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United States of America


AES Corporation
285 New Street
Peabody Massachussetts MA 01960
Tel: 508 535 7310 Tlx: 387852 AES CORP INTL Fax: 508 535 7313
Source Ref: COIN 90, COPEX Miami 91 List, ISSS Expo 91, COIN 93/4 p420
Exhibition: COPEX Miami 91, ISSS 91,
Export/Imports :
ISSS 91 - "Access Control for commercial use outside the US - embassies & corporations worldwide."
Additional Information :
COIN 90 - AES-2000 Access Control Card System, Perim-Alert III Fence Protection System, AES 7400 Series Integrated Access Control System, AES 2100 -PAS (Portable Alarm System), Long Range Radio Telemetry System.
ISSS 91 - Electronic Security Equipment.
COIN 93/4 : AES 2100-PAS portable alarm system, AES Series 7000 Central Alarm Reporting system, SAMS Surveillance, Assessment and Monitoring System - is a covert, real time wireless video observation and recording system which is manportable and can be left to operate unattended if necessary. 'Smart' cameras use sensors to detect activity in the surveillance area. Upon detecting activity the cameras transmit images to a receiver located several kilometres away, AES 4100 Command Centre.
Audio Intelligence Devices,
Technos International
1400 NW 62nd Street
Fort Lauderdale Florida FL 33309-1989
Tel: 305 776 5000 Tlx: Fax: 305 776 5000
Turnover : (94) $5m+
Source Ref: IACP 80/81, American Export Register 91, How to get anything on anybody, Lapin, 91, Police Chief 2/93, p60, Thomas Register 95 Exhibition: IACP 92
Export/Imports :
Am Ex 91 - Law Enforcement Equipment.
Additional Information :
Thomas Register 95 : Police equipment.
IACP 92 - Mobile Surveillance vehicles, electronic surveillance systems, "Judgement Under Stress" training system.
Lapin 91 : "AID is the largest surveillance supplier in the USA" Provide equipment for law enforcement only and have a wide range of equipment from intelligence systems such as UNITEL series that offers scrambled or clear voice operation. Body mikes, hard wires, through wall devices, processor, acoustic sensors, transmitters that come packaged in semi automatic pistols.
IACP 80/81 - Intrusion Detection equipment, Radio communications, Communications security systems, Surveillance Equipment, Industrial Security Systems, Vehicle Tracking devices.
B.E Meyers & Co Inc
17525 NE 67th Ct Redmond
WA 98052
Tel: 206 881 6648 Tlx: 213034 NITE UR Fax: 206 867 1759
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement vol 2,9 (85), p32, Co Info, Copex 89 Cat, Copex Miami 91 Cat, Police Chief 2/93, p60, Law Enforcement Product News 7-8/93, Co Info 11/93 Exhibition: IACP 85, COPEX 89, COPEX Miami 91, IACP 92
Export/Imports :
Corporate Sales Offices in - Israel, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Chile, Singapore, Japan, UK, Australia, Germany.
Additional Information :
Copex 89 - Dark Invader Night Vision Systems.
IACP 92 - Night vision systems, surveillance equipment, related accessories.
LEPN 7-8/93 - Pinhole Surveillance Kit - Perfect Surveillance photos.
Co Info 11/93 : Dark Invader "Owl" 3rd Generation, multi purpose Pocketscope.
CCS Communication Control Systems
675 Third Avenue
New York NY 10017
Tel: 212 557 3040 Tlx: 238720 Fax: 212 983 1278
Subsids : (95) CCS Communication Control, Moscow, Russia, (93) CCS
Communication Control Inc, CCS Communication Control (UK)
Source Ref: Co Info 87, COIN 90, COIN 92/3, International Defence Directory 93, IDD 95 Exhibition:
Export/Imports :
IDD 95 : Represented in Moscow, Russia.
Co Info 87 - Offices in New York, Washington, Miami, Beverley Hills, Chicago, Toronto, London, Paris, Houston, Hong Kong.
Additional Information :
Shares the same London & Paris address with Surveillance Technology Group.
Provides body armour / protection, bug alert, telephone analyzers, wiretap detection / defeat systems, transmitter locator / verifiers, bomb protection, infrared viewing systems, electronic lie detectors.
Predator 1 - 2nd Generation night scope, Predator VI - Hands free Goggles.
NF-2 Nightfinder Binoculars, NF-1 Pocketscope, NF-3 Goggles.
NVD-5 Active (Infrared Pocketscope, NVD-10 Goggles.
