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United Kingdom


Action Information (Management)
Ashton Road Hilperton, Nr Trowbridge
Tel: 0225 777288 Tlx: 445917 AIMS G Fax: 0225 751616
Source Ref: IPEC 90 Cat, Co Info 91
Exhibition: IPEC 90
Export/Imports :
Co Info (90) - GIS (Geographical Information System) systems, Lancashire Police, Belgium, Italy, France, Zimbabwe.
Additional Information :
IPEC 90 - AVLS - Vehicle Tracking Systems, Geographic Information Systems.
AGEMA Infrared Systems Ltd
Arden House, West Street Leighton Buzzard,
Tel: 01525 375660 Tlx: 826586 AGEMA G Fax: 01525 379271
Holding Co: (92) AGEMA Infrared Systems AB (SWEDEN) , Spectra Physics Co
Directors : (92) - L. Bergstrom (Sweden), B. McQueen (MD), D. Eastall
Source Ref: IPEC 91 Catalog, Co Info 4/92, Co Info 1/93, Securitex Thailand 93Catalog, FIS Austrlia 93, JDW 10/9/94, Securex 94 (S. Africa) Catalog (H Rohloff), DMA List 95 Exhibition: IPEC 91, Securitex Thailand 93, Farnborough 94
Export/Imports :
Securex 94 : H. Rohloff (S. Africa) listed as a distributor for Thermovision 210 equipment. Securitex Thailand 93
Agent in Thailand. Teo Hong Silom Co ltd, 723 Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand. Tel 010 66 2 2331721. Tlx BASILOM TH82945. Fax 010 662 236 7501
Agent in Malaysia SII (Scientific & Industrial Instrumentation) (Malaysia) SDN, No 18, SS 14/1 Subong, Jaya, 47500 Petaling, Jaya, Malaysia. Tel 010 60 3 733 1432, Fax 010 603 733 0811.
FIS Australia 93 : Listed as exporting "infrared thermographic equip".
Additional Information :
DMA 95 : Infrared thermal imaging systems for fixed, building, marine and airborne applications and for defence research and development programmes.
IPEC 2/93 - Thermovision 1000 Forward Looking Infra-red (FLIR) imager will form part of a total airborne surveillance system ordered by the Hampshire Constabulary for their BN2B-26 Islander aircraft. Using the AGEMA Thermovision 1000 it is possible to locate humans on the ground when flying at height of at least 3000 feet and distances of at least 3km.
Co Info 1/93 - Agema have launched a new division to market thermal imaging products to the Surveillance market. Major application areas are : Drug Enforcement, border control and search and rescue, general surveillance focused on traffic control of waterways & air fields.
Thermovision 1000. A forward looking infrared (FLIR). Thermovision 210S portable infrared scanner.
Co Info 4/92 - Thermovision 1000 Infrared Camera, Thermovision 210S Thermal Surveillance Camera.
IPEC 91 - Infra Red Surveillance + Thermovision 200 Series - Low Cost portable system ideal for a wide range of surveillance applications.
AI Cambridge Ltd (Security)
London Road Pampisford
Tel: 0223 834420 Tlx: 817536 AI CAMB G Fax: 0223 835050
Holding Co: (92) Meggitt Controls
Analytical Instruments Ltd , ITI Security of Boston (USA)
Turnover : (93) 2.2 M
Directors : (94) DH Clark, MS Shaw
Source Ref: Copex 87 Catalog, COIN 90 (Security & Counter-insurgency) , COPEX 91, JDW 26/1/91, p123, Copex92 Catalog, FIS Indonesia 91,93, Co Info 5/92, COPEX 93 Cat, COIN 93/4 p238, FIS Australia 93, FIS China 93, FIS Taiwan 93, FIS South Korea 93, FIS Hungary 93, FIS Czechoslovakia 93, FIS Singapore 93, Key British Enterprises 94, INDEPO 94 Catalog, FIS Saudi Arabia 94, FIS Turkey 1994, Copex 94 Catalog, COIN 94/5, Security Asia 95 Exhibition List Exhibition: Copex 87, Copex 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, Indepo 94, Copex 94, Security Asia 95
Export/Imports :
KBE 94 : Markets listed as W. Europe, Middle East, USA, S. America, Africa, S & SE Asia, Australasia, Canada
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : Listed as exporting "scientific instruments" . Value between 1-10 million.
FIS Turkey 94 : Listed as exporting "scientific instruments". Value between 1 -10 million.
FIS 93 - "Scientific instruments" to Indonesia. Value between 1-10 million. Contact MS L Thompson.
FIS China 93 : "Scientific Instruments" to China. Valued at between 1 & 10 million. No further details.
FIS Taiwan 93 : Listed as exporting "Scientific Instruments" to Taiwan. Value between 1-10 million. No further details.
FIS South Korea 93 : "scientific instruments" to South Korea. Value between 1- 10 million.
Co Info 5/92 - $1 Million mid-eastern contract for security equipment. Model 97 Hand Held explosive detector ordered by US state department & Pentagon
Distribution network set up in Latin America.
FIS 91 - "Scientific instruments" to Indonesia (1)
JDW 26/1/91 : 100,000 contract for the supply of Model 97 hand held explosives detectors to Turkish MOD
Additional Information :
COIN 93/4 : Entry-Sign access control - is an advanced form of access control. Using signature verification, Entry Sign allows authorised persons access to restricted areas. The system overcomes the problems associated with conventional personal identification numbers, keys and cards. Using biometric identification the system analyses a persons signature and checks it against a recorded version.
Amber Technology Ltd
16/25 Bastwick Street
London EC1V 3PS
Source Ref: COIN 90, IPEC 90, 91 Cat
Exhibition: IPEC 90 , IPEC 91
IPEC 90 - Digitscan Fingerprint Retrieval system in use with 14 Police Fingerprint Bureau (13 in the UK).
Additional Information :
GDS-200 Graphical Display System, Digitscan Fingerprint Stirage & Retrieval System.
IPEC 90 - Digitscan on display.
AMPEX Great Britain Ltd
Acre Road Reading
Berkshire RG2 0QR
Tel: 0734 875200 Tlx: 847611 Fax: 0734 866693
Holding Co: (90) AMPEX Europe Ltd
Source Ref: IPEC 89 Catalog, International Defence Equipment Catalog 88/9, IPEC 90 Catalog, COIN 90, IPEC 91 Catalog, FIS Australia 93, FIS Czechoslovakia 93, FIS Singapore 93, FIS UAE 94, FIS Saudi Arabia 94, FIS UK Exporters 94 Exhibition: IPEC 89, IPEC 90, IPEC 91
FIS UK Exporters 94 : Listed as exporting "TV & recording equipment" to the following countries / regions: Spain/Portugal, Italy, Far East & Australasia, Middle East, USA, Holland/Belgium, Germany, France, Mediterranean, Western Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, South East Asia (comprising one or more of : Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand), Switzerland, Irish Republic, Greece, East Africa (comprising one or more of : Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti). Contact : Mr G. Lloyd.
Additional Information :
COIN 90 - DCRSi Digital Cassette Recording System. Digital Data, Automatic Fingerprint Recognition, AMPEX Photographic System - Facial Capture System.
IPEC 90 - Demonstrating a basic storage and retrieval fingerprint system, an automatic recognition system, an integrated photographic application for mugshots which can be integrated into a fingerprint system with a joint nominal index.
IDEC 88/9 : DCRSi Digital Cassette Recording system - applications : EO, SAR, FLIR, RADAR, ELINT, ASW, Satellite data, Flight Test.
Audiotel International Ltd
Cavendish Courtyard, Sallow Road Weldon,
Corby NN17 1DZ
Tel: 0536 666777 Tlx: 341775 AUDINT G Fax: 0536 66711
Subsids : (93) Security Research
Directors : (92) A. Martin, I. Melling, R. Sumners, J. Walker.
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement Vol 2 85, COPEX 86 catalog, Copex 87 Catalog, Copex 88 Catalog, Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91 Catalog, IPEC 90 Catalog, IPEC 91 Catalog, Co Info 8/92, FIS UK Exporters 93, FIS Australia 93, Co Info 18/9/93, International Defence Directory 93, p289, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: Intl Security Essen 84, Copex 86, Copex 87, Copex 88, Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex Mimai 91,IPEC 90, IPEC 91, IFSEC 94, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
IPEC 90 - Products in use with police, Govt & commercial security organisations in over 60 countries.
COPEX 91 - Scanlock sold to over 50 Countries.
FIS UK Exporters 93 - Listed as exporting "crime detection equipment" to the following countries or regions (no further details given): Far East & Australasia, Germany, Holland/Belgium, Western Europe, Canada,
FIS Australia 93 : Listed as exporting "crime detection equipment".
Additional Information :
Copex 94 : A recognised world leader in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Audiotel are showing the latest technology to protect and secure meetings from unauthorised listening (by electronic eavesdropping devices).
Co Info 9/93 : Teleguard 1060 Telephone encrryption system. The Scrambler (Tm)
Co Info 8/92 - Security Research - Cyclops Sub Miniature Camera System, TMS-01 Telex Monitoring System, FMX Fax Monitoring System, Telephone Recorders,
COPEX 91 - New countermeasure products - BROOM ECM & Delat V ECM,
IPEC 90 - Displaying Scanlock Counter-surveillance receiver.
COPEX 86, 89, 90 : Bought Security Research from Cray Electronics - Covert Communication equipment, radio & telephone monitoring equipment. Scanlock 2000 - Counter surveillance receiver, Electronic eavesdropping seminars organised.
Copex 87 (Advert): Surveillance systems for Law Enforcement, Defence & Security. Equipment & systems includes: Undercover interviews & negotiations, one and two-way covert communications, surveillance of vehicle occupants, siege and barricade use, single & multi- channel telephone monitoring, surveillance of detention, interview and conference rooms.
Special microphones: sub miniature and small diameter probe types. VTX-12 and VTX-22 Transmitters, STX-02 & STX-12 transmitters, VRX-SL & VRX-ML Receivers, VA-055 amplifier,
Lisieux Way Taunton
Somerset TA1 2JZ
Tel: 0823 331071 Tlx: 46126 Fax: 0823 274413
Holding Co: (91) United Scientific Holdings Ltd (93) Alvis Plc
Source Ref: NATO Infantry & its weapons 1976, BAEE 86, BAEE 88 Catalog, Copex 88 Catalog, International Defence Directory 91, FIS UK Exporters 93, RN & BAEE 93 Catalog, p12, FIS UAE 94, Eurosatory 94, IDEX 95 Catalog Exhibition: BAEE 86, BAEE 88, Copex 88, RN & BAEE 93, Eurosatory 94, IDEX 95
All International Sales Enquiries to - 215 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London. SW1V 3EN. TelL 071 821 8080 - Tlx 262748.
FIS UK Exporters 93 - Listed as exporting "Instruments" to the following countries or regions (no other details given) : Far East & Australasia, Germany, Western Europe.
FIS UAE 94 : "electro-optical components". Value between 1-10 million. Mr J Stenhouse.
Additional Information :
IDEX 95 : Exhibiting as part of national group (UK).
RN & BAEE 93. Tank Gunner's Sighting System, NV(L) 3200 Series - is a modular sighting system primarily designed for initial or retro fit to light armoured Vehicles. NVL 8700 Sighting system - variation of the NV3200 series adapted to provide a sighting/observation system for a Mechanised Artillery Observation Vehicle (MAOV).
Laser Warning Detector, LWD-21 - designed for vehicle mounting and provides an ideal solution for armed forces who require advance warning of hostile laser radiation.
HL58 Laser Rangefinder Module
Direct Fire Artillery Sight, DFS-90.
Copex 88 : Avimo specialises in the design, development and manufacture of sophisticated electro-optical instrumentation for military and police applications. Equipment on display include: Day surveillance systems, image intensified night observation and weapon aiming devices (2nd & 3rd generation) thermal imaging and mine detection.
BAEE 86 - AVIMO Handheld mine detector,
COIN - Day Surveillance systems, Image Intensifiers, Thermal Imaging, Mine Detection.
NATO Weapons (76) : Trilux L2A1 small arms weapon night sight.
Barr and Stroud Ltd
(Pilkington Optronics)
1 Linthouse Road
Tel: 041 440 4000 Tlx: 778114 GLWG Fax: 041 440 4001
Holding Co: (90) Pilkington plc
Source Ref: BAEE 88 Catalog, Int'l Defence Equipment Catalog 88/9, FIS UK Exporters 93, Engineer 13/5/93, p17, Co Info 11/94 (Copex 94), BDEC 95 Exhibition: BAEE 88
FIS UK Exporters 93 - Listed as exporting "scientific instruments" to the following countries or regions (no further details given): Spain/Portugal, Italy, Far East & Australasia, Middle East, USA, Holland/Belgium, Germany, France, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Central America & Carribean, South East Asia.
Additional Information :
IDEC 88/9 : Thermal Imaging Sensor head (IR26).
Engineer 13/5/93 : The company is 96% dependent upon the defence market. Parent group Pilkington Optronics (now 50% owned by Thomson-CSF, France).
Co Info 11/94 : ARGUS Land Systems Thermal Imaging Sensors. Argus is a Thermal Surveillance System featuring the Pilkington Optronics new thermal imager, HDTI (High Definition Thermal Imaging)
BDEC 95 : Submarien periscopes and masts, for search, attack and navigation.
British Aerospace (Precision Products group)
PB 181 , Six Hills Way Stevenage
Hertfordshire SG1 2DA
Tel: 0438 312422 Tlx: 825125 BAE STEG Fax: 0438 316371
Holding Co: (93) British Aerospace Plc
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement Vol 2.3 85, Copex 86 Catalog, COPEX 87 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 86, COPEX 87
Export/Imports :
ILE VOL2.3 (85) 500,000 order from British Army Air Corps for steadyscope, also sold to over 40 countries for military & counter insurgency use.
Additional Information :
ILE Vol 2.3 (85) : Steadyscope Image Intensifier.
COPEX 87 - Stabilised Binocular, steadyscope.
Cardkey Systems Ltd
23 Stadium Way, Portman Road
Reading Berkshire RG3 6ER
Tel: 0734 415211 Tlx: 847733 CARDKY G Fax: 0734 417676
Holding Co: (93) ABLOY Security Group (91)
Source Ref: SW Thesis 87, Co Info 10/91, Co Info 3/93, Securex 95 (S. Africa) Info 12/94, Exhibition: Securex 95 (S. Africa)
Export/Imports :
Co Info 10/91 - Offices in Germany, Netherlands, USA, Manchester (UK).
Additional Information :
SW Thesis 87 - Identity cards, tokens, systems etc.
Co Info 10/91 - D600 Range of terminal/controllers, pass systems.
CO Info 3/93 - Pegasys 500 - flexible access control and alarm monitoring system.
Civil Defence Supply
The Old Rectory,
Vicarage Lane
Wellingore Lincolnshire LN5 0JF
Tel: (522) 810388 Tlx: 56472 CIVDEF G Fax: 0522 811353
Directors : M.D E.N Bauer
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, Copex 87 Catalog, International Defence Directory 88, Copex 88 Catalog, Copex 89 Catalog, IDD 91, COPEX 91, Copex 92, 93 Catalog, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 86, Copex 87, Copex 88, Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
Copex 94 : Re-equipping and training of Palestinian Police Force.
UK Prison Service exclusively use PR-24 (Monadnock, USA) side handled baton.
COPEX 92 - Offices in Washington, Halifax (Canada), Riyadh, Kuwait City.
COPEX 91 - CDS has won some of the worlds largest contracts in Riot Control equipment & associate training.
Major consultant with Saudi Arabia advising on defence & internal security matters.
Also photographs on display showing Police/Riot training (& equipping ?) in Mexico.
Additional Information :
Copex 94 : Public Order and Special Operations Equipment, Research, Development and Training.
Civil Defence Supply is a registered defence contractor involved with research, development and manufacture of Police and Military products. The company is represented worldwide, holds numerous NATO and MOD Stock Codes, is a registered Firearms Dealer and has a Home Office Section 5 Authority. Most products and services offered are unique to Civil Defence Supply. Armadillo Tactical Riot Shield - the worlds only patented interlinking riot shield system - in service with numerous national Police and Paramilitary Forces. The UK Prison Service is entirely ARMADILLO equipped with its Control and Restraint programme sold on to other prison agencies internationally. Special sizes and types made to order. Full technical documentation and videos available.
