders, image intensifier tubes.
COIN 92/3 - HNV-1 holographic night vision goggles - allows a see-through night vision image that is imposed on a "normal" view - using Holographic Optical Elements (HOE''s). Cyclop PC1MC night vision goggles, PG1MS night vision goggles, PB4SL passive lightweight binoculars, PB4DS passive binoculars, PB4M) lightweight passive binoculars, MS7TS marine night observation device, Type HV7 x 200 AT night observation device, LUNOS lightweight universal night observation system, Telelunos low light TV system. Type GK4MC passive mini weapon sight, Type MS4GT mini weapon sight, GK7MC aiming device, Type TM-007 laser target pointer
JDW 25/5/91 : The US Defence Logistics Agency has ruled that the Dutch optical equipment firm Delft Instruments no longer be allowed to sell its products to US Government Agencies. Decision does not apply to existing contracts. The decision was taken after the USA found that the company had illegally shipped night vision equipment to Iraq.
COIN 90 - GK4MC Passive mini weapon sight, TM-007 Laser target pointer, CYCLOP PC1MC, PC1MS, PB 4SL, MS7TS, HV7 X 200 AT Night devices.
IDEC 88/9 : LUNOS passive nightvision equipment, GK4MC passive mini- weaponsight, Thermal imaging systems, integrated fir control equipment (TILAS Tank Integrated Laser day and night Sight).
Reinaert Electronics PO
Box 93014 1090 BA
Tel: 31 20 6 94 7218 Tlx: Fax: 31 20 6 94 83 71
Source Ref: COIN 90/1 , Co Info 1/5/92, COIN 92/3, Co Info 10/94 (Essen)
Exhibition: International Security Essen 94
Export/Imports :
Co Info 5/92 - Received general export licence for the following countries : Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and USA.
This means that we do not have to apply for individual export licences for the Fox night vision equipment.
Additional Information :
Co Info 10/94 : Reinaert Electronics have been dealing with the design, manufacture and import/export of high quality electronic products and parts for more than 22 years. We specialise in Night vision design and production for marine, armed forces, law enforcement and many civilian uses.
Also provide from stock, CCTV systems, electric and electronics repellents, high voltage fencing, infrared goggles, radio transceivers, jammers, bug detectors, paralysers, image intensifiers.
See also EMO-Elektronik GmbH.
COIN 92/3 - Individual weapon sight - provides the AN/PVS-2B weapon sight. Originally made for the US Army - now offered from surplus stocks.
Co Info 5/92 - Pocketscope NVS-80 Passive night vision, IM 101 Image Intensifier, DARK INVADER, PG1MS Passive night goggles, HV5x80AT, GS6TS Weaponsight, Paralysers, Bug Detecting equipment, High Voltage Fencing, Electric repellents, Laser Devices, Infrared Cameras, Microwave systems.
COIN 90/1, 92/3 - Incognito surveillance unit, FOX subminiature universal night vision system, FOX CC-36 CCTV Camera, IMPULSE IR Beacon, Model 5091 Monochrome IR Illuminator.
Simrad Optronics A/S
Postbus 6114 N-0602 Etterstad
Oslo 6
Tel: +47 267 0490 Tlx: 76136 SIM N Fax: +47 268 0704
Subsids : (94) Subsid in Crawley, UK
Source Ref: BAEE 88 Catalog, COIN 90, COIN 92/3, Eurosatory 94 (Norway Exports) Exhibition: BAEE 88, Eurosatory 94
Export/Imports :
Norway Exports 94 : Simrad Optronics derives as much as 90% of its annual turnover from exports to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the USA.
Additional Information :
Norway Exports 94 : Handheld laser rangefinder LP7, first procured by the British Army in 1978. has been sold in substantial quantities and has become the market leader. Laser Sight LP101, Laser modules, Ultra Light Night Vision goggles GN1, Image Intensifiers - KN200 and KN250.
COIN 92/3 - NVC1 NightMaster - features a high performance night observation device incorporating a modified 35mm camera. Uses a new SuperGen II image intensifier and allows the user to take high quality photographs whilst observing an object through the night vision binoculars. ViewMaster night vision binoculars, Watchmaster night vision goggles,
KN200 image intensifier (weapon sight), KN250F image intensifier.
COIN 90 - KN 150 Second generation night sight, KN200 Image intensifiers.
Montagrex-Optagrex (Soc Portuguesa de Importaco e Exp)
Av. Oscar Monteiro Torres, 20-2 H 1000
Tel: 76 77 34 Tlx: 15 397 Agrex P Fax
Source Ref: Export Directory of Portugal 91/2 p516,
Export/Imports :
Port Exp 91/2 - Import/Export Agents.
Additional Information :
Port Exp 91/2 - Air Force, Army and Naval Equipment, Import/Export Agents, Night Vision Equipment, Shelters for Military and Civil Purposes, Agents for Helicopters Services and maintenance, Camouflage Equipment, Telecommunications and Radar Systems, Armored Vehicles and spare parts, anti-tank and anti- aircraft missiles, laser equipment, protection systems against atomic radiation and bacteriological and chemical attack.
Factory :- St Marta de Corroios, 2840 Seixal. Tel 253 25 35, Telex 62454 Spelex P, Fax 254 29 63.
International Information & Trading Services Co
Saudi Arabia
Source Ref: Eydentify Co Info 89
Export/Imports :
CO Info 89 - Middle East Distributor for Eyedentify inc - retinal identifying equipment
Additional Information :
Co info 89 - Human Identity Recognition systems - retinal systems. Distributor for Eyedentify products.