COIN 90 - Invisible Safety Shield - Infra Red sensors.
COIN 92/3 - LR 3000 hand held transceiver and repeater system, XN-3 Extend-R-Range amplifier, SC 225 Portable radiotelephone, DF 42 direction finder. Secureline 440 voice and data encryption system - unlike other MSA approved devices (should this be NSA approved ?), the Secureline 440 does not require government agencies to provide classified encryption codes, so there is no concern about unauthorised outsider monitoring.
VL5000 counter surveillance receiver - lightweight and compact system for detection of covert radio frequency emissions.
Covert video surveillance system Series 2000 - a series of disguised CCTV cameras that allow surveillance to be carried out in factories, offices etc. Each unit consists of a camera and a transmitter capable of sending video and audio signals to a nearby receiver. Type CVS 2010 is a camera disguised as a fire extinguisher, CVS 2020 as a leather bound book, CVS 2030 as an attache case, CVS 2040 as a picture frame, CVS 2050 as a stereo radio set, CVS 2060 as a decorative wall clock. Each will provide high resolution images and transmit them up to 8km away. Antanae-Eye AE60 surveillance system - CCTV camera in standard telescopic car aerial. CVS 380/390 discreet video systems - CV 380 - video briefcase or CVS 390 video speaker systems. Remote observation pod. Predator 150 Night vision Pocketscope / Riflescope.
CCX-1000 explosive vapour detector, LBD-400 letter bomb detector, CCX-2000 explosive detector, TX-2 Terrorist Trap - walk through system which can be installed as a free-standing arch or in a doorway and which scans all paasers- by.
IDD 93 - Fingerprint Recognition equipment
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
El Segunndo, CA,
Systems integration and outsourcing firm. Gross revenue $2.5 bn to 3 bn. Approx 33,000 employees worldwide.
CEO : Van Honeycutt
import/exports :
Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior System (SAMIS). Upgrade : SAMIS II (replacing Unisys running Unicos with IBM mainframe with client-server nodes). SAMIS/SAMIS II drivers licences, visas and "miscreant" identification/control (miscreants includes illegal workers, Shiite activists and Christian missionaries).
Control Data Systems
Systems design and IT supply. Worldwide agency and distribution.
Source ref : IT Trade `90 Bangkok; Computer `90 Bangkok; Co info 1990/1991; Thai Ministry of Interior info, 1990; Privacy Journal 7/90; Time, 24/6/91; Newsbytes 10/3/95
From the mid 1980s, Control Data has supplied the Population Identification Number Project infrastructure for the Thai Ministry of the Interior. This integrated system creates an ID card, electronic fingerprint and facial image, and electronic data link involving the entire population. It spans most government agencies and is controlled by the military/police dominated Interior Ministry.
Databases include : Central Population Database, National Election System, Political Party Database, Political Member Database, Voter listing, Electronic Minority Group Registration System, Electronic Fingerprint Identification System, Electronic Face Identification System, Population and House Report System, National Tax Collection System, Village Information System, Secret Information System, Public Opinion System, Criminal Investigation System, National Security System, Social Security System, Passport Control System, Driver Control System, Gun Registration, Family Registration, Alien Control System and Immigration Control System.
In 1995, CDS announced that it was installing the Computerized National Census and Services Project for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) project which will contain names, addresses, national ID card numbers, and census information such as birth and death records and address changes. The project is worth US$11.5 million and CDS said that they expected to obtain other related projects. (Newsbytes 10/3/95)
Covert Operations International Ltd
5000 Brush Hollow Road Westbury
New York NY 11590
Tel: 516 876 2116 Tlx: Fax: 516 876 2117
Source Ref: Co Info Sheet, Police & Security News 2/93 P35
Exhibition: COPEX Miami 91
Export/Imports :
Copex Miami 91 - Aimed at Latin America, Carribean Markets.
Additional Information :
Co Info (91) - Optical & Audio surveillance - Distributor for BE Meyers DARK INVADER range of products. Also ITT Defense, VARO Inc range of products - TRACMAN Vehicle tracking system. Attache video recorder & Transmitter system.
COPEX Miami 91
P&Sec News 2/93 - ANVIS-6 night vision aviators goggles - generation III, AN/PVS7B night vision goggle Generation II & III, Weapon sight Generation III, Laser assisted Dark Invader - camera and video compatible.