Public Order Training - CDS has set up a complete support programme for the ARMADILLO. Liaison between the Foreign Office, MoD, DESO and Police Forces means that any overseas agency can receive not only the best training in ARMADILLO but also in street tactics and riot management. The UK leads the world in safe, non-lethal riot response, resulting in many major contracts - the most recent being the complete resupply re-equipping and training of the Palestinian Police Force in Gaza in August 1994.
Special Operations Equipment & Training - The company equips and trains all forms of Drugs, Firearms, Prisons and Special Operations Teams in night vision, methods of entry (MoE), intelligence skills, weaponcraft, communications and situation management. Instructors are all ex-services or ex -agency with recent operational experience. A full range of equipment to support these programmes is available.
Other services - Special Operations Hire Service with complete selection of equipment from door breaking tools and hydraulics to night vision, weapons and vehicles.
Reconditioned and pre-owned equipment resale including refurbished ex-military observation, night vision, EOD and electronic systems. In conjunction with Portfolio Section V Ltd - unique photographic and video services, fully equipped studio and editing facilities and production of tactical training handbooks and support material for a secure total package.
Copex 93 : Civil Defence Supply is a registered defence contractor involved with research, development and manufacturer of police and military products with numerous items stock codified by United States, NATO and UK MoD users. The company established offices in Washington (USA), Halifax (Canada), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), and Kuwait City involved with direct government consultancy and equipment supply contracts. The main areas of capability are internal security and riot control equipment and training. Prison riot control, special and covert operations, night operations, command and control support, intelligence analysis and management consultancy.
Trojan Operational Intelligence System. Now in UK police and overseas use, this highly advanced police and intelligence workstation allows forces to create data storage files, store images, enhance images, transmit and network data, mission plan and contingency support, as well as address tasks such as video enhancement. Civil Defence Supply is a registered bureau under the Data Protection Act and has worked with legal advisors on full Court veracity of digital and computer generated evidence material. No other enhancement and evidential system shows such features to these levels.
Trojan Criminal Intelligence Computer System - Image Storage, Retrieval, Filing, Enhancement, Manipulation & printing - Full GIS Workstation.
Special operations hire - A Three year old service for police & official users only. Everything from armoured cars to machine guns, nightvision & surveillance systems are available - extensively used by UK Police.
Night vision sales - CDS "Is largest dealer in secondhand night vision equipment".
Co Info (undated) : Dragon Portable Searchlight, Remote Control Operation (NATO Stock No X2-6230-99-728-7297) 100 Watt Dragon Mk.2 with remote control. Infrared Systems : Night vision enhancement
Commercial Defence International Ltd
5 - 7 High Street
Aldershot Hampshire GU11 1BH
Tel: 0252 343244 Tlx: Fax: 0252 25338
Subsids : (92) Research Projects
Directors : (92) I.J. Petty (MD), C.J. Williams (Projects), S.L. Petty (Sec)
Source Ref: Combat & Survival 3/92, Co Info 5/92
Export/Imports :
Co Info 5/92 - "One of the only organisations to successfully export NBC Defence Equipment to Middle Eastern Client."
Additional Information :
C&S 3/92 - See also Research Projects Training - Counter Surveillance Techniques, Commercial Close Protection, Support & Execution of overt and covert security operations of both civilian and military nature.
Communications Devices Ltd
6 Riverside Park,
Dogflud Way Farnham
Surrey GU7 9UG
Tel: 44 252 715999 Tlx: 858903 Fax: 44 252 712966
Subsids : (91) Communication Devices Inc - See Also Communications Audit ?
Directors : (91) Paul.S Bloch (MD)
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, Copex 87 Catalog, Copex 88 Catalog, Copex 89 Catalog, COIN 90, Co Info 91, COPEX 91 Cat, FIS South America 93, FIS UAE 94, FIS Saudi Arabia 94 Exhibition: Copex 87, Copex 88, Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex Miami 91
Export/Imports :
Co info 91 - Exports to 24 countries including the US - now has a US subsidiary.
FIS South America 93 : Listed as having exports of "telecom equip" to South America. Value less than 1 million. No further details.
FIS UAE 94 : "telecom equip". Contact Ms R Wronsca. Value less than 1 million.
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : Listed as exporting "telecom equip". Value less than 1 million. Contact Ms R. Wronsca.
Additional Information :
FIS S. Am 93 : "Telecom equip". Contact Mrs R Wronsca.
COPEX Miami 91 - Telephone monitoring system, Facsimile Monitoring & Telex Monitoring Systems.
Copex 87 : Professional communications monitoring equipments for police, national security and intelligence gathering applications. Facsimile monitoring system provides a printed copy of intercepted facsimile transmissions, Digital storage is provided for subsequent crypto analysis. Telephone Monitoring System features target number surveillance, variable speed playback, ring counter and touch screen control. Telex monitor system.
Copex 86 : Telephone and Telex Monitoring equipment. Communications Devices Ltd along with Kudelski SA will exhibit: Advanced technology telephone monitoring systems with touch-screen controls, automatic target number recognition and alarm, 12 hours recording capacity, on tape and printer date/time and called number recording and selective, variable speed playback with automatic pitch correction. High capacity telephone monitoring systems incorporating compacting techniques which group monitored lines by category, reduce the numbers of records required, cost and space. Multiple line facsimile monitoring systems to intercept and record CCITT class 2 and 3 automatic and manual transmissions. Compact, professional quality body worn tape recorders.
Computing Devices Eastbourne Ltd
Castleham Road
St Leonards on Sea,
East Sussex TN83 9NJ
Tel: 01424 853481 Tlx: 95568 Fax: 01424 51520
Source Ref: Copex 89 Catalog, BAEE 90 ,IPEC 90 Catalog, FIS Thailand 93, FIS UK Exporters 93, FIS Malaysia 93, FIS Singapore 93, FIS Saudi Arabia 94, JDW 10/9/94, DMA List 95 Exhibition: Copex 89, BAEE 90, IPEC 90, Farnborough 94
Export/Imports :
FIS 93 - "Computing systems" to Thailand (1).
FIS Malaysia 93 : Listed as exporting "Computing systems" to Malaysia. Value between 1-10 million. Contact Mr W Hedges.
FIS Singapore 93 : Listed as exporting "Computing systems". Value between 1-10 million. Contact Mr W Hedges.
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : Listed as exporting "computing systems". Value between 1-10 million.
Additional Information :
DMA List 95 : Airborne reconnaissance management and weapon control systems, reconnaissance exploration ground facilities, airborne computers, video and digital recorders, target trackers, image processing, digital mapping, minewarfare command and control and structural health monitoring.
FIS 93 - "Computing systems"
Video * Image Analysis.
IPEC 90 - FLIR 2000 Infra Red Thermal Imaging Equipment currently in service with Sussex & Strathclyde police forces. (Forward Looking Infra Red).
Conjay Firearms & Ammunition Ltd
Box 582, Unit4, 765-7 Harrow Road
London NW10 5NZ
Tel: 081 960 6879 Tlx: 262165 CONJAY G Fax: 081 960 2411
Subsids : (93) Conway (Conjay ?) Arms Co Ltd (IDD 93)
Directors : (93) GD Conway (Chr), G. Sang (MD)
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, Copex 87 Catalog, Copex 88 Catalog, Copex 89 Catalog, COIN 90, Co Info 90, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 93 Catalog, International Defence Directory 93, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 86, Copex 87, Copex 88, Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
COPEX 91 - Sole Importers & Distributers for Israel Military Industries.
IDD 93 - Representatives for ELBIT, ELPAM, IIBR, ISPRA, Israeli Military Industries (IMI), ORTEC - Israel. Ramine (USA).
Copex 94 : Distributers for Safari Arms, Olympic Arms, Wesson Firearms, Wildley Magnum, Mossberg Shotguns,
Additional Information :
Copex 94 : Conjay Firearms & Ammunition Ltd are experts in the field of Defence, Counter-Terrorism, Anti-Riot and Emergency Services. We are able to offer and procure a variety of equipment designed to meet any or all of the above needs from a wide diversity of manufacturers. Conjay specialises in the procurement of:.
Copex 93 : "are experts in the field of Defence, Counter-Terrorism, Anti-Riot and Emergency services. We are able to offer and procure a variety of equipment designed to meet any or all of the above needs from a wide diversity of manufacturers.
IDD 93 - Importers & distributors of defence, anti-terrorist, and anti-riot equipment.
COIN 90 - Conjay is the dealer for ISPRA, CBAP Armor piercing, CBK / CBXX Low Penetration bullets - which inflict massive trauma, UZI & GALIL Silencers, CS / CN Sprays, Grenades, Rubber Ball grenades, Stun Grenades. Large Contractor for East & West - Government & Commercial customers.
Copex 86 : Sole importers and distributors for the UK for the range of security products of Israel Military Industries. This includes ammunition for pistols, sub-machine guns, rifles, machine guns as well as their component parts (cases, bullets, primer and propellants). The full range of weapons are also handled. Semi automatic Uzi (9mm and 45 ACP), Uzi Pistol, the Desert Eagle Pistol (357 Magnum and 44 Magnum), Galil Assault Rifle. Additional equipment for the weapons, such as additional magazines, bayonets, silencers, illuminators and telescopic sights. Military rifle grenades, both bullet-trap and original, as well as Stun, illuminating and Anti-riot grenades loads with rubber slugs. Ispra's full list of CS/CN products are offered, including the unique Model 5 Projectojet, which is able to launch a CS/CN mist at a specific target. Nimrod Sniper's Telescopic sight (as used on the Galil rifle).
Conjay has also been active with further original research into the field of specialised ammunition. Both the Armour-piercing and Low-Penetration CBAP Mark 1 and CBX mark 7 have been developed to the point where they are entering a limited scale mass production.
Continental Microwave Ltd
1 Crawley Green Road
Luton Bedfordshire LU1 3LB
Tel: 0582 424233 Tlx: Fax:
Holding Co: (92) Falcon Equipment & Systems Ltd.
Source Ref: IPEC 91 Catalog, DMA List 92, FIS Indonesia 93, FIS Taiwan 93, FIS South Korea 93, FIS Australia 93, FIS Hungary 93, FIS Czechoslovakia 93, FIS Singapore 93, FIS UAE 94, FIS Saudi Arabia 94, FIS Turkey 94, FIS UK Exporters 94 Exhibition: IPEC 91
Export/Imports :
FIS UK Exporters 94 : Listed as exporting "telecom & broadcasting equipment" to the following countries : Spain/Portugal, Italy, Far East & Australasia, Middle East, USA, Holland/Belgium, Germany, France, Mediterranean (comprising Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey), Nigeria and West Africa, Western Europe, Scandanavia, South Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America & Carribean, Australia, South East Asia (Comprising of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand), Switzerland, Irish Republic, Greece, India & Pakistan. Valued between 1- 10 million.
FIS 93 - "Telecommunications and broadcasting equipment " to Indonesia. (1)
FIS Taiwan 93 : Listed as having exported "telecom and broadcast equipment" to Taiwan. Value between 1-10 million. Contact Mr. P Burnage.
Additional Information :
IPEC 91 - High Performance Video, data microwave links from point to point, air to ground surveillance applications. MMT series of miniaturised transmitters and receivers .
Co Info 8/92 - Now part of Falcon Equipment & Systems Ltd.
FIS 93 - Telecom & Broadcasting equipment.
Cossor Electronics Ltd
The Pinnacles
Harlow Essex CM19 5BB
Tel: 0279 26862 Tlx: 81228 Fax: 0279 410413
Holding Co: (93) Raytheon UK Ltd - Raytheon Corp (USA), (89) Raytheon Subsids : (93) Cossor Identification Systems Ltd
Turnover : (93) 55M, (90) 50M
Directors : (94) Sir Kenneth MacDonald (Chr, RA Ripper, LP Motta, BA Callaghan
Source Ref: CAAT 9/6/88, p5, BAEE 88 Catalog, BDEC 89, DMA list 92, Who Owns Whom 93, Electronics Tiomes 17/6/93, p4, International Defence Directory 93, FIS Australia 93, Key British Enterprises 94, DMA list 95 Exhibition: BAEE 88
Export/Imports :
CAAT 9/6/88 : Supplied Transponders, value $800,000 to Abu Dhabi (UAE).
KBE 94 : Markets listed as W.Europe, Middle East, USA, South America, Africa, S&SE Asia, Australasia, Canada.
Additional Information :
DMA list 95 : High technology electronic products including information friend or foe (IFF) systems, signal processing, secure communications systems, global positioning systems, and project services.
KBE 94 : Designers and manufacturers of civil and military identification radar systems for ground, airborne or shipborne use. Secondary surveillance radar systems. Radar data processing and display systems. Specialised test equipment. Ground to air VHF and UHF Radios. C4 Terminals, electronic teleprinters and modems for use on HF circuits. Cryptographic equipment. Field and base service and training and project management services. Trade Names : Condor, Falconer, Circe, Microcos, Thermatrak.
Electronic Times 17/6/93 : Instrument Landing equipment and 'Fried or Foe Identification equipment.
IDD 93 : SSR (single wideband radio), IFF (identification Friend or Foe systems), precision approach radar, communication & other electronic systems
IFF850/4 Interrogator system - the total system comprises interrogator, antenna and video processor providing data to the fire control system.
CRS390/4 Interrogator, CRS389 antenna, CRS379 antenna, CVP190 multi-role video processing system (MRVP). Automatic data processing,
In addition to its broad secondary surveillance radar (SSR) and identification friend-or-foe (IFF) systems, Cossor Electronics is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of transponders and airborne interrogators.
Crisis International (Special Operations Group)
Tel: 071 401 8324 Tlx: Fax: 071 401 8316
Source Ref: Int Herald T 1/11/91
Export/Imports :
IHT 1/11/92 - Special operations worldwide, ex military, police, forensic, de bugging, sweeping experts available for close protection, counter industrial espionage.
Additional Information :
IHT 1/11/91 - Special Task Force for protection in Ireland - London Headquarters.Highest level of confidentiality assured
D Sig (Defence Security Intelligence Group)
3rd Flr, Riverside N, Metropolitan Wharf
Wapping Wall London E1 9SS
Tel: 071 481 4925 Tlx: 884142 LYNCHEG Fax: 071 481 2225
Source Ref: COPEX 92 Cat
Exhibition: COPEX 92
Export/Imports :
COPEX 92 - Currently provides services to Government depts & corporations around the world.
Additional Information :
COPEX 92 - Corporate, Maritime, Aviation & International response services. Electronic Counter measures, Specialised Products & Techniques, Computer intelligence systems & services. Response services risk insurance polices. Nine departments provide services ranging from Specialist security operations & training to Electronic Technical Assistance & IT Support.
Davin Optical Ltd
9A Chester Road,
Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 1LD
Tel: 081 905 1414 Tlx: Fax: 081 207 6581
Directors : 12/7/91 - D.J.J Holland (MD) E.J Judd, J. Knowles, K.C. Berry ,
A.J. Harrison
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement vol2,10 (85), p15, Copex 86 Catalog, Copex 87 Catalog, Copex 88 Catalog, Copex 89 Catalog, COIN 90, Intersec / Co Info 7/91 , COPEX 91 Catalog, Copex 92 Catalog, COIN 92/3, International Defence Directory 95 Exhibition: Copex 85, Copex 86, Copex 87, Copex 88, Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 92 Export/Imports: Intersec / Co Info - In service with British army & police & a number of overseas customers.
Additional Information :
IDD 95 : Surveillance & identification systems, TV, ground based;
COIN 92/3 - Night vision equipment, infra-red flash guns, Minimodulux night vision, SH218 hand-held viewer, Maxilux M and Maxilux P night vision systems, Spylux personal night viewer.
COIN 90 - Modulux Nigh vision equipment, MH 218 Dual Role light weight military viewer, SH 218 Hand Held, SPYLUX Personal night viewer, IRS-218 Night rifle sight - Minilux Low cost modular night vision system -
IRSPECT Document Forgery Detector, Developed with Police Scientific Research & Development Branch at the Home Office.
Intersec /Co Info - Modulux 130, Spylux.
Copex 88 : Have supplied specialised Night Vision equipment to the British Army and Police Force and to over 20 countries. MiniModulux night observation equipment.
Copex 86 : Specialises in the design and manufacture of night vision equipment with particular emphasis on security and intelligence gathering applications. Modulux 130 - a modular night vision system for night photography, SH 218 a hand held viewer, Spylux, IRS 218 a low profile, night rifle sight.