Barlows Electronics Ltd
South Africa
Holding Co: (89) Barlow Rand Corporation (S.Africa
Source Ref: JDW 4/9/83 (830), War & Society 89
Export/Imports :
W&S 89 - One of 2 Largest electronics suppliers to Armscor - including a contract to supply army with locally assembled Thomson-CSF Radios.
Additional Information :
W&S 89 - Electronics supplier to Armscor / SADF.
Night Vision Optics
PO Box 78800 Sandton 2146
South Africa
Tel: 011 884 9191 Tlx: Fax: 011 884 9319
Source Ref: Securex 94 (S. Africa) Catalog,
Exhibition: Securex 94 (S. Africa)
Export/Imports :
Securex 94 : Listed as South African representative for PK Electronics and a number of Russian manufacturers
Additional Information :
Securex 94 : Night vision devices of all kinds, electronic surveillance devices eg bugs, transmitters, fax interceptors, CCTV and video transmitters. Bullet proof jackets, helmets and firearms.
General Peron 38,
9TH Floor
Madrid 28020
Tel: 34-1 555 7861 Tlx: 23616 DEFEX E Fax: 34-1 556 86 10
Sharehldgs: (94) INI (National Institute for Industry) has a 51% majority, the
other 49% is held by privately owned defence companies.
Source Ref: BOTB Singapore 91, COIN 91/92 , Co Info 6/92, Copex Miami 93 Cat, Milipol 93 Catalog, Co Info 11/93, INDEPO 94 Catalog, SecurityAsia 95 Exhibitors List Exhibition: Asia Security 91, Copex Miami 93, Milipol 93, INDEPO 94, Security Asia 95
Export/Imports :
Co Info 92 - Overseas offices in Far East & Middle East.
Copex Miami 93 - Offices in Singapore and Dubai.
INDEPO 94 : Regional Office DEFEX SA (Dubai Branch), PO Box 9368, Dubai, UAE. Tel 971 4 31391. Fax 971 4 314712. Telex 46327 DEFEX EM
Additional Information :
INDEPO 94 : DEFEX handles products from most Spanish manufacturers in defence and security.
COIN 91/92 - State owned joint venture with private enterprise that markets Spanish defence products & security & services worldwide
Copex Miami 93 - At this exhibition DEFEX is concentrating on Spanish Security Equipment for Police Forces, Special Forces as well as Civil Defence Forces. DEFEX has been operating for the last 20 years.
Milipol 93 : DEFEX is the official Spanish export company for defense and security products and was set up in 1972.
The equipment and systems handled by DEFEX for police and special forces can basically be broken down into the following areas : Security installations, Electronics, Specialised Security Equipment Basic Equipment for Special Forces, Transport, Weaponry.
Co Info 11/93 : In 1991 decision was taken to give broader scope to commercial activity by expanding further into the fields of Police and Security equipment.
Co Info 6/92 - Security Installations, Perimeter Protection, Intruder Detection, Laser Range Finders, Nigth Vision Surveillance, Infra-Red Surveillance, Night Laser Aiming Device, Communications, Encryption devices, Territorial & Urban Information Systems - Traffic Control, Riot Control, Telephone Interception Devices, Portable metal detectors, Uniforms, Protective Clothing, Riot Shields, Truncheons, Water Cannon, Armored Vehicles, Aircraft, Bullet Proofing of Vehicles, Commando Equipment, LMG 5.56mm and 7.62mm Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Pistols, Hand Grenades, Tear Gas Grenades, Explosives.
Security Systems International
Source Ref: World in Action, :Inside Idi Amin's terror machine, 13/6/79
Export/Imports :
Supplied security equipment to state research centre, Uganda. Also involved a UK company with the same name.
Additional Information :
See also Security Systems International (Cambridge & Isle of Man)
Startek Engineering
Source Ref: Journal of the Electronics Industry, 9/92, page s27, Asian Sources Electronics, 8/93, p451, International Fire & Security Product News 9/94, p12, Intersec 9/94, p309, Co Info 11/94 (Avalon Technology Ltd)
Export/Imports :
Jnl Electronics Ind 9/92 : FIC2000-I fingerprint recognition control system. Fingerprint card is popular in Taiwan, Indonesia and Hong Kong.
Asian-Elec 8/93 : Startek hopes to export 500 fingerprint identification control systems in 1993.
Co Info 11/94 : Distributers/manufacturers in UK appear to be Avalon Technology Ltd (Wirral) and Startek Engineering Ltd (Alsager)
Additional Information :
Jnl Electronics Ind 9/92 : Startek Engineering will market a Fingerprint recognition control system which has wide applications. The FIC2000-I is a half automated system in the monitoring and engineering areas. Expanded security applications also include military uses. Startek will also be introducing security related computer IC cards.
Dr Wen-Hsing Hsu, designer of the fingerprint system, says that sales of the fingerprint recognition market is growing at a double rate and estimates that the world market for them is between 6000- 10,000 sets per year.
Access ID Card Equipment (3579910)
Asian-Elec 8/93 : Fingerprint Identification systems,
Int'l Fire & Security Product 9/94 : Startek Fingerprint verifier makes use of the unique and unchangeable characteristics of personal fingerprints. The whole verification process takes just 3 seconds. The features of each live scan fingerprint are extracted into a miniature file for matching. By reducing this file to only 256 bytes, database requirements are significantly reduced and the fingerprint template can easily be stored on card systems (smart cards, optical cards etc).
Intersec 9/94 :