Criminal Research Products Inc
PO Box 408, 206-18 East Hector Street
Conshohocken Pennsylvannia PA 19428
Tel: 215 828 5326 Tlx: Fax: 215 828 5326
Turnover : (90) $3M
Directors : (93) Richard Lawler (VP Sales)
Source Ref: SW Thesis 87, American Export register 91, IDD 93
Export/Imports :
Am Ex 91 - Law Enforcement Equipment
Additional Information :
SW87 - Fingerprint recognition, comparison & collation systems
Am Ex 91 - Fingerprint equipment, Riot Control, Electronic Investigation equipment
IDD 93 - Fingerprinting equipment & fingerprint recognition equipment, manufacturer of crime scene investigation & fingerprint products.
Dektor Counter-Intelligence & Security Inc
310 E. Montgomery Crossroads,
Suite 21 Savannah GA 31406
Tel: 912 352 8586 Tlx: Fax: 912 238 0075
Source Ref: SW Thesis 87, American Export Register 1991
Export/Imports :
American Export Reg 91 - Law Enforcement Equipment
Additional Information :
SW 87 : Bugging equipment
American Export Reg 91 : Eavesdropping countermeasures equipment, Countermeasures training, Voice stress analysers, Countermeasures services
E-Systems Inc
6250 LBJ Freeway
Dallas Texas TX 75240
Tel: 214 661 1000 Tlx: 703365 Fax: 214 661 8505
Subsids : (95) E-systems Garland Division, Greenville Div, Melpar Division, Montek Division, ECI Division, Serv-Air Inc, Center for Advanced Planning & analysis, Engineering Research Associates, HB Systems, E -Systems Medical Electronics, (95) E-Systems Melpar Division
Turnover : (94) $250m+
Directors : (95) AL Lawson (Pres), SA Musa, HG Sullins, WR McClain, MM McWilliam, JE Kumpf, JW Pope, DG Homan, (92) E Gene Keiffer (Chr), A Lowell Lawson (Pres)Source Ref: M. Klare, 18/2/91 Business Week, Defense News 16/9/91, Duns Million Dollar Co 92, JDW 10/9/94, IDEX 95 Catalog, Police & Security News 3-4/95, Thomas Register 95 Exhibition: Farnborough 94, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
M. Klare - 1977 Digicom Police Computer System to Argentina.
Bus Week 18/2/91 - Contract to build $3 Billion Electronic Security System for Saudi Interior Ministry.
DN 3/91 - D 500 Reconnaissance Programme - EGRETT for Germany.
Additional Information :
Thomas Register 95 : Advanced electronic warfare systems, command, control & communication systems C3I.
Products and SIC Codes : Command, Control & Communications systems (3625, 3663, 3669, 3822, 3823), Communciation Systems (3571, 3661, 3669), Control systems (3823), Countermeasures - electronic (3663), Electronic Warfare systems (3812), Guidance equipment (3812), Systems-navigation (3812)
Number of employees : 18622.
Factory/Plant location : St. Petersburg (Florida), Garland & Greenville (Texas), Salt Lake City (Utah), Arlinton and Falls Church (Virginia), State College (PA)
IDEX 95 : High technology electronic systems and products specialising in intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance systems
(92) Trainer version of EGRETT Aircraft, Battlefield Information Collection & Exploitation Systems (BICES).
Bus Week 18/2/91 - $3 Billion contract to install electronic border system in Saudi Arabia, along the Iraqi Border but could be (for $Billions more) Extended to other areas.
M. Klare - E-SYSTEMS - A Major provider of secret electronic & radio equipment to the CIA & Pentagon (Developer of "Electronic warfare" equipment used in Vietnam) - Delivered in 1977 largest, most complex Police Computer system to date to Argentina Police. DIGICOM System (See also Computer Decisions Article).
1995- Comprehensive computer and national ID Card system to Argentina. (Newsbytes).
Elbit systems
Massachussetts MA
Holding co: (91) elbit (israel)
Source Ref: defense news 30/9/91
Export/Imports :
Dn 9/91 - established by israel parent company to supply complete line of vision technology in north America. Night vision goggles, headup displays etc
Additional Information :
Dn 9/91 - night vision goggles, combat vetronics systems, advanced avionics, head up displays
Eyedentify Inc
1800 NW 169th Place, Building 900
Beaverton Oregon OR 97006
Source Ref: ILE Vol2 (85), Co Info 10/89, COIN 90 Exhibition: Int Security Essen 84
Design and manufacture of retina scanning biometric identification equipment.
Export/Imports :
Co Info 10/89
Distributor in Singapore - K.S. Quek - S & T enterprises.