ILE vol 2,10 (85) : Exhibiting at COPEX 85. A number of night vision systems Spylux Personal Night Scope.
De La Rue Printak
De La Rue House,
PO Box 10 Basingstoke
Hampshire RG21 2EL
Tel: 256 29122 Tlx: Fax:
Source Ref: Press Release 87, COIN 90, FIS 91 Indonesia, BOTB Singapore 91
Exhibition: Asia Security 91
Export/Imports :
CO Info 87 - Fingerprint equipment sold to Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Norway, Venezuala, Switzerland.
FIS 91 - Indonesia.
BOTB Singapore 91 : Represented at Asia Security 91 by Diethelm Singapore Pte Ltd.
Additional Information :
Leading supplier of Automated Fingerprint identification systems Phototrak (TM) - Photo storage & retrieval system. Tel-Ident - Image transmission system, Orion Automated Fingerprint identification system.
Dennard Ltd
55 Fleet Road
Fleet, Aldershot
Hampshire GU13 8PN
Tel: 0252 614884 Tlx: Fax: 0252 626013
Source Ref: Int'l Law Enforcement Vol2, 85, FIS Australia 93, FIS UAE 94, FIS Saudi Arabia 94, FIS Turkey 94 Exhibition: Int'l Security Essen 84
Export/Imports :
FIS Australia 93 : Listed as exporting "CCTV equip". Value between 1-10 million
FIS UAE 94 : "CCTV equip". Value between 1-10 million. Contact Mr R Howell.
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : Listed as exporting "CCTV equip". Value between 1-10 million.
FIS Turkey 94 : Listed as exporting "CCTV equip". Value between 1-10 million.
Additional Information :
ILE Vol2 85 : Components for surveillance, camera housings, infra-red illuminators, Control units and remote video sequencers.
EEV Night Vision Systems Ltd
106 Waterhouse Lane
Essex CM1 2QU
Tel: 0245 493493 Tlx: 99103 Fax: 0245 492492
Holding Co: (92) General Electric Company plc Subsids : (94) EEV Inc (USA), EEV Canada, EEV France
Directors : (95) M Mandl (Vice Chair)
Source Ref: BAEE 88 Catalog, Securex 89, COIN 90, Co Info 12/91, FIS Indonesia 91,93, COIN 92/3, FIS UK Exporters 4/93, IPEC 93, Copex Catalog 93, FIS South America 93, FIS China 1993, FIS Australia 93, FIS Hungary 93, FIS Czechoslovakia 93, FIS Singapore 93, FIS Turkey 94, Copex 94 Catalog, Co Info 11/94, DMA list 95 Exhibition: BAEE 88, Securex 89, IPEC 93, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
Co Info 12/91 - Agents/Distributers in 49 countries including : Brazil, Chile, India, Indonesia, Jordan, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Rumania, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Yugoslavia.
FIS 91, 93 - "Electronic components and systems" to Indonesia (10)
FIS UK Exporters 93 - Listed as exporting "electronic components and systems" to the following countries or regions (contracts valued at over 10 million):
FIS China 93 : Listed as exporting "electronic components & systems" to China. Valued at over 10 million.
Additional Information :
Co Info 11/94 : Nitewatch Plus night vision system.
IPEC 93 - Exhibiting the rugged, compact 'Nite-Watch Plus' night vision system. EEV also manufacture a range of specialised CCTV cameras and Thermal Imaging devices as well as solid state devices for the reliable initiation of shock tube.
Co Info 8/92 - P2000, P3000 Nitewatch.
COIN 92/3 - EEV CCD Cameras - PS46810 cameras, EEV P2000 Nite-watch.
COIN 90 - P4430 Portable Thermal Imaging camera, EEV Photon CCD Cameras, LION (Lightweight Individually operated night) Sight.
SECUREX 89 - Sentinel Monochrome Camera, PS46077 Photon Intensified Sentinel Camera.
Fernau Avionics Ltd
Unit C, Airport Executive Park
Presidents Way,
Luton Bedfordshire LU2 9NY
Tel: 0582 483111 Tlx: 894570 FERNAU G Fax: 0582 484404
Source Ref: BAEE 88 Catalog, Copex 88 Catalog, JDW 11/11/89, p1017, COIN 90,INTERSEC 9/91, FIS South America 93, FIS Australia 93 Exhibition: Copex 88, BAEE 88, Copex 89
Export/Imports :
FIS S. Am 93 : Listed as exporting "aeronautical equipment" to South America. Value between 1-10 Million.
FIS Australia 93 : Listed as exporting "aeronautical equipment". Value between 1-10 million.
Additional Information :
FIS South America 93 : "aeronautical equip"
INTERSEC 9/91 - Police Interview Recorder Type 611.
COIN 90 - ESM Systems (Electronic Surveillance & Monitoring), SAF-R21 General Purpose Surveillance Receiver.
JDW 11/11/89 : Security through Technology. Radio Surveillance, Direction Finding, Voice and Data, Software Control, Systems designed to meet Customers specific requirements.
Rapid deployment Surveillance station in the field, Operator position showing an SAF-R21 type receiver and associated equipment, Fixed site ESM station - antenna array. Modern military forces need rapid intelligence on hostile intentions, much of which can be gathered from Radio Traffic activity. The FAL Radio Surveillance systems rapidly scan wide bands of radio spectrum, detecting, analysing and recording data and voice transmissions. Direction finders used with auto- triangulation systems give range and bearing of source.
Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd
(Cheadle Heath Division)
Birdhall Lane
Cheadle Heath,
Stockport Cheshire SK3 0XQ
Tel: 061 428 0771 Tlx: 666803 FERCHE Fax: 061 428 9121
Source Ref: FIS Australia 93
Export/Imports :
FIS Australia 93 : Listed as exporting "defence simulators and computer systems".
Additional Information :
FIS Australia 93 : Defence Simulators & computers.
Ferranti Defence Systems
Western Road
Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1RA
Tel: 0344 483232 Tlx: Fax: 0344 861003
Source Ref: Co Info 8/74, JDW 22/4/89, FIS Saudi Arabia 94
Export/Imports :
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : Listed as exporting "control systems". Value over 10 million. Contact Mr B Rowland.
JDW 22/4/89 : Undisclosed amount from Royal Thai Air Force for Nite-op night vision goggles.
Additional Information :
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : "Control systems"
JDW 22/4/89 : Ferranti Defence Systems, Electro-optics division. Nite-op NIght vision goggles.
Ferranti Plc
Source Ref: CAAT 6/89
Export/Imports :
CAAT 6/89 - NITE-OP Night vision goggles to Thailand.
Additional Information :
See also other entries for Ferranti subsidiaries.
Gallant Ordnance
St George's Mews,
43 Westminster Bdge Rd
London SE1 7JB
Tel: 071 620 2808 Tlx: 261804 Galant G Fax: 071 620 2799
Source Ref: IDD 87, BAEE 88 Catalog ,COIN 90, JDW 7/7/90, p27, Co Info 12/92, Copex 92 Catalog, International Defence Directory 93 Exhibition: BAEE 88, Copex 92
Export/Imports :
JDW 7/7/90 : $2,850,000 to supply anti-aircraft ammunition to an unspecified member-state of the South African Development and Co-operation Committee (SADCC).
Co Info 12/92 - "leading international supplier of Internal Security equipment to Police & Paramilitary forces worldwide. We specialise in meeting the needs of security units involved in anti-terrorist, civil disorder, and counter- insurgency operations."
GEC Marconi Command & Control Systems Ltd
Hillend Industrial Park Dunfermline
Fife, Scotland KY11 5JE
Tel: 0383 822131 Tlx: 727445 MCCSHE Fax: 0383 824401
Holding Co: (94) GEC Plc
Source Ref: Copex 87 Catalog, CAAT 11/8/88, p6, CAAT Newsletter 10/9/89, p5, JDW 8/6/91, p982, Co Info 11/91, FIS Thailand 93, FIS South America 93, FIS China 1993, FIS Taiwan 93, FIS Malaysia 93, FIS 93 South Korea 93, FIS Indonesia 93, FIS Australia 93, FIS Hungary 93, FIS Czechoslovakia 93, FIS Singapore 93, FIS UAE 94, FIS Saudi Arabia 94, FIS Turkey 94 Exhibition: Copex 87, RNEE 89, Milipol 91
Export/Imports :
FIS 93 - "electronic systems" to Thailand (10)
FIS S. Am 93 : Listed as exporting "electronic systems" to South America. Valued at over 10 million.
FIS China 93 : Exporting "electronic systems" to China. Valued at over 10million.
FIS Taiwan 93 : Listed as exporting "electronic systems" to Taiwan. Valued at over 10 million.
JDW 8/6/91 : Undisclosed amount for contract with Spain to fit a Type 282 ranging radar to a MSG MSP 2000 electro optical tracking system for use on a Government test site facility.
Additional Information :
FIS S. Am 93 : "electronic systems"
Co Info 11/91 : Marconi Mace : Computer application for the police. An acknowledged leader in the provision of data handling and management systems to central and local government and agencies worldwide. Major supplier of complex military systems requiring a guaranteed high level of performance and reliability.
Command & Control : Incident Logging, Incident Handling, Linked incidents, local information facility action plans, Street index, address matching, historical information, resource availability, duty plans.
Crime intelligence : Available option to complement crime system: including Force records facility with interface potential for possible future Network and PNC proposals.
Present developments : Computerised fingerprint/photographic registration providing automatic searching facilities. Data exchange between applications to consider interface between Administration Support Departments - Custody Suite - Court's system. Interface links to command and control for practical operational application.
Copex 87 : The Marconi Thermal Imager HHI 8 for observation day and night, in total darkness, smoke, mist or fog. Hand Held or platform mounted.
GEC Sensors Ltd,
Electro-optical Guidance Division
Christopher Martin Road
Basildon Essex SS14 3EL
Tel: +44 268 522822 Tlx: 99225 Fax: +44 268 883140
Holding Co: (93) GEC plc
Source Ref: COIN 92/3, Copex Catalog 93, British Defence Equipment Catalog (BDEC) 95, Exhibition: Copex 93
COIN 92/3 - Multi-role Turret (Thermal Imaging Surveillance system) exported/in use with Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary AF S76 helicopter.
Additional Information :
COIN 92/3 - Thermal Imaging Common Modules (TICM) - This is a multi platform modular thermal imaging system which is now in large scale production for the UK MOD - over 2000 sets have been supplied to Army,Navy, Air Force & throughout the world. Multi-role turret (MRT-S) is a versatile, compact thermal imaging system suitable for helicopter & fixed wing aircraft (subsonic) - system is currently in production for search & rescue, economic exclusion zone, maritime patrol, general security and border surveillance operations. In use with Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary AF S76 helicopters.
Sea Owl Passive Identification device.
Hel-Tele TV system for helicopters - is a broadcast standard television surveillance system designed for mounting in a helicopter. The system provides long range, real-time airborne surveillance to meet the requirements of the Police, military, para-military, civil and other security forces. Heli -Tele consists of a colour camera with a high magnification zoom lens, mounted on a gyro stabilised steerable platform. The operator can steer the camera & adjust the zoom. Video information is transmitted to any number of ground stations via an microwave link - which has a range of 90km. A thermal imaging sensor is available for night time/ bad light operations.
Phoenix Termal Imaging System - Remote piloted Vehicle (RPV) - integrated battlefield surveillance system.
Thermal Imaging Surveillance System - based on the V3900 Thermal Imaging sensor - this system provides 24hr long range detection & identification.
PYRO 2000 Handheld Thermal Camera.
Copex 93 : Pyro 2000 Handheld Thermal Camera on display.
BDEC 95 : Thermal Imaging Systems for naval applications. V3900 series thermal imaging sensor, Periscope systems.
Thermal imaging systems for weapon aiming, fire control and surveillance. Land Vehicle sights : GEC Marconi Avionics, Sensors division produce a comprehensive range of sights and sensor systems designed for installation in armoured fighting vehicles.
Modular thermal imaging sensors (M-TIS). SS600 series 3 thermal imager is used as primary sensor for long-range passive surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Search & Track sensors
Hand held thermal camera : Pyro 2000.
GPT Ltd (GEC Plessey Telecom)
Edge Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L7 9NW
Tel: 051 228 4830 Tlx: 629267 GPT-SX Fax: 051 254 4586
Source Ref: MEED 6/12/91, p20, Engineer 30/1/92, p6, Electronics Times 27/2/92, p1, Electronics Times 2/4/92, p10, Electronics Times 25/6/92, p6, European 22/11/92, p39, Electronics Times 18/2/93, p28, FIS Australia 93 Computing 9/95
Export/Imports :
MEED 6/12/91 : GPT has won contracts worth approx 4 million for the supply of telephone equipment as part of Kuwait's Communication Ministry's programme of reconstruction. GPT will supply its System X digital exchanges with 10K customer and 3K trunk lines.
Engineer 30/1/92 : GPT, lobbying to rescue two multi million pound equipment contracts with the Kenyan Government.Also trying to rescue the first 60 million tranche of an order for several hundred System X and smaller exchanges, following the UK Government's decision to end export coverage to Kenya. The other contracts relate to a microwave equipment (25 million) and a 7 million contract for a payphone factory.
Elec Time 2/4/92 : GPT has opened offices in Beijing to help expand take up of System X in China, where there are already some System X exchanges. Contracts worth [[sterling]]40 million have been signed for the supply of these systems
Elec Times 25/6/92 : GPT set up venture with Indian Trading Company KK Birla to supply India's Department of Telecommunications with a System X switch.
European 22/11/92 : GPT (UK) is completing the installation of the System X telephone exchange in St Petersburg, Russia, to start early Decmber 1992. British Telecom will carry overseas calls using satellite equipment.
Elec Times 18/2/93 : Contract placed by Ningbo Posts and Telecommunications Bureau to set up network of 500 base stations and control equipment around the city of Ningbo, in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang.
FIS Australia 93 : Listed as exporting "telecom equip".
Additional Information :
Engineer 30/1/92 : GPT manufacturer of System X telecommunications system. Supplied to a wide range of countries.
Over the last ten years BT has spent some 3 billion on System X digital exchanges.
Electronics Times 18/2/93 : System X manufactured at GPT's Edge Lane site in Liverpool.
Hagen Arrow
Business Park, 23A Shawbank Road
Lakeside, Redditch Worcestershire B98 8YN
Tel: 0527 514888 Tlx: Fax: 0527 514335
Directors : (93) MCC Wood
Source Ref: Security Phonebook 93, FIS Saudi Arabia 94
Export/Imports :
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : Listed as exporting "security equip". Value less than 1 million. Contact Mr M.C.C Wood
Additional Information :
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : "Security equip". Check links with Hagen Electronics and Hagen Cy-Com...
Security Phbk 93 : Manufacture of covert surveillance equipment for radio and sub-contract electronics manufacture.
Hagen Electronics Ltd
Batts Lane, Ottery Street
Tel: 040 481 3858 Tlx: 42452 HAGEN G Fax:
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, Copex 87 Catalog, CAAT 14/4/88, p5, Copex 88 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 86, Copex 87, Copex 88
Export/Imports :
Copex 86 : Hagen Electronics are the sole UK distributor for Signalling Technology (PTY) Ltd (South Africa ??) who specialise in the CTCSS and tone sequential calling.
CAAT 14/4/88 : 500,000 contract for covert surveillance equipment for undisclosed overseas customer.
Additional Information :
Copex 87 : Covert accessory products for use by police forces, drug enforcement officers and military personnel. Produce a complete range of miniature microphones, inductively coupled earphones, covert PTT switches.
COPEX 86 - Design, development & manufacture of covert surveillance equipment. Present product line includes miniature microphones, PTT, transducer coils, inductive earpieces and headsets. Of particular interest is the SKH surveillance harness which includes microphone, PTT and coil and is used in conjunction with the RE1 wireless earphone. The surveillance harness is in wide use with security agencies throughout Europe.
Hall & Watts Ltd
266 Hatfield Road
St. Albans Hertfordshire AL1 4UN
Tel: +44 727 59288 Tlx: 267001 WATTS G Fax: +44 727 35683
Subsids : (93) Anglo Swiss Optical Co. Plc, (91) Hall & Watts Int'l Ltd
Source Ref: BAEE 88 Catalog, COIN 90, COIN 92/3, FIS Singapore 93, British Defence Equipment Catalog (BDEC) 95 Exhibition: BAEE 88
Export/Imports :
FIS SIngapore 93 : Listed as exporting "military optics". Value between 1-10 million.
Additional Information :
BDEC 95 : Weapon sights for direct and indirect fire. Air defence sight RC-25 - the Watts RC-25 sight has been designed for cost- effective unit power reflex collimator sight for machine guns or cannons on pintle or other mountings. Other variants have also been developed : RC24 for close quarter battle (CQB) rifle sights, RC26 as an optical sighting system for the 40mm automatic grenade launcher.
The NATO Sotck No for the .50 cal RC25 is 1240-99-839-8105.
Wildcat rifle sight (NSN 1240-21-906-8151) is a second generation optical sight. Adopted as the standard combat sight for the Canadian armed forces on M16 and Minimi. It is suitbale for all rifles and light machine guns.
W401 image-intensified night observation device.
CA21 indirect fire weapon sight unit (NATO ref no 1240-21-876-5058). The CA21 has been designed for medium and heavy mortars and machine guns in the sustained fire role.
COIN 92/3 as for COIN 90
COIN 90 - W401 Night observation device, Watt's Dry Zero Device.
Hawker Siddeley Dynamics & Engineering Ltd
Manor Road
Hatfield Hertfordshire
Source Ref: SW Thesis 87, BAEE 88 Cat, DMA List 92, FIS South America 93
Exhibition: BAEE 88
Export/Imports :
FIS S.Am 93 : Listed as exporting "monitoring equipment" to South America.
Additional Information :
SW87 - Night vision cameras, image intensifiers & rifle sights.
FIS South America 93 : "Monitoring equipment"
Hawkeye Systems Ltd
25 Bury Mead Road
Hitchin Hertfordshire SG5 1RT
Tel: 0462 52712 Tlx: 825004 HAWK I G Fax:
Holding Co: (90) Interdom Group
Source Ref: CAAT 14/4/88, p5, Copex 88 catalog, COIN 90
Exhibition: Copex 88
Export/Imports :
CAAT 14/4/88 : Hawkeye recently supplied portable night-vsion surveillance telescopes to Undisclosed Middle East Police Force.
Additional Information :
COIN 90 - Model HT4 Thermal Imager, Hawkeye Vehicle / Airborne Surveillance systems, Model HT10 Thermal Imagers.
Imagebase Technology Ltd
Research House, Fraser Road
Perivale Middlesex UB6 7AQ
Tel: 081 991 1396 Tlx: Fax: 081 991 2698
Source Ref: Copex 93, Co Info 11/93 (Copex), INDEPO 94 Catalog, JDW 10/9/94, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 93, Indepo 94, Farnborough 94, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
Co Info 11/93 : Imagebase Photofone exported to the following countries / organisations : CIA, Customs & Excise (UK), DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), FBI, Immigration (Antilles, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Portugal, UK, USA),
Interpol (Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, UK), Metropolitan Police (UK), Ministry of Justice (Japan),
Police (Denmark, Germany, Holland), Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP
Images transmitted include Mugshots, Fingerprints, Surveillance Photographs, Travel Documents
Embassies (USA, Canada)
Additional Information :
Co Info 11/93 : Imagebase Technology will be presenting the Photophone range of products. The range includes: the Stand-alone Photophone workstation, the PC -Photophone Upgrade Kit, the portable Photophone and the PC based photo database system called Photobank. Also being presented will be the new ruggedised Portable system called Photophone Xtra Duty.
The Photophone is an interactive still video transmission system that sends and receives colour pictures across standard telephone and ISDN lines, via satellites and portable communications. Images can be labelled with text, indicating which picture is of interest.
The photophone is part of an image product portfolio that Imagebase market in the UK. The photobank product uses the latest technology to store and retrieve pictures and text together, and has a variety of applications such as storing pictures of suspects, fingerprints and providing forensic evidence.
INDEPO 94 : Photophone still image transmission system. Photobank, an image database, allows photophone or other video images to be captured, stored on a PC system and converted for other PC packages. User groups include law enforcement and immigration authorities, armed forces and Interpol.
Copex 94 : Photophone Still Image Transmission system. User groups include the armed forces, law enforcement and immigration agencies and the aerospace industry. Interpol is listed as an user.
Insight Vision Systems Ltd
Unit 1, Merebrook,
Hanley Road Danemoor,
Malvern Worcestershire WR13 6NP
Tel: 0684 310001 Tlx: 334480 INSIGT G Fax: 0684 310510
Holding Co: (90) BP Advanced materials ??
Source Ref: COPEX 86 Catalog, Copex 88 Catalog, Copex 89 Catalog, International Defence Directory 91, IDD 95 Exhibition: Copex 86, Copex 88, Copex 89, Copex 90
Export/Imports :
Copex 89 - Supplying Worldwide for 25 years.
Additional Information :
IDD 95 : Surveillance & identification systems, TV, naval,ground-based, airborne; surveillance & identification systems, airborne, naval and ground- based.
IDD 91 - Surveillance & Identification Systems.
COPEX 89 - Displaying BP Advanced materials - Bristol Armour & Melco Products - Body Armour, Helmets, Vehicle Armour.
COPEX 90 - 75 Series Surveillance System, Scout Thermal Sights.
COPEX 86 - Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), Infra red (IR) tubes, Miniature CCTV. Series 75, 80 and 83. The 75 series based in the Miniature CCTV Camera Mk3 is designed for surveillance in adverse conditions. The 80 Series comprises a pyroelectric thermal image plus accessories for use in total darkness, fog or smoke. The 83 Series utilises the Ticam high resolution 1" tube camera with wide choice of tubes such as SIT and ISIT.
Intergraph (UK) Ltd
Delta Business Park,
Great Western Way
Swindon SN5 7XP
Tel: 0793 619999 Tlx: Fax:
Holding Co: (91) Intergraph USA
Source Ref: IPEC 91 Catalog, Times 20/9/91, p7, Melbourne Age 14/9/95
Exhibition: IPEC 91
Export/Imports :
Age 14/9/95: Intergraph are both supplying and operating a police command and control system for the Victoria Police in Australia.
Additional Information :
Age 14/9/95 : A new command and control system being supplied to Victoria Police, Australia. By 2001, each police car is expected to have a portable personal computer. The PC will link up with the $160 million computer generated call-taking and dispatch system being tested by Intergraph. Using satellite technology every police car in Melbourne will be tracked along screens staffed by civilians. The computers will help operators decide which patrol cars to send to incidents. Thanks to a giant computer driven map of the city being compiled by Intergraph, the operators will be able to tell police all the relevant details about the address they visit. Officers will know immediately whether, for example, the owner is known to the police or if weapons are inside. Eventually it may provide plans of the house in case of sieges.
Times 20/9/91 : Command and Control systems developed by Intergraph (US). The most sophisticated police computer installed in Britain, that should play an important role in tackling inner-city riots was unveiled by the Cleveland police force. The heart of the computer is a geographic information system which, when an incident is restored, can instantly display a map showing streets, buildings and incident's location. The map also shows the locations of police vehicles and officers. Plans to link police vehicles to the system, providing more secure communications than radio and also plans to introduce a facility for tracing telephone calls. The system, developed by Intergraph and supplied to US Forces, is able to turn two dimensional plans of buildings into three dimensional drawings.
IPEC 91 : Dispatch management system (DMS) "the most advanced command & control system of its kind in the world" - chosen by Cleveland Constabulary. DMS integrates dynamic mapping into the dispatching process + relational database, also video frame grabber & geographic information system (GIS).
International Computers Ltd (ICL)
Gorton Factory,
Wenlock Way
Manchester Lancashire M12
Tel: 061 223 1301 Tlx: Fax:
Holding Co: (94) ICL Hong Kong, (94) ICL Plc, subsidiary of Fujitsu, Japan, (92) Fujitsu (80%), Northern Telecom (Canada) (20%). (91) STC PlcGroup.
Source Ref: Computer Wkly 10/8/78, SW Thesis 87, Co Info 86,87, Phil & Soc Action 12/91, Dirty Work:CIA, FIS Indonesia 91, MEN 15/4/93, Who Owns Whom 93,
Export/Imports :
SW87 - Exported computers used to automate the pass book system in South Africa.
P&SA 12/92 - 588 Computers supplied to S.Africa, Passbook computers came from Control Data Corporation (USA).
FIS 91 - Computer equipment & computers to Indonesia (10+).
Additional Information :
SW85 - Police computers.
Co Info 86 - PINS (Police Information System) for British Transport Police - powerful search facilities on 1.29 million records.
Co Info 87 - Holmes - is a computer application package for the automation of the incident room where it is used by police forces for major incidents. ICL hardware provides a portable, single incident solution for use with the CGS Holmes software.
IO Research Ltd
4 Exchange Buildings,
High Street Barnet
Hertfordshire EN5 5SY
Tel: 081 441 5700 Tlx: Fax:
Subsids : (89) see also Electronic Graphics
Source Ref: IPEC 8/89 Catalog
Exhibition: IPEC 89
Export/Imports :
IPEC 8/89 - Overseas enquiries welcome
Additional Information :
IPEC 8/89 : E-FIT Electronic Facial Identification technique - Home Office approved, Sound Psychological basis, connections to image retrieval systems
J & S Franklin Ltd
Walbrook Works,
Norlington Road
Leyton London E10 6JY
Tel: 0171 836 5746 Tlx: 897222 FRNKLN G Fax: 0171 836 2784
Holding Co: (?) J&S Franklin (Holdings and Management Services) Subsids : (?) Franklin equipment Co Ltd, Westminster Warehouses Ltd, Aldwych Supply and Procurement Ltd, Tower Bridge Technical Equipment Ltd, J&S Franklin Electronics Ltd, J&S Franklin Technology Ltd, S&R Ltd, Franklin Air Ltd, Franklin Oil Ltd.
Directors : J.B Franklin (Chr) S.M Franklin (M.D), Directors of J&S Franklin (Holdings and Management Services) : David Adrian Franklin (Exports Manager), James Burns Franklin (Chr), Marc Franklin (Exports Manager), Sydney Mark Franklin MBE (MD), Malcolm Bailey Ladell (Co Sec)
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, Co Info 87, Copex 87 Catalog, BAEE 88 Catalog, International Defence Directory 88, IDD 91, IDD 93, IDD 95, Jane's Defence Contracts 1/95, DMA List 95 Exhibition: Copex 87, BAEE 88
Export/Imports :
JDC 1/95 : 9.5 million contract to provide a package of predominantly UK equipment to the Indonesian Armed Forces for a medical battalion to be deployed in Croatia and Bosnia. The contract brought together equipment from over 50 companies: 14 Leyland 4 tonne trucks, 48 Land Rovers including 12 armoured ambulances manufactured by S. MacNellie and nine ambulances from Macclesfield Motor Bodies, radio equipment from Motorola,
Additional Information :
DMA List 95 : Tents, marquees and allied camp equipment, vehicle awnings and penthouses, sleeping bags, uniforms, camouflage nets and concealment, NBC clothing, shelters, equipment. Body armour.
IDD 95 : Batons, electronic; Riot shields; Protective clothing and shelters.
IDD 93 - Electronic Batons, Riot Shields,
Co Info 87 - Tents & camping Equipment, Uniforms & Clothing, Webbing & Personal Equipment. Miscellaneous Equipment - "We manufacture and supply a wide range of military & para-military ancillary equipment." Machetes, Nigth vision equipment - Binocular Goggles, lightweight Weapon Sights, Optical Equipment, Infra-red search light. Radio Equipment - military & civil communications equipment is supplied to suit all requirements. Lightweight man packs with voice or digital transmission: base units, vehicle sets and mobile communications equipment. We supply beacons with voice transmission for Search & Rescue operations. A range of lightweight personal radios and field telephones are available.
Keymed (Medical & Industrial Equipment) KMI
Keymed House,
Stock Road
Southend on Sea Essex SS2 5QH
Tel: 0702 616333 Tlx: 995283 Fax: 0702 465677
Holding Co: (92) Olympus
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement vol 2,10 (85), p14, Copex 86 Catalog, COPEX 91 Catalog, Co Info 12/91, FIS Indonesia 91, Co Info 1/95 Exhibition: COPEX 85, Copex 86, Copex 91
Export/Imports :
FIS Indonesia 91 : Listed as exporting "Equipment". Value between 1-10 million.
Additional Information :
ILE vol2,10 (85) : Exhibiting at Copex 85. One of the major manufacturers of fibre-optic surveillance systems. Audioscope, a system involving the use of a rigid endoscope combined with a highly sensitive microphone incorporated in its tip. Designed to enable covert surveillance to be carried out through walls.
COPEX 91 : Exhibiting the Olympus range of optical search & covert surveillance equipment. latest fiberscope & borescope kits, including CCTV workstations & body worn rummage kits. Special covert lens systems & periscopes will also be on display.
Leica UK Ltd
Davy Avenue,
Knowlhill Milton Keynes
Buckinghamshire MK5 8LB
Tel: 0908 666663 Tlx: 825475 Fax: 0908 609992
Holding Co: (90) Leica (Switzerland) ?
Source Ref: COPEX 90 Catalog, Copex 91 Catalog, Copex 92 Catalog, Copex 93, IPEC 91 Catalog, International Defence Directory 93, Co Info 10/93 Exhibition: Copex 90, Copex 91, IPEC 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
IDD 93 - Anglo Swiss Optical Co. plc (subsid of Hall & Watts) - listed as Sales consultants for special products (military) of the LEICA Co plc for the middle east & Gulf, Africa and Far East.
Additional Information :
Copex 94 : Leica is the leading producer in high quality optics. VECTOR high technology binoculars, 7x42. Leica also has a comprehensive range of night vision equipment. BIM25 pocket scope with X1 and the BIM35 with X3 as well as the new BIG25 NVGs and BIG35 Night binoculars.
IPEC 91 - BIM 25 & BIM 35 Pocketscopes, BIG 25 night vision goggles, BIG 35 night vision binoculars. Also on show a range of optical aiming devices, various reflex & telescopic sights, Elcovision - an universal 3D data acquisition system providing Photographic Post Incident Analysis.
COPEX 90 - Exhibiting RV20 Reflex sight developed for Heckler & Koch MP5 in conjunction with GSG9 (Germany) - also range of optical aiming devices - Night vision & thermal imaging devices.
Lynwood Scientific Developments Ltd
Lynwood House, The Trading Estate
Farnham Surrey GUY 9NN
Tel: 01252 734488 Tlx: 858811 Fax: 01252 734466
Holding Co: (94) NAI Technologies, Inc (USA)
Directors : (95) DB Prior (MD), (94) Bill McPherson (Director, Int'l Marketing & Sales, Military Systems Group)
Source Ref: Co Info 7/91, IPEC 4/91, Computing 23/6/94, US Defense Trade Pavilion Buyers Guide (Eurosatory 94), DMA list 95, CAAT News 8/95, p7 Exhibition: Eurosatory 94
Export/Imports :
CAAT News 8/95 : Lynwood has a contract valued at 947,000 from AWA Defence Industries (Australia) for 65 RP6000 ruggedised personal computers, 14 monitors and 28 printers.
Additional Information :
DMA List 95 : Major supplier of rugged & Tempest computers and peripherals.
Computing 6/94 : Awarded a 425,000 contract from Metropolitan Police for replacing 57 existing terminals with 486 machines as part of an overhaul of the Mets Command & Control system. Lynwood will also supply software to allow the PCs to access the mainframe based MetOPs application.
US Defense Trade Pavilion 94 : NAI Technologies is a diversified international electronics company with strengths in advanced computer system design and telecommunications. The Codar and Lynwood subsidiaries have made NAI a leading provider of rugged and Tempest computers, peripherals and integrated systems for military and Government applications.
IPEC 91 - Police Computer Systems.
Marconi Radar & Control Systems (Information Systems)
PO Box 133,
Chobham Road
Frimley, Camberley Surrey GU16 5PE
Tel: 01276 63311 Tlx: 858289 MCCS G Fax: 01276 695498
Holding Co: (95) GEC Plc Subsids : McLennan Marine ??
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, BAEE 88 Catalog, BAEE 90 Catalog, COIN 90, FIS Indonesia 91,93, JDW 26/10/91, COIN 92/3, IPEC 93 Cat, FIS Australia 93, IPEC 94 CAtalog, British Defence Equipment Catalog (BDEC) 95, DMA List 95 Exhibition: Copex 86, BAEE 88, BAEE 90, IPEC 93, IPEC 94
Export/Imports :
FIS 91 - Electronic systems & electronic communication equipment exported to Indonesia.