International References
Hughes - Tactical Land Systems Div,
PO Box 902
El Segundo California CA 90245
Tel: 310 616 7114 Tlx: Fax:
Holding Co: (92) Hughes Aircraft Company, GM Hughes Electronics.
Source Ref: Co Info 9/92, Law Enforcement Product News 7-8/93, Despatches IDR 10/95, p7 Exhibition:
Export/Imports :
LEPN 7-8/93 - Feb 93 - Two of Ontarios police cars were fitted with the DataVision Head-UP Display.
Additional Information :
Despatches IDR 10/95 : Hughes Motion Detection Radar-1 (MDR-1), a lightweight device which can detect motion through non-metallic materials such as concrete, wood, brick and stucco. The MDR-1 can be housed in a range of suitable non metal containers such as backpacks, softbag, plastic dust bin. Suited for use in Fighting in Built Up Areas (FIBUA), special forces in hostage rescue situations, military police in security operations.
Co Info 9/92 - HIRE : Hughes Infra Red equipment, LAV-25, LAV-105. Thermal Imaging system for a wide range of vehicles.
LEPN 7-8/93 - A head-up display (HUD) is now available for use in police cars, to assist officers in maintaining a vigil outside whilst being able to simultaneously monitor instruments.
II Morrow Inc
Salem Oregon
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement vol 2,7 (85), p48
Export/Imports :
ILE vol 2,7 (85) : Exported Vehicle Tracking System to Saudi Arabia Distributor, Canadian Marconi company and US State Dept,
Additional Information :
ILE vol 2,7 (85) : Vehicle Tracking System (VTS). "The use of the system has obvious applications in the law enforcement area where it can be used in association with both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles. Other applications include the monitoring of public transport systems or elements of covert operations using both land and airborne vehicles".
International Commercial Services (AFM USA inc)
12350 Barbee Road
Bristow Virginia VA 22013
Tel: 703 266 0356 Tlx: Fax: 703 330 5120
Source Ref: Copex 91 Catalog, Co Info 11/91, Copex Miami 93 catalog, International Defence Directory 95 (see NII Stali) Exhibition: Copex 92, Copex Miami 93
Export/Imports :
Copex Miami 93 - offices and transfers between former Soviet Union , Hungary & USA.
Additional Information :
Copex Miami 93 - ICS was established in 1989 and presently has offices in Washington DC Area, Budapest and Moscow. Specialize in finding and selling Eastern European assets to Western companies.
Copex 92 : Members of the former Soviet Elite will be marketing special equipment previously only available to organisations like the KGB, the Russian "Commando" forces, "Spetnaz", and other special units of the Kremlin. This equipment will include, but not be limited to, Miniature microphones and transmitters, bug-detecting equipment, bullet proof clothing - which doesn't look bullet proof, night vision equipment, special customs and bank equipment, laser target locating devices, high powered super accurate crossbow.
Electric Shocking devices
International Commercial Services (ICS) was established in 1989 and presently has offices in the Washington DC area, Budapest and Moscow. Specialise in finding and selling Eastern European assets to Western Companies and Governments, and in assisting clients in "making things happen" in Eastern Europe, with emphasis on Russia.
European offices are run by former diplomats and military officers of both the USA and Russia who access to people who can get things done. Our US office adds to that support with additional former high level government and business people.
Co Info 11/92 (Copex) : 1PN50 Night Binocular, Sheet shows several contact addresses : NOVO, Kutuzov pr. 7/4 bld 5, apt.7, Russia, Moscow. Tel 8-095 243 67-65. Fax 8-095 243 67-65. Europe: ICS, ISTENHEGYI, UT 56A, H-1125, Budapest, Hungary. Tel 36-1 175 1975. Fax 36-1 175 1754. North or South America: AFM-USA, 12350 Barbee Road, Bristow, VA 22013, USA. Tel 703-266-0356, Fax 703 230 5120.
Law Enforcement Associates Inc
100 Hunter Place,
PO Box 639
Youngsville North Carolina NC 27596
Tel: 919 554 4700 Tlx: 427045 LEA BLVL Fax: 919 556 6240
Holding Co: (95) Sirchie Group
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement Vol 2.4, (85), ILE 2.6 (85), IACP 80/81 , COPEX Miami 91 Catalog, American Export Register 91, Police & Security News 3-4/95, Co Info 6/95 (Police & Security Expo) Exhibition: COPEX Miami 91, Police & Security Expo 95 (USA),
Export/Imports :
American Export register 91 : Law Enforcement equipment
Additional Information :
Co info 6/95 : LEA 6306 TAC-6 Audio Intelligence System is one of the most comprehensive bodywire systems available. Available to law enforcement, government agencies and for export to approved agencies only. LEA 6306 TAC-6 with 1-wtt transmitter ($3995.95), with 1-watt transmitter and voice scrambling option ($4,195.95).