JDW 26/10/91 - 217 Thermal Imaging vehicle sights for Turkey's armoured infantry fighting vehicle programme.
COIN 92/3 - earlier versions of the Marconi Vistar naval day/night surveillance systems are in use in a number of Far Eastern countries.
FIS 93 - "Electronic Systems" to Indonesia. (10)
FIS Australia 93 : Marconi Space & Defence Systems Ltd, at Chobham Road site listed as exporting "radar systems, etc".
Additional Information :
DMA list 95 : Strategic & tactical command & control, battlefield message handling, artillery fire control, tank turret management and fire control, weapons control radars, long range air defence surveillance radars, naval electronics, simulation & training equipment.
BDEC 95 : Electric control systems for naval weapons and power distribution.
Naval radars for surveillance and weapon control. 1800 family of radars, Seawolf radars, 3D radars, Multi-function radar (produced in conjunction with Alenia in Italy).
IPEC 94 : STRATEX integrated communications control systems (ICCS).
IPEC 93 - GEC-Marconi Information Systems is a major supplier of Command & Control systems to the Police Forces. The company supplies both switches and information systems to the UK and Overseas Emergency Services. STRATEX is the latest state-of-the-art digital integrated communications control system (ICCS). STRATEX integrates telephone, and radio communications control room equipment and provides operators with a single console presentation, utilizing touch-screen technology. The Company is also a leading supplier of Forcewide, Integrated, Police Database Systems. These systems are developing using SSADM and PRINCE. Applications include Criminal Intelligence, Custody, Crime Recordings, ASU (Area Support Unit), Command and Control.
COIN 92/3 - HHI-8 Hand Held thermal imager. Marconi Vistar IM-405 day/night surveillance system - uses both thermal imaging & image intensification to improve the surveillance capabilities. The Marconi Lightweight Thermal Imager (TI) detects radiation naturally, the McLennan Marine Image Intensifier (II) amplifies the available light by up to 80,000 times.
JDW 26/10/91 Thermal Imaging vehicle sights.
COIN 90 - HHI-8 Hand Held Thermal Imager, Marconi Vistar IM-405 Day/Night Surveillance system.
Copex 86 : Marconi High Performance Thermal Imager HHI-8 is the answer to your security requirements, both day or night. Marconi is a major supplier of high technology equipment to UK Government.
Marconi Radar Ltd
Blackbird Road
Leicester Leicestershire LE4 0AP
Tel: 0533 623821 Tlx: 34398 MCCBRL Fax: 0533 628812
Holding Co: (92) GEC Plc
Source Ref: JDW 15/12/90, p1249, FIS South America 93
Export/Imports :
JDW 15/12/90 : Martello radar contract with Malaysia. Offset countertrade handled by Centrotrade (Austria).
FIS S. Am 93 : Listed as exporting "radar equipment" to South America.
Additional Information :
FIS S. Am 93 : Also Marconi Radar Ltd : Station Road, Addlestone, Weybridge, KT15 2PW. Tel 0932 847282. Fax 0932 824723, Tlx 262329 PLESAD.
Also listed as exporting "radar systems" to South America.
Miracles of Science
Lawford House,
Albert Place Finchley
London N3 1QA
Subsids : (92) No Hiding Place Ltd
Directors : (92) Philip Winton (Chr) other directorships : Industrial Espionage Ltd (Dissolved), No Hiding Place Ltd, Joseph Winto (Co Sec) other directorships : Industrial Espionage Ltd (appt 3/6/91), No Hiding Place (appt 9/7/91), Laurence Caine Ltd (appt 17/1/91), Wiserose Ltd (appt 15/8/91); (88) Philip Winton - Chr, Joseph Winton (Sec)
Source Ref: Gdn 10.1.88 , Co Info 88, DBGB 92
Exhibition: BAEE 88
Export/Imports :
Gdn 10/1/88 : PACIFIER 50 000 Volt Stun Gun designed in USA - imported from the Far East.
Additional Information :
Guardian article details imports from Far East of US designed PACIFIER electro -shock weapon.
Co Info 88 - Elite eavesdropper, the Informer - Miniature room bugs from Japan, plug bug 4000, Interceptor 2000, Econobug 2000 - from far East. Able to be received with ordinary FM Radio. Range up to 500ft.
Tell Tape Tap - Telephone Tapping Device, Invisible Ear System 5 - a special microphone & earpiece that can hear through walls. Bug Set System X, Bug Sniffer 8000.
Miriad International Systems Ltd
PO Box 57
Saffron Walden Essex CB10 2YS
Tel: 0799 24157 Tlx: 9312100163 =TDG Fax: 0799 513808
Directors : (90) Mike Ingham (MD)
Source Ref: COPEX 87 Catalog, Copex 88 Ctalog, Copex 90 Catalog
Exhibition: Copex 87, Copex 88, Copex 90
Export/Imports :
Copex 87 - 88 : Exports to north & south America, Europe, Middle & Far East, Australasia. Currently involved with many Governments, military and police forces, Counter Terrorists and intelligence organisations.
Links with Singapore Security Sales and Service Co
Additional Information :
Copex 88 : Suppliers of a range of security products for Police, Security and Armed Forces. Laser Fence system giving total vertical as well as long distance coverage. Also suppliers of EOD equipment, Riot Control equipment and other associated security products. Also offer complete turnkey security installations for oilrigs, buildings, underwater installations etc.
COPEX 87 : ECM Protector, Laser Spec, Explosive detectors, night vision & Covert video communications, Laser Listener - high sensitivity laser based remote conversation surveillance system - operates despite multiple glass surfaces;
Nanoquest Defence Products Ltd
Green Park Business Centre
Sutton on the Forest,
York Yorkshire YO6 1ET
Tel: 0347 811234 Tlx: Fax: 0347 811213
U. Hold Co: (93) British Aerospace Plc Holding Co: (93) Steinheil Optronik
Source Ref: Copex 92 Catalog, Co Info 7/93, Co Info 10/93, Copex 93, Copex 94 Catalog, IDEX 95 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 92, Copex 93, Copex 94, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Co Info 10/93 - "Customers in more than 20 countries worldwide"
Additional Information :
IDEX 95 : Exhibiting as part of national group (UK).
Copex 94 : Range of day and night sighting equipment. Steinheil IRIS Thermal Imager - a high performance surveillance and detection camera, ideal for night or day passive observation.
Mobile Surveillance Unit - the company has recently been successful in selling it's new Thermal Imager Mobile Surveillance Unit to a number of UK Government Agencies. These units are based on standard vehicles, usually a Land Rover or 4WD van, and contain all ancillary equipment to allow long-term, independent surveillance missions.
Co Info 10/93 - Sight laser rangefinders, L20, L30, L50.
Lightweight Artillery Sighting Systems - "this highly accurate sighting system is both robust and easy to operate. Adaptors, designed to specific customer requirements, allow easy fitting of the sight systems to guns, howitzers and multi-barrel rocket launchers. Used by Royal Ordnance for their 105mm Light Gun and VESL for their FH70 155mm Howitzer."
"Nanoquest work in close association with Royal Ordnance, GIAT and VSEL in the development of gun laying systems for the next generation of light, high performance artillery weapons."
Nanoquest was acquired in 1990 by Steinheil Optronik (Germany). Steinheil is a manufacturer and supplier of optical sighting equipment including thermal imaging equipment, gyro's, and fuel pumps for aircraft and armoured vehicles.
Co Info 7/93 - Thermal Imaging equipment for Day and Night Sight.
Pathfinder Lighting Products Ltd
Clifton Technology Park,
Wynne Avenue Clifton ,
Manchester Lancashire M27 2HB
Tel: 0161 794 8137 Tlx: Fax: 0161 794 0157
Source Ref: Co Info 9/90, Copex 89, Copex 90 Catalog, Copex 91 Catalog, Copex 93 Catalog, Co Info 2/95 Exhibition: Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, IFSEC 95
Export/Imports :
Co Info 2/95 : UK users of our Night Vision systems include many of the Police forces and the MoD. Our systems are also in use in Europe, Middle East and Asia with Police and Governmental users and are employed in a wide variety of surveillance tasks.
Copex 89 : Distributor for B.E Meyers & Co Inc - Dark Invader Nightvision
Additional Information :
Co Info 2/95 : Microwave video transmission. Telemetry, Antennas, Pre-amps, Survey TX & RX, Portable Perimeter Protection, Night Vision Devices 2nd & 3rd Gen, IR Laser Illuminators, Moving Colour Video via Telephone lines, Portable searchlights.
BE Meyers Owl Night Vision, Dark Invader.
Portable Microwave Video Link equipment for covet surveillance.
Copex 93 : Pathfinder provides a range of equipment for day or night time covert surveillance: including Night Vision equipment and related accessories, Microwave Video Transmission, cameras and lenses. 2nd & 3rd generation Night Vision devices including the OWL pocketscope.
The microwave image and sound transmission devices from Pathfiner have Home Office Type Approval, and have been supplied to many UK and overseas clients for a wide variety of covert applications.
COPEX 89 - Night vision equipment.
Pearpoint Ltd
Pearpoint House,
Woolmer Trading Estate
Bordon Hampshire GU35 9QF
Tel: 0420 489901 Tlx: 858948 PEARP G Fax: 0420 477597
Turnover : (88) 3.5 M
Source Ref: BAEE 88 Catalog, Copex 89 Catalog, COIN 90, Copex 90 Catalog, Copex 91 Catalog, COIN 92/3, Copex 93 Catalog, FIS South America 1993, Intersec 7-8/94, p266, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: BAEE 88, Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
Over 20 Countries including - Japan, USA, Australia, France, Germany.
FIS S.Am 93 : Listed as exporting "closed circuit television" to South America. Value between 1-10 million.
Additional Information :
Intersec 7-8/94 : Launched a number plate capture system combining an ultra- fast, electronically shuttered CCD camera with an infra red illuminator. The built-in infra red illuminator is invisible to the eye. The system is built to capture clear images, even from dirty number plates, and has a patented technique to eliminate image blooming and smearing effects when exposed to car headlights.
Copex 94 : Pearpoint Ltd is a solely UK owned manufacturing company specialising in the design and build of unique CCTV based camera equipment. Since formation in 1983 we have been at the forefront of UK camera design and have been providing unique solutions to both military and police users for over 10 years. Expertise ranges from the use of Miniature cameras, intensifiers and transport cameras to environmentally packaged long range surveillance equipment. At Copex we are exhibiting cameras for the following sectors, 24 hour surveillance, zero lux, transport and confined area inspection. Pearpoint is a X-listed company and holds full ISO9000 quality control status.
Copex 93 : the new P328 change over Camera provides a full colour picture under normal light conditions - and the worlds fastest automatic change to intensified image as light fails ensuring no action is missed.
For real-time traffic identification and tracking, the new P304 Number Plate Capture Camera offers highly stable low light image capture. Also the P176 premium performance compact CCD camera.
FIS South America 93 : "Closed Circuit Television". Contact Mr P. Guertler.
COIN 92/3 - P162 covert surveillance camera - P176 high res Miniature camera - has proved very suitable for surveillance applications with a number of European security forces.
COIN 90 - P176 High resolution Miniature CCD camera, P205 Intensified CCD camera, P228 Change over camera, P232 X-Y Scanning camera, P215 Colour camera.
Pilkington Optronics Ltd
Glascoed Road
St Aspah Clwyd LL17 0LL
Tel: 01745 588000 Tlx: 61430 Fax: 01745 584258
Holding Co: (93) Pilkington Plc Subsids : (88) Pilkington PE, Barr & Stroud. Pilkington EO (USA)
Directors : (95) A. Henderson
Source Ref: JDW 8/10/88, CAAT 8/12/88, p6, CAAT Newsletter 10/9/89, p5, BAEE 90 Cat, Copex 91 Catalog, DMA List 92, Copex 92 Catalog, International Defence Directory 93, Copex 93 Catalog, JDW 10/9/94, Copex 94 Catalog, Co Info 11/94, IDEX 95 Catalog, DMA list 95 Exhibition: BAEE 90, Copex 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, Farnborough 94, Copex 94, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
JDW 8/10/88 : recent joint venture with DF Vasconcellos (Brazil) to produce sighting systems.
CAAT 8/12/89 : Signed a technology transfer agreement with DF Vasconcellos to manufacture weapon sights and night vision equipment in Brazil.
CAAT 10/9/89 : Quantity of surveillance version of Kite weaponsight to New Zealand.
IDD 93 - Agent in Thailand is SAPAC International Co Ltd.
Co Info 11/94 : KITE individual weapon sight is in service with the British Armed Forces and with over 40 overseas Military and Security organisations.
Additional Information :
DMA list 95 : Optical & electro-optical systems.
Co Info 11/94 : Maxi Kite individual weapon sight. The sight can be fitted/supplied with a suitable graticule to fully interface with a weapons ballistic capabilities. The sight is particularly suited for use on Sniper rifles, Heavy machine guns and Shoulder launched/crew served anti-tank weapons. KITE individual weapon sight. KOS (Kite Observation Sight) and MAXIKOS (Maxi-Kite Observation Sight) are the observation only variants of the weapon sights. BINOKITE Night vision binoculars, 2nd or 3rd Generation night sights. JAY Night vision goggles.
Copex 94 : One of the world's leading optical equipment companies with sites in St. Asaph, Wales, Glasgow in Scotland (Barr & Stroud), and overseas offices on the East & West coasts of the USA.
Copex 93 : Pilkington Optronics employs some 1,400 people with a turnover in excess of 85 million pounds. Pilkington Optronics design, develop and manufacture a range of state of the art image intensified sights for surveillance and weapon aiming. The present range of products has been developed to meet the demanding requirements of today's military forces throughout the world. Pilkington Optronics are the UK's premier supplier of Optronic equipment to the UK MoD.
JDW 8/10/88 : Pilkington Optronics encompasses the activities of Pilkington PE, St Asalph, Wales and Barr & Stroud, Glasgow. While Pilkington Optronics only contributes 5% to the total sales of the parent company, in its own specialist areas of sighting systems, thermal imaging equipment and periscopes the company is a major player.
Pilkington PE Ltd
Glascoed Road
St. Asaph Clwyd LL17 0LL
Tel: 0745 583301 Tlx: 61430 PPE G Fax: 0745 584258
Holding Co: Wholly owned subsidiary of Pilkington Brothers plc
Source Ref: CAAT 13/8/87, p5, CAAT 15/10/87, p4, BAEE 88 Catalog, JDW 9/9/89, p451, COIN 90, Co Info 9/93, FIS China 1993, FIS Taiwan 93, FIS South Korea 93, FIS Australia 93, FIS Singapore 93, Defense News 2/8/93, p12, FIS Turkey 94 Exhibition: BAEE 88
Export/Imports :
CAAT 13/8/87 : Undisclosed Far Eastern country - contract for weapon sights.
CAAT 15/10/87 : Order for 1 million from Denmark for several hundred KITE individual night vision sights.
JDW 9/9/89 : SIG have selected the Pilkington PE Kite MkIV night vision sight for the new SIG 200 SG-550 5.56mm sniper rifles for the Swiss MoD.
FIS China 93 : Listed as exporting "optical glass, etc" to China. Valued at between 1-10 million. Contact Mr W. Searle.
FIS Taiwan 93 : Listed as exporting "optical glass, etc" to Taiwan. Value between 1-10 million. Contact Mr W Searle.
FIS South Korea 93 : Listed as exporting "optical glass, etc". Value between 1 -10 million. Contact Mr W Searle.
FIS Australia 93 : "optical glass, etc". Value between 1-10 million. Contact Mr W Searle.
COIN 90 - Nova Night vision goggles, Eagle Long range night surveillance, Sabre Security systems - barbed steel tape encasing a fibre optic cable, Kite individual weapon sight, laser target indicator.
Co Info 9/93 - Passive night vision devices. KOS Kite Observation Sight, MaxiKos - Maxi-Kite Observation Sight
Defense News 2/8/93 : Pilkington (UK), plans to sell 50% of Pilkinngton Optronics, its defense arm, according to defense sources. Thomson CSF (France) also owns a 50% stake in Pilkington Optronics, which consists of Pilkington PE (UK) and Barr and Stroud (UK). Pilkington PE makes night vision systems amongst other military equipment. Barr and Stroud is best known for making submarine periscope systems and military thermal imaging equipment. Pilkington denies it plans to sell the defense arm.