P&SN 3-4/95 : Communications Surveillance. Manufacturer.
ILE 2.4 (85) Dark Invader night vision equipment, Attache Recorder case - undercover surveillance case with ten hour tape recorder. A discreet recording system, Dialled number decoder - comprehensive telephone monitor capable of giving the user a printout of the number dialled, the date and time of day, and elapsed time of call, Surveillance scope, Undercover intelligence kit.
IACP 80-81 : Alarms, Body Armour, armoured vehicles, armoured clipboards & shields, audio tape clarification,batons, bomb detection devices, scramblers, communications security systems, communications surveillance, electronic counter measure devices, gas grenades & launchers, riot helmets, fingerprint recognition equipment, intelligence investigative, surveillance devices, lie detection training, lie detection equipment, strobe lights, psychological screening services, electronic stethoscopes, systems - countermeasures, surveillance systems, tear gas, telephone recorders, training, armoured vehicles, Voice anaylsers and ID systems
Litton Electron Devices Division
1215 South 52nd Street
Tempe Arizona AZ 85281
Tel: 602 968 4471 Tlx: 910 950 0149 Fax: 602 968 4471
Holding Co: Litton Industries Subsids : Litton Precision Products International Inc (UK)
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement vol 2,9 (85), p32, Int'l Defence Equipment Catalog 88/9, COIN 90, Intersec 3/93 (Pg 323), International Defence Directory 95, IDEX 95 Catalog Exhibition: IACP 85, COPEX Miami 91, IDEX 95
Export/Imports :
Intersec 3/93 - Contract worth US$11.2m from the Norwegian Army material command for continued production of night vision goggles & binoculars. The run -on order brings to over 5000 the number of units purchased by Norway, valued at some US$20m.
Additional Information :
IDEX 95 : Exhibiting as part of national group (USA).
IDD 95 : Surveillance & identification systems, infra-red;
COIN 90 - M-802 Night vision goggles, M972/M973 , M909 , M-911 Night vision devices. MODEL 845 MARK II Sight, M 921 Submersible Night Sight.
IDEC 88/9 : M-911 high performance pocket scope, M-912A (AN/PVS-5B) night vision goggles, M-927 Aviator goggle, M-972 One tube night vision goggle manufactured to the AN/PVS-7A US military specification.
ILE vol 2,9 (85) : M909 Night vision goggles, M845 Weapon sight, M911 High performance night vision modular system exhibited at IACP 85.
Motorola Inc
1301 East Algonquin Road
Schaumberg Illinois IL 60196
Subsids : (86) Milcom Communications and Electronics UK dormant company, (85) Motorola South Africa, sold its substantial interests to Altech in 1985, MD between 1978-80, T Steyn, (84) Motorola, Israel
Source Ref: Guardian 14/6/86, p3, COIN 90, Intersec 3/93 (Pg 326)
Export/Imports :
Intersec 3/93 - The Malaysian Govt has signed 50m contract for Motorola to provide the Royal Malaysian Police with the most advanced public safety radio communications systems.
Gdn 14/6/86 : Motorola subsidiary in South Africa until 1985, when sold substantial interests to local company, Altech.
Additional Information :
COIN 90 - Ultrastar Microwave systems, KDT 460 Mobile data terminals, OMNITRAC Integrated security system.
Intersec 3/93 - Supplying Royal Malaysian Police with an integrated VHF telecommunications system. The Police will get a secure communications system that includes 20 consoles, 290 repeater channels and 13000 portable radios, and in addition an alphanumeric paging system and a mobile data system. The Advanced Securenet (tm) uses the latest digital technology to provide high level voice security.
NAMSI (North American Morpho Systems Inc)
Tacoma Financial Blg,
1145 Broadway Plaza
Tacoma WA 98402
Tel: 206 383 3617 Tlx: Fax: 206 591 8856
Holding Co: (91) Morpho Systemes - France
Source Ref: Co Info 91, Police Chief 2/93, p64
Exhibition: IACP 92, Milipol Moscow 92
Export/Imports :
Morpho AFR systems used in France (National Police)1985, Indonesia (National Police) 1989, Hong Kong (Royal Police) 1989, Austria (National Police) 1989, Spain (Basque Province) 1990, USA (Various states) 1986-90, Other agencies - Ministry for Foreign Affairs (OFPRA) France.
Additional Information :
Co Info 91- Produce Fingerprint recognition systems - AFR (Automatic Fingerprint recognition systems) & AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification system) - System exported to Indonesian Police.
Exhibited at Milipol Moscow 11/92
IACP 92 - Automated fingerprint systems.
Optic-Electronic Corporation
11545 Pagemill Road
Dallas Texas TX 75243
Source Ref: CO-IN 90
Export/Imports :
Widely used by Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.
Additional Information :
COIN-90 NVS-100 Night Vision system. NVS-700 n.v.s
Questar Corp Rte
202, Box 59 New Hope
Pennsylvannia PA 18938
Tel: 215 862 5277 Tlx: Fax: 215 862 0512
Source Ref: American Export Register 91,
Export/Imports :
American Export Reg 91 : Law enforcement equipment
Additional Information :
American Export Reg 91 : Tracking & Border inspection systems
RACOM Products Inc
5504 State Road
Cleveland Ohio OH 44134-7330
Tel: 216 351 1755 Tlx: Fax: 216 661 1040
Directors : (95) David E Williams, (93) Joe Dessoffy (Sales Engineer)
Source Ref: American Export Reg 1991, Copex Miami 93 cat, Police & security News 9-10/93, p14, Co Info 12/93, Police & Security News 3-4/95, Thomas Register 95 Exhibition: Copex Miami 93
Export/Imports :
Am Ex 91 - Law Enforcement Equipment
Copex Miami 93 - the Racom 2816 DNR products are currently used by Law Enforcement agencies around the world.
Additional Information :
P&SN 3-4/95 : Communications Surveillance. Manufacturer.
Copex Miami 93 - Racom 2816A Six Line dialed number recorder and 2816P Briefcase Style dialed Number recorder. The 2816A and 2816P are each microprocessor controlled Dialed No Recorders designed to monitor and document activity on subscriber lines. The 2816A is capable of monitoring up to six subscriber lines simultaneously whilst the 2816P monitors one line and comes in a covert, Rona leather briefcase. Each has a built in dot-matrix printer, headphone and voice recorder jacks for each line, RS232 data output, Caller Number delivery capability and slave support.
Co Info 12/93 - 2816 Dialed Number Recorder with Audio Monitoring Outputs. Features:
Monitors 1 to 6 lines simultaneously, Separate audio outputs per line, LCD readout of system status, Prints date, time of day, length of ring, elapsed time of call and number dialled, Separate line activity indicators.
Applications Law Enforcement "target line" observation Law Enforcement wiretapping (III).
Options RS 232 data output, Internal Memory buffer (holds approx 750 calls), Loop extenders for slave applications, Computer program for sorting call information.
American Export Reg 91 : Solid State voice storage devices, Dialed digit printers & Radio Transmitter identifiers.
Rockwell International Corporation
Source Ref: American Arms Supermarket, M.Klare (84), p189, SW Thesis 87, JDW 10/9/94,
Exhibition: Farnborough 94
Export/Imports :
American Arms Supermarket (84) Lists details of sales of OV-10 Bronco (counter -insurgency planes) to the following countries (in recent years - early 80's): Thailand (46), Indonesia (16), Philippines (18),
Additional Information :
SW 87 - Police Computers
Sherwood International Export Corp
18714 Parthenia Street
Northridge California CA 91324
Tel: 818 349 7600 Tlx: 662439 Fax: 818 349 8168
Directors : (95) Michael D. Kokin, L Shannon, (93) Michael D Kokin
Source Ref: Internal Security Weapons, IACP 80/81, International Defence Directory 93 (IDD),IDD 95 Exhibition:
IDD 95 : Representative in Brazil : Feliciano Henriques, Sherwood Internacional Representacio Ltda
ISW 79: Sherwood M-17 Gas Mask US & Canadian Armed Forces, Singapore, Sudan, Thailand.
Additional Information :
IDD 95 : Ammunition, riot control; grenades, riot control; weapons, anti-riot; grenades launchers, anti-riot; guns, anti-riot; shotguns, anti-riot; police & gendarmerie, pistols, rifles, shotguns; PO box 1428, Stafford, VA 22555. Tel 703 684 4080. Fax 703 684 9177. Representative L. Shannon. Procurement services.