Defense News 28/2/94 : Alenia SpA wins contract for Thermal Camera work. The program is part of the European Long-Term Cooperation in Defense (EUCLID) effort. Alenia are responsible for developing the camera's sensor which is based on a new chip. Teamed with Alenia are Thomson-CSF, Pilkington and Carl Zeiss.
PK Electronic International Ltd
Neville House,
55 Eden Street Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 1BW
Tel: 0181 541 5211 Tlx: 262 858 PKINT G Fax: 0181 541 5624
Holding Co: (91) MIL Electronics Company Establishment (Leichenstein)
Directors : (92) Derek Alan Myers (appt 2/90), Loutern Nelson (Juthornstrasses 84, 200 Hamburg), also Director of Personal Protection Products Ltd, Timothy John Mason, (Previous Director Paul Nigel Welch (1985 -89)
Source Ref: Copex 87 Catalog, Co Info Sheets, Copex 88 Catalog, PK Press Release 22/8/88, International Defence Directory 91 , Co Info 9/7/91, Co Info 6/92, Copex 92 Catalog, Co Info Sheet 1/93, Copex Miami 93 Catalog, IDD 93, Copex 93, Copex 94 Catalog, Securex 94 (S. Africa) Catalog, Securex 95 (S. Africa) Info 12/94, IDD 95, Co Info 3/95 Exhibition: Copex 87, Copex 88, Copex 90, IPEC 92, Copex 92, Copex Miami 93, Copex 93, Copex 94, Securex 95 (S. Africa)
Securex 94 : South Africa representative for PK Electronics is Night Vision Optics.
Offices in Hamburg (Germany), New York (USA) and London (UK).
Co Info 6/92 : PK products received by intelligence, police and army departments of more than 40 countries throughout the world.
Additional Information :
Co Info 3/95 : PK-115-D Digital Monitoring system is the latest generation of "state of the art" recording systems. Provides facilities to monitor all forms of communication ; voice, fax, modem, radio communication or data. Offers instant target information.
PK 115-SS Cellular Telephone monitoring system - due to the increased use of cellular telephones by criminals and subversive groups, it has become necessary to provide a system which will effectively lock onto and intercept these calls. PK 115-SS consists of a number of standard models that can be configured. Provides from a min 4 channel to 40 channel system for national network monitoring - provides scanning of all cell site control channels, automatic search for mobile conversations by mobile telephone number or by called number.
PK 2115 Telex Monitoring system, PK 4555 Day & Night camera, PK 5190 Video camera in a Cassette/Radio, PK 825 Quartz 3 Channel receiver, PK 855 Professional RF Detector, PK 1015-SS Professional Receiver, PK 5125-S Pocket CCD Camera with TX/RX : designed for high risk surveillance operations, PK 1405-S Remote controlled Miniature mains powered transmitter available in VHF, UHF or SHF, PK 370 Night vision video camera.
IDD 95 : Design ,development and manufacture of professional electronic intelligence gathering and security equipment. Procurement services & specialist training courses. Representing PK Electronic International group of companies. Batons, electronic; Riot Shields; Sprays / Dispensers, anti-riot; Water cannons; Explosives / weapon search equipment; Police & Gendarmerie equipment; Fingerprinting equipment; Surveillance & identification systems; surveillance & identification systems, TV;
Copex 94 : New range of surveillance and counter surveillance equipment ,together with its new monitoring and interception systems for telephone, facsimile, data, cellular and pager networks. PK Electronic International offers a wide range of equipment and services specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients.
IDD 93 - Electronic Batons, Riot Shields, anti-riot sprays / dispensers and aerosols, water cannons, explosives / weapons search equipment, explosives disposal equipment, Fingerprinting equipment, surveillance & identification systems,
Copex 93 : The leading supplier of electronic security equipment to governments, Law Enforcement Agencies and Military users worldwide is exhibiting it's latest range of surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment, together with its new monitoring and intercept systems for the facsimile, cellular and pager networks. PK Electronic International offers a wide range of equipment and services specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. In addition to manufacturing specialist equipment, we can also offer Research & development, Training, Consultancy and Procurement Services.
Co Info 93 - PK 100 Telephone Analyser, Used to record calls from monitored phone lines. PK 855 Professional RF Detector, PK 1220 Telephone Tapping Detector, PK 015 Relay Detector, PK 6675 Telephone Line Guard, PK 195 Digital Voice Changer, PK 870 Miniature Transmitter Detector, PK 695 Tape Recorder Jamming Generator, PK 240S Multi purpose module transmitter. PK1015 Professional Surveillance Receiver, PK 1950 SS Digital (Non Tape) Recorder, PK 845 Telephone Probe "The Extractor", PK 5125 Monochrome Miniature CCD Camera, PK 5190 Video Camera Built into Radio recorder. PK 1780 Video car Aerial Surveillance System, PK 4555 Day & Night Vision Laser Camera, PK 370 Night Vision Camcorder, Training and consultancy offered on the following areas : Surveillance Techniques, Electronic Tactical Surveillance, Strategic Counter Surveillance, Covert Entry Techniques, Telecommunications Monitoring, Secure Communications networks, Software applications, Optical Day & Night Surveillance, Static & Mobile video observation, Tracking & location. PK also offer project engineering for governments, national intelligence headquarters, securing embassies, to "Nationwide network monitoring of telephone exchanges.
" No 1 Government supplier of surveillance technology". Telephone , Telefax, Telex Monitoring Systems. PK 115-S Computerized telephone monitoring system, PK 1115 Fax-Scan - Telefax Monitoring System, PK 2115 Telex-Watch - Telex Monitoring System, Magsearch.
Links with MIL Electronics - PK used to be based at 47 Upper Grosvenor, Mayfair - Now Address of MIL Electronics.
Co Info 6/92 : PK 140-S FM Telephone transmitter, PK 125-S Telephone and room monitoring transmitter, PK 215-S Mains transmitter Module
Co Info Sheet 9/7/91 - PK 855 RF Multi Room Detector System.
Copex 87 : "The world's leading manufacturer and supplier of high level, covert security and surveillance equipment". On display : Micro transmitters, receivers, scramblers, telephone analysers, night vision, covert/overt video surveillance systems, anti-riot material.
Pyser - SGI Ltd (Security Products)
Fircroft Way
Edenbridge Kent TN8 6HA
Tel: 01732 864111 Tlx: 95527 OPTSLS-G Fax: 01732 865544
Holding Co: (92) Pyser (Holdings) Group
Source Ref: Copex 92 Catalog, Eurosatory 92 Catalog, Co Info 11/92, Co Info 12/92, FIS Exports List - Indonesia 93, Copex 93 Catalog, FIS Malaysia 93, FIS Singapore 93, FIS Saudi Arabia 94, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 92, Eurosatory 92, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
Co Info 11/92 - Distributers of Fujinon nightscopes.
FIS 93 - "Scientific instruments" to Indonesia. Value between 1-10 million. Contact Mr C.Kingdom
FIS Malaysia 93 : "scientific instruments" to Malaysia. Value between 1-10 million. Contact Mr C Kingdon
FIS Singapore 93 : "scientific instruments". Value between 1-10 million.
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : "scientific instruments". Value between 1-10 Million.
Additional Information :
Copex 94 : Night vision equipment, the new Pathfinder range of military specification binoculars are introduced for the first time at Copex.
FIS 93 - "Scientific Instruments" Listed as Francis Barker Division. Mr C. Kingdom (0732 862751).
Copex 93 : Night vision equipment. New products now available include : A new adaptor for the Fujinon Nightscope allowing fitting to any SLR or CCD camera. The Fujinon gyro-stabilised binoculars (day or night) are available to test.
Co Info 11/92 - Fujinon Day & Night Stabiscope Model S10x40 D/N, Fujinon Nightscope Model PS-910.
Racal Electronics plc - Group Headquarters
Western Road
Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1RG
Tel: 01 344 483244 Tlx: 848497 Fax: 01 344 481367
Holding Co: Parent Company Subsids : (94) Racal Acoustics, Racal Antennas, Racal Avionics, Racal Communications Systems Ltd, Racal Comsec, Racal Engineering, Racal Group Services, Racal Instruments, Racal Positioning Systems, Racal Properties, Racal Radar Defence Systems, Racal Recorders, Racal Research, Racal Survey, Racal Training Services (86) Racal Messenger Ltd, Racal Recorders Ltd, Racal-Chubb Ltd, (86) In 1978 sold Racal South Africa interests to Grinaker Electronics (South Africa).
Turnover : (93) 1,273 M
Directors : (94) Sir Ernest T Harrison (Chr), DC Elsbury, Sir EB Ashmore, BJ Clarke, JE Coates, RV Holley, IM KAye, DJ Peacock, MR Richardson GA Whent, D Whittaker, A Wood.
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, Key British Enterprises 94, Copex 94 Catalog, Co Info 10/95 (Cambridge Neurodynamics) Exhibition: Copex 86, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
CAAT 8/12/88 : Racal to supply an advanced electronic warfare system package for 35 million.
KBE 94 : Markets listed as Africa, USA, S&SE Asia, Australia, W Europe
Additional Information :
Co Info 10/95 Defence, Security and Safety. CNL has completed development of its automatic number plate reader. Designed to ease detection and recovery of stolen or untaxed vehicles and to facilitate access control and road toll collection, the system is already in use by the Ministry of Defence (UK) and Racal. KBE 94 : Data Communications, radio communications, marine and energy, defence radar and avionics, fire and physical security, network services.
Employees : Group 23,144
Copex 94 : Displaying elements of the Cougar communications system now in service in over 30 countries. Racal-Comsec will have the CLASSIC system on display that has been used most effectively for a wide variety of applications including border surveillance and anti-drug smuggling.
Racal Messenger is displaying the TALON Automatic Licence Plate Recognition System that has excited considerable interest since its launch in April 94. Racal Recorders will be showing products from its world leading range of communications logging recorders, including the recently launched Rapidax Ranger Tactical Surveillance recorder. All products are fully supported by a world-wide network of sales and customer support centres.
Copex 86 : The Racal Electronic Group of companies make security a priority, providing advanced security systems for everything from domestic to military markets. Courgarnet secure radio communications network.
Racal Radio Ltd
PO Box 112 ,
472 Basingstoke Road
Reading Berkshire RG2 0QF
Tel: 0734 875181 Tlx: 848011 Fax: 0734 866014
Source Ref: COPEX 90 Catalog, JDW 19/1/91, p91, Copex 91 Catalog, Copex 92 Catalog, Copex 93 Catalog, Intersec 7-8/94, p271, Janes Defence Contracts 7/94, p9/10, Copex 94 Catalog, Intersec 2/95, p76, Jane's Defence Contracts 2/95, p10, British Defence Equipment Catalog (BDEC) 95, IDEX 95 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, Copex 94, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Intersec 2/95 : Racal Radio have announced two orders from the Bolivian Armed Forces for Syncal 2000 tactical HF communications systems for use in military and anti-narcotics drives. For immediate delivery, the manpack versions of the digital PRM4790 family form part of an on-going relationship with the Bolivian Armed Forces over the last 10 years.
JDC 2/95 : Undisclosed amount for the supply of Syncal 2000 tactical HF communications systems to Bolivian Armed Forces. The British Home Office overseas drug related assistance programme has funded some elements of the contract. Racal Radio has played a role in the assistance programme for over 5 years.
JDC 2/95 : 30 million (+47 million+) from Central European Govt to supply the latest manpack and vehicle mounted military tactical radios from the Panther radio family, as well as surveillance and direction finding equipment. The contract also covers a local manufacturing agreement, with local companies undertaking production and servicing with effect from 1996.
JDC 7/94 : Unspecified South American Countries. Contract for 25 million for high-frequency direction finding equipment, and a wide range of tactical radio equipment for both manpack and vehicular use, along with logistic support.
JDW 19/1/91 : 2.2 million contract with unnamed Middle East customer for Tactical Area Communications network (TACNET) systems.
Additional Information :
BDEC 95 : Simulator for communications and electronic warfare.
Tactical radio systems - HF and VHF manpacks, mobile and base stations. PRM 4790 - HF Tranceiver, VRQ 319/BCC 39 HF transceiver, PRM 4700A tactical VHF/FM transceiver, PRM 4720A tactical CHF/FM personal transceiver,
Tactical radio systems for frequency hopping and special forces networks - Jaguar-V VHF/FM transceiver operates in the freq range 30-88 MHz and offers electronic counter-counter measures (ECCM) and is operational with many defence forces throughout the world.
Jaguar-U UHF AM/FM transceiver, Caracal - lightweight and compact VHF/FM transceiver - both narrow and wideband hopping are available, includes digital encryption facilities.
Cougarnet : is a completely integrated communications system designed for police, security and special forces. Provides a totally secure FM radio communications system based on a VHF/UHF personal radio. A cougarnet system can be assembled from a number of standard modules.
Intersec 7-8/94 : Racal Radio have released Talon, an automatic number plate recognition system based on a new generation of pattern recognition techniques using neural network technology. It is designed to read number plates by day or night, in a wide range of environmental conditions, it has applications from simple access control to city centre security, border surveillance and road traffic monitoring.
Copex 93 : COURGARNET system provides robust and waterproof VHF/UHF overt and covert communications.
COPEX 90 - Cougarnet - An Encrypted area communication system - specially designed for use with paramilitary, police & special forces.
Racal Recorders Ltd
Hardley Industrial Estate
Hythe, Southampton Hampshire SO4 6ZH
Tel: 0703 843265 Tlx: 47600 Fax: 0703 848919
Holding Co: (92) Racal Electronics Group
Turnover : (93) 27.4M
Directors : (94) MR Richardson (Chr), DA Poole, GRD Butler, MJ Land, A Miles,
BW Titheridge, D Whittaker (Co Sec)
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, IPEC 91 Catalog, Co Info 4/92, International Defence Directory 93, Copex 93 Catalog, Key British Enterprises 94, Copex 94 Catalog Exhibition: Copex 86, IPEC 91, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
IDD 93 - Agents in Venezuela are Michel Frochut Representaciones Industria.
KBE 94 : Markets listed as : W Europe, Canada, S America, S&SE Asia, Australasia, Africa, USA. Branches in : Cologne, Germany, Irvine,California (USA).
Additional Information :
Copex 86 : 2 Channel ruggedised SR108/AU109 combination cassette recorders, designed for communications recording in tactical situations.
IPEC 91 - Communications recorders - Including wordsafe - a 32 Channel Voice Logger with 27 hours continuous recording on a single VHS cassette - also Rapidax - rapid access, multichannel Disc based voice logger with 70 hours voice storage capacity.
Co Info 4/92 - Wordsafe VHS cassette voice logging recorder.
Copex 93 : Showing a range of communications recorders, for use in monitoring of incoming calls.
KBE 94 : Manufacturers of instrumentation and communication recording equipment and distributors of voice processing equipment. Trade Names : Storehorse, Store Range, V-Store, ICR, Elfin, Wordsafe, Rapidax, Callmaster.
Radamec Defence Systems Ltd
Bridge Road
Chertsey Surrey KT16 8LJ
Tel: 0932 561181 Tlx: 929945 Fax: 0932 568775
Holding Co: (95) Radamec Group Plc, (94) Radamec Group Plc Subsids : (95) Radamec EPO Ltd
Sharehldgs: (95) Vivian Gray Nominees on behalf of AP Moller Tankers and Liners and Associates (3,815,686) 20.68%, Commercial Union Life Assurance Company Ltd (758,686) 4.11%. LB Whittaker (9,240,000), AW Whitaker (non beneficial 2,531,667), AW Whittaker (beneficial, 67,000), Admiral Sir Peter Herbert (3,000), AJ Straker (20,000), FSN Faulkner (48,840), LP Moore (5,000), JS Dobson (0) Turnover : (93) 10.2M
Directors : (95) Radamec Group : LB Whittaker (Chr &Chief Exec), MJ Wolfe, JS Dobson, LP Moore, AJ Straker, AW Whittaker (*), Admiral Sir Peter Herbert (*), FSN Faulkner (*), (*) Non-Exec Directors, (94) LB Whittaker, FSN Falkner, Sir Peter Herbert, LP Moore, AJ Straker, AW Whittaker, MJ Wolfe.