IDD 93 - Provides design, development, retrofitting, spare parts, support, training, licencing, modernization to assist Government through out the world with their ordnance requirements.
Washington Office, 1800 Diagonal Road, Ste 240, Alexandra, VA 22314. Tel 703 684 4080, Fax 703 884 9177, Tlx 197770
Riot Control Ammunition & grenades, anti-riot weapons, guns, shotguns, grenade launchers, anti-riot CS irritant smoke grenades (hand & weapon launched), CN grenades, Distraction & Stun grenades, grenades - weapon launched, Shotguns, rifles, guns, Combat Grenades, Combats - Defensive, Grenades Combat - anti-personnel, Manufacturer of Bayonets.
IACP 80/81 - Body Armour, Binoculars, Galvanometers, Grenade Launchers, Riot Helmets, Holsters, Reloaders & Ammunition supplies, weapons accessories, chemical weapons, telescopic night vision weapon sights.
ISW 79 - M-17 Gas Mask.
Sirchie Fingerprint Labs Inc
PO Box 30576,
5825 Triangle Drive Raleigh
North Carolina NC 27612
Tel: 919 781 3120Tlx:Fax: 919 787 2952
Holding Co: (91) Sirchie Group Subsids : (95) Law Enforcement Associates
Source Ref: SW Thesis 87, Thomas Register 91 (US), American Export Register 91, Police Chief 2/93, p65, Police & Security News 3-4/95 Exhibition: IACP 92
Export/Imports :
Am Export 91 - Law Enforcement Equipment.
Additional Information :
P&SN 3-4/95 : Tactical Riot Helmets. Manufacturer.
Thomas Register 91 : Humane Restraints.
American Exports 91 - Riot Control Equipment, computerized facial identification systems, explosives detectors.
SW 87 - Fingerprint, Comparison and collation systems.
Stano Components
PO Box 2048
Carson City Nevada NV 89702
Tel: 702 246 5281 Tlx: Fax: 702 2465211
Source Ref: Co Info 91, Police & Security News 3-4/95
Exhibition: COPEX Miami 91
Export/Imports :
COPEX Miami 91 - Manufacturer & provider of quality crime-prevention & counter -terrorism equipment to Law Enforcement Agencies & US Allies throughout the world.
Additional Information :
P&SN 3-4/95 : Intrusion Detection Systems. (Manufacturer, Distributor & Service Provider).
COPEX Miami 91 - SC/PVS-400 Night Vision Viewer.
Star-Tron Technology Corporation
RIDC Industrial Park,
526 Alpha Drive Pittsburgh PA 15238
Tel: 412 963 7170 Tlx: Fax: 412 963 1552
Turnover : (91) $1m+
Source Ref: International Law Enforcement vol 2,9 (85),p32, COIN 90, Co Info Sheet 91, Thomas Registr 92 Exhibition: IACP 85, COPEX Miami 91
Export/Imports :
See also M.Klare Supplying Repression for details of exports whilst part of Smith & Wesson.
Co Info 91 - Night Vision equipment sold to over 600 customers worldwide.
Additional Information :
ILE vol 2,9 (85) : Exhibiting the Mk-606A series 3 passive night vision system which is designed for long range surveillance at IACP 85.
COIN-90 Originally owned by Smith & Wesson - now independent.
Star-Tron MK-101B, MK-202B, MK-303A, MK-426, MK-850 Night Devices - MK-869 Second Generation Night Sight.
Sti-Co Industries, Inc
11 Cobham Drive Orchard Park
New York NY 14127-4187
Tel: 716 662 2680 Tlx: Fax: 716 662 5150
Directors : (95) William M. Baker (Marketing)
\Source Ref: Co Info 9/95
Export/Imports :
Co Info 9/95 : Sti-Co supplies and resupplies more than 3000 United States federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with mobile twp-way antennas and accessories. We also sell to an international market that includes Canada, Mexico, South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Additional Information :
Co Info 9/95 : STI-CO manufactures disguised mobile two-way antennas, including custom cowl mount low band, high band, UHF and broadband models, cellular look-alike VHF, UHF and dual band antennas; low profile transit antennas; and accessories.
STI-Co's disguised mobile antennas are very visible, but cannot be seen! The antennas are exact replacements- down to the last detail- for factory instaled AM/FM entertainment antennas.
Often, we custom manufacture products that you will not see in our catalog, to satisfy particular technical standards required by our customers. We are known as the industry leader of custom disguised mobile two-way antennas.