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, BAEE 88 Catalog, Key British Enterprises 94, Jane's Defence Contracts 7/94, p11, 15, British Defence Equipment Catalog (BDEC) 95, p62-3, IDEX 95 Catalog, Jane's Defence Contracts (JDC) 1/95, JDC 2/95, p13, Radamec Group Plc Annual Report 9/95,
Exhibition: Copex 86, BAEE 88, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Annual Report 95 : New business included :
1) Naval Electro-Optical Gun fire control for the Indian Coastguard's new Offshore Patrol Vessels.
2) Charge Coupled Device 1000 Pixel High Resolution Daylight Television Cameras sold to a major Canadian defence company for a new Reconnaissance Vehicle Surveillance System selected by the Canadian Army.
3) Lightweight, high performance, man portable day/night surveillance systems for Army and para-military use recently sold to the forces of the United Arab Emirates.
4) Stabilised Radar Pedestals developed for deployment in Arctic waters and supplied to a Scandinavian Navy by Ericsson of Sweden.
Photo Caption : 2400 Electro-optical Fire Control Director fitted with IR Camera, TV Camera and laser rangefinder undergoing final test prior to delivery to Royal Malaysian Navy.
The company's System 1000L lightweight high performance land-based surveillance system has been sold to a Middle Eastern country during the year and the programme of overseas field trials continues to promote the system to military and para-military customers. A vehicle mounted system featured prominently in the desert demonstrations at the prestigious IDEX Defence Exhibition held in Abu Dhabi in March 1995.
Other activities included : Work for British Aerospace (Rapier Missile System), Marconi (Video Systems), MoD (UK) (Surveillance Systems), Samsung Korea (Electronic Tracking Systems), Finnish Navy (Fire Control Systems)
JDC 2/95 : 3 million from Bharet Electronics (India) to supply four System 2400 Electro-Optical fire control systems to be installed on offshore patrol vessels of the Indian Coastguard where they will each control an Oto Melara 76mm gun.
JDC 1/95 : Approx 4 million contract from Computing Devices of Canada to supply high resolution surveillance cameras. Production will run through to beginning of 1997.
KBE 94 : Markets listed as : W. Europe, Middle East, Far East, USA
JDC 7/94 : Contract for 200,000 from unspecified Middle Eastern customer for System 1000 day and night electro opticval surveillance systems.
JDC 7/94 : Contract for 250,000 from Korean Navy for a naval electro-optical tracking system
JDC 7/94 : Contract for 3.6 million from unspecified Canadian Prime Contractor for High resolution military surveillance equipment.
Additional Information :
Annual Report 95 : Vehicle mounted 1000L Electro-Optical Surveillance System fitted to a Land Rover Discovery. For Military and paramilitary use.
BDEC 95 : Close range missile systems for naval vessels. SR-2000 system. Electro-optical systems for fire control and surveillance. Series 2000, 2400 model electro-optical director with thermal imager, TV camera and laser rangefinder. System 1000 stabilised director with thermal imager and TV camera.
KBE 94 : Holding company (Radamec Group) engaged as manufacturers of mechanical and electronic defence and communications equipment and machinery these include gun fire control systems, tracking and surveillance systems and television studio remote camera control systems.
Copex 86 : Radamec EPO will be exhibiting the HK422 high speed reaction pan and tilt head designed for CCD CCTV camera applications.
Remsdaq Ltd
Parkway, Deeside Industrial Park
Deeside Clwyd CH5 2NN
Tel: 0244 288031 Tlx: 61294 remdaq g Fax: 0244 280989
Source Ref: IDD 93, Intersec 7-8/93, p115, Co Info 2/94
Export/Imports :
Intersec 7-8/93 - Remsdaq have been commissioned by the Norwegian Defence Communications & Data Administration (NODECA) to provide a mutli site security system covering a number of key locations throughout Norway.
Co Info 2/94 : Currently government applications references are available on a "need to know" basis in the UK, Germany, Australia, USA, France, Belgium and Italy, and tests ate in progress or under assessment in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.
Additional Information :
IDD 93 - Fingerprint Recognition equipment. Supplies integrated security systems : mobilising systems, supervisory control (SCADA), building management, communication & network management to Governments, International Military agencies etc.
Intersec 7-8/93 - Multi-site security system, based on the Remsdaq Star Watch, The system includes access control, CCTV, Intrusion Detection and Alarm management.
Co Info 2/94 : Sabre (Tm) Perimeter Systems, Sabrefonic fibre optic security product, Sabreline. Sabretape (Tm) is Remsdaq unique and leading fibre-optic perimeter system, specified by the UK MoD and applied in high security Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) across the world. Optimesh & Aquamesh.
Rimfire International Ltd
22 South Audley Street
Mayfair London W1Y 6ES
Tel: 071 499 9252 Tlx: Fax: 071 493 5037
Turnover : (92) 1,716,402 (UK)
Source Ref: JDW 9/11/91 , ODA 5/92, Co House Microfiche 1/94
Export/Imports :
ODA 5/92 - Contract with ODA to clear mines from Somalia. (Subject of Channel 4 TV programme - see video.)
Additional Information :
11/5/90 Co Records : 3a) The objects for what the Company is incorporated i) Insurance agents..
ii) Security Consultants, advisors, dealers & experts in all security matters, to undertake installation, manufacturer, production, import and export, sale & design of all forms of security devices, alarm & protection systems, including undertaking surveillance, personal security protection & to provide security systems, devices, guards & other methods of prevention & deterrents of crime or criminal factors & any related equipment.
JDW 9/11/91 - Specialised training & operations in Security (SP21) Division - EOD clearance, Land & Sea, Body guard & VIP protection, Counter terrorism, Surveillance / Anti Surveillance, Countryguard Division - Rural Surveillance, Estate Protection, Concession & Agency Management Div, Procurement of all equipment & services for the security industry.
S & D Security Equipment Ltd (SDSE)
45 Lower Belgrave Street
London SW1W 0LS
Tel: 0171 730 8105 Tlx: 23768 SDSE G Fax: 0171 730 4747
Subsids : (91) Pulse Technology ?
Directors : (95) Lt Col. JM Gaff (MD), (91) R.Newing (M.D) S.E Dutton, J.M Gaff
Source Ref: Police Review 8/2/80, p281, Copex 86 Catalog, BAEE 88 Catalog,Copex 88 Catalog, British Defence Equipment Catalog 89, p296-7, Copex 89 Catalog, Copex 91 Catalog, Co Info 11/91, FIS Thailand 93, Copex 93 Catalog, FIS Taiwan 93, FIS Malaysia 93, FIS Australia 93, FIS Saudi Arabia 94, Copex 94 Catalog, DMA List 95 Exhibition: Copex 86, BAEE 88, Copex 88, Copex 89, Copex 90, Copex 91, Copex 92, Copex 93, Copex 94
Export/Imports :
FIS 93 - "anti-terrorist equipment" to Thailand. Value between 1-10 million. Contact Col J.M Gaff.
FIS Taiwan 93 : Listed as exporting "anti-terrorist equip" to Taiwan. Value between 1-10 million. Contact Col JM Gaff.
FIS Malaysia 93 : "anti-terrorist equip" to Malaysia. Value between 1-10 million.
FIS Australia 93 : "anti-terrorist equip". Value between 1-10 million.
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : "anti-terrorist equipment". Value between 1-10 million. Contact Col J.M Gaff.
Additional Information :
DMA List 95 : Provision of anti-terrorist advice and specialised anti- terrorist equipment. Technical support available 24 hours.
Copex 94 : SDS(E) is an acknowledged leader in the field of Anti-Terrorism, has been providing equipment, advice and training to Military, Customs, Police and other Security Forces throughout the World for more than 18 years.
FIS 93 - Anti-terrorist equipment
Copex 93 : Offers a comprehensive range of equipment for the security of commercial, private and official establishments. Wide range of specialist search equipment as well as a range of standard security items. SDSE (E) supplies complete packages of equipment together with the associated training, and offers a comprehensive training and advisory service covering the setup, command, control and operation of Search (EOR) and Bomb Disposal (EOD/IEDD) organisations.
New products include the improved version of the SEARCHER Drugs & Explosives detectors, the MD4 Metal and Mine Detectort, the new military Hand Held Metal Detector HD6 and a range of torches designed specifically for Police Use.
COPEX 90 - Explosives & metal detectors, Night vision equipment, searcher, inspector portable x0-ray generator, Scanna LP 9000M Letter bomb detector, Electronic Letter Bomb detectors, HED Explosives detector L3A1 , PD-4C Explosives Detector, Disruptor model 1870.
BDEC 89 : MD2000 metal detection system, EOD stethoscope, Disruptor Model 1870, Searcher - hand held detector, PDS explosives detector, HED explosives detector L3A1, RDK military wire and cable detector.
Police Review 8/2/80 - listed under heading of fencing (electric).
SD-Scicon UK Ltd
1-3 Bartley Way,
Bartley Wood Hook Hampshire RG27 9XA
Tel: 0256 742000 Tlx: Fax: 0256 742700
Holding Co: (93) SD Scicon Plc, subsidiary of General Motors, (91) Electronic Data Systems (USA), (79) BP (UK), Subsids : (93) Scicon International Systems Co Inc (USA), Systems Control Technology (USA), Systems Designers Software Inc (USA), (91) GPI Group (France), US Scicon Group,
Turnover : (90) 250M
Source Ref: New Statesman 23/3/79, SW Thesis 87, IPEC 91 - Co Info, JDW 8/6/91, p982, Who Owns Whom 93 Exhibition: IPEC 91
Export/Imports :
NS 23/3/79 : Export of computing system to Saudi Arabia for use by General Intelligence Department.
JDW 8/6/91 : Undisclosed amount from France for the THOR Torpedo engagement simulation system used to evaluate underwater weapons and countermeasure systems.
Additional Information :
NS 23/3/79 : Scientific Control Systems (Scicon) signed contract with GID (General Intelligence Department) in Saudi Arabia to provide computer systems that would provide Surveillance lists and "Black Lists" of foreign and Saudi citizens, and take appropriate "executive action" including harassment, arrest, covert surveillance and interrogation.
SW 87 : Police Computers
IPEC 91 : Police Information Management Systems - Typical police applications are : Crime - Crime Reports, Criminal Information, Facial Records, Fingerprint Records, HOLMES Successor. Operations - Command & Control, Custody Suite, Message Handling, Public Order Management, Road Traffic Accidents. Administration - Aliens, Electronic Mail, Firearms & Shotguns, Fixed Penalty, Internal Finance. Personnel - Police Personnel Records, Pensioners Records, Civilian Personnel Records, Special Constabulary Records.
Digital Mapping and Terrain Analysis
Online crime information systems.
Security and Defence Marketing Services Ltd (SDMS)
365 Fulham Road
Chelsea London SW10 9TJ
Tel: 0171 376 4091 Tlx: 8954111 REPLAY Fax: 0171 589 4966
Directors : (95) DJ Knights (MD), (91) Peter J.D. Johnson OBE, D.J Knights, R.H.A. Knights.Source Ref: ISR 10/90, Cat 11/91, Law Enforcement Product News 7 8/93, DMA List 95
Export/Imports :
Co Info 91 - Provide a "Complete Security" service - also training for EOD, VIP Protection, Hostage Retrieval, Anti-Terrorist methods & for certain governments, surveillance & intelligence gathering techniques.
Additional Information :
DMA list 95 : Specialist security equipment for explosive ordnance search & disposal, police, special forces, surveillance , counter-surveillace, personal and property protection, plus associated training services.
LEPN 7-8/93 - GEM2 Micro 'Bug' Audio transmitter system. The new GEM2 has been developed in the UK and provides a high quality solution for audio surveillance. The crystal-controlled equipment is now in use with government security organisations worldwide and can be supplied with adaptors for use in a room, on a body, in a vehicle or for use with a telephone.
Catalog 91 - Counter Terrorist Training, Special Forces Ranges, Silencers for most handguns.
ISR 10/90 - Personal Protection, property protection, search - explosives & drugs, surveillance & counter-surveillance, Training - Comprehensive selection of the highest quality anti-terrorist equipment worldwide.
Security Systems International
The Mill House
West Wratting,
Nr Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 5LT
Tel: -220 29 223 Tlx: 817341 SSI Camb Fax:
Holding Co: Security Systems International (IoM)
Directors : (77) J.G McKechnie, JM Callin, A. Hill
Source Ref: World in Action "Inside Idi Amin's Terror Machine 13/6/79 , Harriman 1979, Gdn 31/10/78
Export/Imports :
Supplied Security Equipment to State Research Centre, Uganda - Also involved a Swiss Firm of the same name.
P&SA 12/91 - Supplied Nightvision Equipment & Telephone Tapping equipment to Idi Amin, also former employee negotiated a computerised fingerprint system..?
Additional Information :
London Office Tel 01 584 5716 Tlx 24224 London
Co Info - Micro Scrambler Model 3001, Counter Espionage Equipment ECM System 15 - Countermeasure System Component Units : System 15 Countermeasure Manual & Operating Instructions, CM-212 Countermeasures Amplifier, CM-220A Metal Detector, CM-230 Sweep Signal Generator, CM-340 Telephone Analyser, CM-250 Radiated RF Detector, CM-280 Control Device, CM-280D AM/FM Receiver.
SSI Systems Engineering approach to selling Security to Government & Industry - a few of the components we have integrated into total systems are :
Airport Security Personnel inspection systems X-Ray baggage inspection systems Bomb & Explosives detectors Perimeter Security
Secure Communications Systems Voice Scramblers Data & Telex Scramblers Facsimile Scramblers Totally secure networks
Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures Countermeasure surveys Personnel Training
Perimeter Security Systems Active & passive systems, overt and covert Magnetic, pressure, seismic, acoustic, RF, thermal detectors, Personnel radars, optical imaging/viewing/recording Penalty systems, such as photographic,low light level viewing, handheld and remote Alarms, physical reaction systems
Communications Monitoring & Direction Finding Networks Illicit radio transmitter location systems fixed and mobile Selected spectrum and broad band coverage Equipment design provides rapid operator response
Miscellaneous Bullet resistant clothing and materials ID & fingerprint equipment Government security supplies Monitoring equipment Police equipment
P&SA 12/91 - Nightvision Equipment, Telephone tapping equipment - (Fingerprint Recognition Equipment).
Siemens Plessey Controls Ltd (Traffic Division)
Sopers Lane
Poole Dorset BH17 7ER
Tel: 0202 675161 Tlx: 41272 PLESPL G Fax: 0202 782435
Holding Co: (92) Siemens Plc
Source Ref: Co Info ,Gdn 1/9/89, Traffic Eng & Control 4/93, FIS South America 1993, FIS China 1993, FIS Australia 93, FIS Saudi Arabia 94 Exhibition:
Export/Imports :
Gdn 1/9/89 - Middle East contract for SCOOT - Road Traffic Control System - Bahrain.
Traffic Eng Advert 4/93 - SCOOT system used in Toronto, Bahrain, Peking, Santiago (Chile).
FIS China 93 : Listed as exporting "control equip & systems" to China. Valued at between 1-10 million. Contact Ms J Elliot.
FIS S.Am 93 : Listed as exporting "control equip & systems" to South America. Value between 1-10 million.
FIS Australia 93 : "Control equipment & systems"
FIS Saudi Arabia 94 : "control equip. & systems". Value between 1-10 million.
Additional Information :
Universal Mobile Communications Terminal - Model 9031, Mobile Data Communication systems.
Gdn 1/9/89 - Middle East contract for the Plessey SCOOT system - Bahrain Road Traffic Control System (SCOOT - Split Cycletime Offset Optimisation Technique)
See also GEC Traffic Automation & details about SCOOT and Beijing - Tiannamen Square. PELCO cameras.
Siemens Plessey Defence Systems Ltd
Vicarage Lane
Ilford Essex IG1 4AQ
Tel: 081 478 3040 Tlx: 897971 PLESSY Fax: 081 553 8899
Holding Co: (93) Siemens Plc, (88) Plessey Company Plc
Source Ref: Copex 86 Catalog, CAAT 16/4/87, p4, CAAT 9/6/88, p5, BAEE 88 Catalog, JDW 30/4/88, JDW 9/89, Int'l Defence Equipment Catalog 88/9, p704-5, FIS South America 1993, FIS Australia 93, JDW 10/9/94, British Defence Equipment Catalog (BDEC) 95, Jane's Defence Contracts 2/95 p10, Exhibition: Copex 86, BAEE 88, RNEE 89, Farnborough 94
Export/Imports :
JDC 2/95 : 12.5 million contract from undisclosed Southern African country for the supply of HF tactical radios. The radios will be completely assembled in territory from parts manufactured locally, supplied by kits of components supplied from the UK.
FIS South America 93 : Listed as exporting "communications equipment" to South America. Value greater than 10 million.
FIS Australia 93 : "communications equipment". Value greater than 10 million.
IDEC 88/9 : Contracts in USA, South America, Middle East, Australia, UK and Europe.
CAAT 9/6/88 : Plessey to supply CCIS computerised battle management system to Indonesia.
JDW 30/4/88 : Indonesia is the first customer for the Generics Command and Control information system (CCIS) developed by Plessey Defence Systems.
Plessey recently won a UK MoD contract for an Automated Computer Assisted Electronic Warfare System (ACEWS). This also uses the Generics product to provide assimilation of complex data.
Also supplying command systems, radar and torpedo launchers for Vosper Thorneycroft/Italthali co-production agreement for anti-submarine patrol boats.
CAAT 16/4/87 : 20 million contract with Egypt for electronics defence system.
Additional Information :
BDEC 95 : Information systems for command and control. Military electronic office.
Electronic warfare systems and equipment : Specialises in the design and manufacture of communications intelligence (COMINT) systems. Electronic Support Measures (ESM), and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) can be integrated into command, control and intelligence systems (C3I).
PVS3800 the generic name for ESM systems based on the PVS3800 receiver. Provides Signal acquisition, signal analysis, signal monitoring and Direction finding.
FIS S.Am 93 : Communications equipment
IDEC 88/9 : "World leaders in the techniques of designing strategic and tactical command and control information systems (CCIS), which can be configured as independent units, for intelligence or for task force management, or can be integrated into large strategic management and command systems."
Detailed street plans, complete with highlighted landmarks, can be displayed, in support of local actions or surveillance.
JDW 30/4/88 : Generics is a software orientated CCIS designed to manage, manipulate and display information from sources such as electronic sensors, manual input and radar. The information is stored in a distributed relational data base management system and can be processed and related to high resolution colour map displays. Generic's software is written in Ada, the language being adopted by NATO for all future processor based defence systems. Generics is available in a variety of configurations - specialised single operator workstations to integrated multi-position networks.
Copex 86 : A world leader in the supply of secure survivable C3I systems, is presenting the Integrated Command System, ICS, suitable for use in major operation centres. The system consists of a database developed by Plessey, a large screen display and a number of workstations. Maps, overlays, automatic vehicle location, documents and photographs can be captured as computer based data and displayed on high resolution graphic workstations.
Solarray Identifiaction Systems (SIS) Ltd
5 Connaught Road
Camberley Surrey GU15 2DW
Tel: 0276 676844 Tlx: Fax: 0276 676855
Directors : (92) Raymond Brunton (Md)
Source Ref: Co Info 5/92
Export/Imports :
Co Info 5/92 - Police Forces in UK and other law enforcement agencies.
Additional Information :
Co Info 5/92 - Raymond Brunton supervised Scotland Yard's first computerised fingerprint image system, SIS Produce fingerprint recognition & video based photographic system for recording, storing, searching & retrieving Facial images.
Surveillance Technology Group
62 South Audley Str
London W1
Tel: 0171 408 0287 Tlx: 8814709 Fax: 0171 629 9538
Source Ref: Co Info 87, COIN 90, Co Info 11/93 (Milipol 93)
Exhibition: Copex 90, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
CO Info 87 - Offices in Paris (France) & New York (US).
Additional Information
Co Info 11/93 : Range of Covert Audio Intercept equipment and systems.
Concealable Transmitters (4001 QTX V, 4002 QTX U), Voice activated Transmitter Series (4005-VOXTX-W, 4006-VOXTX-V, 4007-VOXTX-U), Ultra Miniature transmitters (4010-UMTX), Long Term Transmitter Series (4015-LTTX9-W, 4016-LTT28-W), Sub- Carrier Transmitter and Decoder (4020-SUBTX-W)
Stehoscope Transmitter Series - alternative means of transmitting conversations from the target room without entry. (4025-STTX-W, 4026-STTX-V, 4027-STTX-U)
Long range transmitters (4030-LRTX2-V, 4031-LRTX5-V, 4032-LRTX10-V).
Disguised Transmitters : Pen Transmitters (4100-PENTX-U), Lighter Transmitter (4105-LIGTX-U), Calculator Transmitter (4110-CALTX-U), Credit Card Sized Calculator Transmitter, Pager Transmitter (4115-PAGTX-U), Belt Transmitter (4125-BELTX-U), Cigarette Pack Transmitter (4130-CIGTX-U), Briefcase Transmitter (4135-BCTX-U), Ashtray Transmitter (4120-ASHTX-U), Jewelry Encased Transmitters (4140-JETX-W).
Mains powered transmitter Series : Mains module (4200-MMTX-W, 4201-MMTX-V, 4202-MMTX-U), Main Plug Adapter Transmitter (4205-MPTX-U), Mains Outlet Transmitter (4210-MOTX0U), Remote Activated Mains Transmitter (4215-MRTX-W, 4216-MRTX-V, 4217-MRTX-U, 4217-MRTX-U).
Telephone Transmitters : Micro-processor Driven Telephone Transmitter (4300- TTX-MP-U), Fax Line Transmitter (4305-TTX-FAX-U), Combination Room and Telephone Transmitter (4315-TTX-COM-W, 4316-TTX-COM-V, 4317-TTX-COM U)
Surveillance Receivers, Crystal Controlled Briefcase Receiver/Recorder (4410- RXB3-V, 4411-RXB2-U).
Global Remote Surveillance Command Center : Monitor a room in New York when you're in Paris or Cairo. Access covert wireless radio transmitters from anywhere. (4465 GB2).
Infrared Long Range Transmitter System (4500-IRTX), Audio Surveillance Probe (4505-ASPR), Laser Surveillance System - when access is impossible, picks up vibrations from window surfaces, the laser beam is then demodulated and converted to audio signals (4510-LASR).
Covert Room and Telephone System (4515-CRTM), Infinity Monitoring Series (4520 -INF-H, 4521-INF-A, 4522-INF-5, 4523-INF-V), Passive Line Monitor (4525- PASLM),
Carrier Current System - allows direct audio surveillance utilizing existing AC power cable as both transmission path and power source. (4530-CARRIER)
Tracking Cellular Intercept System (4615-TCEL-INT), Facsimile Intercept System (4600-FAX-INT), Four Line Intercept System (4605-FAX-INT), Cellular Phone Intercept System (4610-CELLCON-CTPS-8804), Computer Intercept System (4625-COM -INT), Dialled Number Telephone Intercept System (4620-DNR-INT), Dialled Number Recorder Briefcase (4621-SLV-INT), Digital Pager Intercept System (4630 -PAGER-INT), Telex Intercept System (4635-TLX-INT).
COIN 90 - Pocket Communicator, STG 4415 Facsimile Intercept System. Offices in USA - PO Box 427, Rye, NY 10580. Tel 914 934 8078. France - 26 Place Vendome, 75001 Paris. Tel 297-56-00. Tlx 2155241. Montreal, Milan
Co Info 87 - Wireless Video Surveillance & security systems. CVS 2000 series video. CVS 2010 - video camera disguised as a fire extinguisher, CVS 2020 - leather bound book, CVS 2030 - attache case, CVS 2040 - picture frame, CVS 2050 - stereo radio, CVS 2060 - decorative wall clock, CVS 2070. Within each unit is a state of the art transmitter with built in antenna that relays video of the surveillance area to a remote monitor . The entire CVS 2000 series can be activated by standard on/off switch, or by optional remote control, magnetic trip sensors, infrared motion detectors, or sound activation depending on particular surveillance or security needs.
Surveillance Technology International (STI)
11 Spring Road
Market Weighton, York Yorkshire Y04 3JJ
Tel: 0430 871202 Tlx: Fax: 0430 873996
Source Ref: Co Info 91
Export/Imports :
Co Info 91 - "Operations worldwide"
Additional Information :
Co Info 91 - Distributers & stockists of the "Lorraine" range of equipment. Executive & corporate protection, Counter espionage & surveillance - Room monitoring, Covert CCTV Systems, Telephone monitoring, Bug Detection, Pen Transmitter, Calculator Transmitter.
The Communications Company
26 Skylines Limeharbour
London E14 9TS
Tel: 0171 515 6644 Tlx: Fax: 0171 515 0005
Source Ref: Intersec 2/95, p66, Co Info 4/95
Export/Imports :
Intersec 2/95 : Tech Support Systems (USA) are also listed as producing Faxmate and Cellmate. Are Communications Company distributors in UK ?
Additional Information :
Intersec 2/95 : Restricted User Products. Compu-Cellmate: Monitors both data streams A&B simultaneously. AMPS & ETACS. Monitors 250 numbers simultaneously.
Pagemate: protocol types compatible with all pager services. Multiple channel reception.
Faxmate: Monitors incoming and outcoming messages. Intercepts up to 10 lines. Does not interfere with line. Built in security to prevent unauthorised access.
Thorn EMI Electronics Ltd - Electro Optics Div
1 Forest Road
Feltham, Middlesex TW13 7HE
Tel: 081 751 6464 Tlx: 946390 Fax: 081 751 4774
Holding Co: (94) (Pilkington Thorn Optronics) Joint venture between Thomson-CSF and Pilkington Plc, (93) Thorn EMI plc
Source Ref: CAAT 11/2/88, p2, CAAT Newsletter 9/2/89, p7, National Security July/Aug 89 p3, National Security Nov/Dec 90 p4, COIN 90, Copex 90 Catalog, J.of Defense 1/91 ,Intersec 9/91 , Defense News 6/5/91, JDW 8/6/91 p982, Copex 92 Catalog, Press Release 22/12/94, Letter to MAG 3/1/95 Exhibition: Copex 90, Copex 92
Export/Imports :
CAAT 11/2/88 : "Significant" numbers of Hand-Held Thermal Imagers supplied to Netherlands Royal Marines.
CAAT 9/2/89 : Hand Held Thermal Imaging equipment to the Netherlands.
Nat Sec 7-8/89 - A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Jordan Technology Group and Thorn EMI. It is intended to establish facilities in Amman (Jordan) which would commence production of thermal imaging equipment in 1990. The Thermal Imager is already in service in the Middle East and has also been sold to 14 organisations in nine other countries.
Nat Sec 11-12/90 - Order worth approx 1 million (Sterling) to supply hand-held thermal imager (HHTI) for use by the Internal Security forces of a NATO country. Recent order from US Air Force for thermal imagers.
Intersec 9/91 - $7 Million contract to supply Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI) to US Special Operations Command, Florida. HHTI now used by over 20 countries & further significant orders received from Turkey.
DN 6/5/91 - Coastal Surveillance System for River Clyde.
J.Defense 1/91 - (IRST) Infra Red Search & Track to UK ARE (Army Research Establishment) & MOTISS to unnamed firm.
JDW 8/6/91 : Undisclosed amount for supply of coastal surveillance system which will be used to monitor activity on the Clyde estuary for the UK MoD.
Additional Information :
Copex 92 : Security Systems Management. Exhibits include Thermal Imaging Surveillance System (TISS), with its unique ability to satisfy total security requirements for borders, coastal and inland areas and major installations. ELITE lightweight thermal imagers and Steerable Stabilised Thermal Imager (SSTI) for use on fast patrol boats and helicopters.
DN 6/5/91 - Coastal Surveillance Systems.
Copex 90 : The Electro optics division is demonstrating a range of best selling thermal image equipment that provides 24 hour surveillance. With over 25 customers in 15 countries, the range includes the compact, lightweight Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI) which is employed for a variety of tasks including air-base defence, border surveillance, police operations and customs & excise.
Trend Telecommunications Ltd
Knaves Beech Est
Loudwater, High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP10 9QZ
Tel: 06285 24977 Tlx: 849408 TREND Fax: 06285 28312
Source Ref: BAEE 88 Cat, FIS South America 1993
Exhibition: BAEE 88
Export/Imports :
FIS S.Am 93 : Listed as exporting "data transmission equip" to South America.
Additional Information :
BAEE 88 -
FIS S.Am 93 : Data Transmission Equipment
TV2 Ltd
Sigmaform House,
Sywell Road Park Farm,
Wellingborough Northants NN8 6XD
Tel: 01933 403 400 Tlx: Fax: 01933 403 402
Source Ref: CCTV Vol 1.3 1994, p29, Co Info 9/94, Copex 94 Catalog
Exhibition: Copex 94
Export/Imports :
CCTV Vol 1.3 : Contract to supply Spain's Basque Police with system for the transmission of data between mobile policing situations.
Additional Information :
CCTV Vol 1.3 : TV2 Ltd supplies a range of broadcast facilities and equipment. Announced a contract to supply Basque Police. Aerlyper SA (Madrid, Spain) leads the contract. The system is to provide transmission of data between mobile police situation, in particular sending live video and thermal pictures integrated with GPS data between the ground, aircraft and control centres. TV2 is supplying a range of wireless camera systems, microwave and communications equipment as well as a Global Autotracker intelligent antenna system. The Global Autotracker sends pictures from a police helicopter approx three times further than conventional microwave antenna systems, so extending the practical range of operation. It also offers police the capacity to send on the same signal a range of data such as time, date and grid reference, thus reducing the need for radio talk. Because it is highly directional, it has a high degree of built-in security from unauthorised interception.
Copex 94 : Live microwave transmission for security and surveillance. In addition to consultancy and systems interrogation, TV2 offers a range of intelligent, steerable antenna systems, called Global Autotracker, for live transmission over distances up to 140Km. Already in use with UK and European police forces, the Global Autotracker has also been commissioned by Defence Ministries.
High Street
Hartley Wintney Hampshire RG27 8ER
Tel: 025126 3689 Tlx: 858919 Fax: 025126 4786
Holding Co: (90) Molynx Holdings Plc
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement Vol2 (85), Co Info Securex 89
Exhibition: Int'l Security Essen 84 , SECUREX 89
Export/Imports :
Co info Securex 89 - Worldwide Client Base & Network in Western Europe, Large number of Major Government, Military & Civil contracts.
Additional Information :
ILE Vol2 85 - Components for surveillance camera housings, Infra Red Illuminators etc, CCTV systems & cameras.
Walmore Defence Components
Laser House, 132/140 Goswell Road
London EC1V 7LE
Tel: 071 251 5115 Tlx: 28752 Fax: 071 250 4143
Source Ref: CAAT 11/8/88, p6, COPEX 90 Catalog
Exhibition: Copex 90
Export/Imports :
CAAT 11/8/88 : Supplying two electronic warfare simulators for operator training purposes to undisclosed destination.
Additional Information :
COPEX 90 - Previously Philips USFA BV - Exhibiting range of Signal USFA night vision equipment. Hand held thermal camera, UA1242 Binocular night sight, UP1040 Self powered hand held thermal imager.
CAAT 11/8/88 : Electronic warfare simulators.
Winkelmann Security Systems Ltd
The Mound, Portsmouth Road
Esher Surrey KT10 9JQ
Tel: 0372 468431 Tlx: 848314 CHACOM G Fax: 0372 467452
Directors : (91) David L Read MD
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement, vol.2 no.4, 85/6, p29, Copex 86 Catalog, Copex 87 Catalog, Copex 88 Catalog, COIN 90, Co Info 90 Exhibition: Copex 86, Copex 87, Copex 88, IPEC 90
Export/Imports :
Co Info 90 - Britains largest manufacturer of electronic equipment for police & Military covert operations.
Additional Information :
Co Info 90 :- Model 300 Countersurveillance receiver. Model 4000 Computerised Telephone monitoring system. Model 310 Microwave detector. Series 3000 Covert Surveillance Video Link System, Briefcase TV/FM Transmitter. Model 200 Telephone Line Analyser - Will check 25 Telephone lines simultaneously. RAVEN Telephone monitor system 4000 Series. WREN Hand Held & Mobile Transceivers. FAXTRAK - Facsimile Monitor System. FOLGIAN Mobile Tracking System 2000 Series. OWL Image Intensifier. WOODPECKER 500 & 1000 Voice Security modules. Professional RF Bug Detector. KIWI Telephone Tap System Model 100 GEM Micro Transmitter System 140 Series.
Copex 86 : Manufacturers and suppliers of electronic countermeasures receivers and telephone line analysis, for tracing clandestine transmitters and illicit wiretaps.
ILE v2,4 : Model 200 Telephone analyser, Model 610 Control Unit, Model 100 Receiver, Model 300 Receiver, Model 310 Detector.