Surveillance Technology Group ( USA)
540 W. Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck New York NY 10543
Tel: 914 934 2448 Tlx: Fax: 914 698 6671
Source Ref: Co Info 87, Co Info 90, Co Info 11/93 (Milipol 93)
Exhibition: Copex 89, Milipol 93
Export/Imports :
Co Info 87 - Authorized US Agent for Surveillance Technology Group (UK)
Additional Information :
Co Info 90 - STG 4415 Facsimile intercept - Also Office. 9465 Wilshire Blvd, Beverley Hills, CA 90212 . Tel 213 274 4026. (See also Surveillance Technology Group UK & CCS Communication Control Inc).
SWS Security
1300 Boyd Road Street
MD 21154-1826
Tel: 410 879 4035 Tlx: Fax: 410 836 1190
Turnover : (94) $1m+, (93) $1m-
Source Ref: National Security May/June 89 p22, Thomas Register 92, IPEC 2/93 , Co Info 3/93, Thomas Register 94, Police & security News 3-4/95, Thomas Register 95
Export/Imports :
Thomas Register 95 : Sales and Service in Ankara (Turkey), Bogota (Colombia), Delhi (India), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Jakarta (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), Melbourne (Australia), Ontario (Canada), Seoul (South Korea) and the USA. Worldwide emergency services available. Serving Governments since 1972.
Additional Information :
Thomas Register 95 : Manufacturers of specialised products for electronic surveillance, intelligence gathering and radio communications. For drug busting or covert operations. Vision 2000 (Tm) Night vision system, Vehicle tracking (bumper beeper) systems, ICOM two way radios, portable repeaters, encrypted (secure) two way radios, covert video surveillance, body worn video camera/transmitters, Beeper Buster Pager Intercept System, telephone, room and body transmitters, custom video and audio surveillance, wireless video transmitter systems, executive protection equipment, signal intercept and analysis systems. Note we are original developers and manufacturers of surveillance products and technology. Our products are intended for use by Government agencies only - no consumer or retail requests please. We do not manufacture debugging, alarm, uniform, vehicle or CCTV equipment.
Dealers/Agents/Exporters and ALL non-Government requesters must send deposit (refundable) of $25 ($50 outside USA) for catalog and dealer information package.
P&SN 3-4/95 : Communications surveillance. Manufacturer.
Thomas Register 94 : Manufacturers of electronic surveillance, intelligence gathering & radio communications systems since 1972. Primarily for Government Agencies.
IPEC 2/93 - Covert Pager monitoring system - SWS Security introduce the crimefighting tool, the Beeper Buster (tm), a compact & reliable system, which allows authorised investigative or law enforcement agencies to capture, display & record all messages sent to any type of digital pager. Even the nationwide pagers can be monitored. Up to 100 pagers and 20 search strings can be monitored at any one time.
TR 92 - Electronic Surveillance Equipment - two way radio equipment for drug busting or covert operations. Vision/2000 night vision systems, vehicle tracking systems (bumper beepers), sting equipment, portable & mobile two way ICOM, Standard and YAESU radios, portable repeaters, encrypted two-way radios, covert video surveillance (systems). Restricted Items for Police only - others need not inquire (!) - body mic systems, Beeper Buster digital pager monitoring systems, telephone and room transmitters, custom video and audio surveillance, wireless video transmitters, undercover transmitters, Title III equipment.
Toll Free No : 1 - 800 SPOT CRIME
Nat Sec 5-6/89 - TRACMAN Covert vehicle tracking system. Intended for professional intelligence and surveillance use, the TRACMAN functions by electronically tracking a high powered beacon transmitter which has been affixed magnetically to the vehicle under surveillance. The system is equally suited for both ground based or airborne surveillances.
Technipol International Corp
1181 Chess Drive, Bldg 8
Foster City California CA 94404
Tel: 415 349 5661 Tlx: 349-445 TECHNIP Fax: 415 341 2859
Source Ref: IACP 80-81, American Arms Supermarket, M.Klare (84), p198, Thomas Register 91, Thomas Register 92 (US), American Export Reg 91, Thomas Register 94
Export/Imports :
Am Export 91- Law Enforcement equipment.
Additional Information :
Thomas Reg 94 : Equipment & training techniques for law enforcement and security agencies, listed under Irons, leg.
Thomas Reg 92 : Equipment & training techniques for law enforcement and security agencies.
Thomas Register 91 - Humane restraints.
American Arms Supermarket (84) advertising a wide range of "restraint equipment" including Leg Irons, shackles and "thumbcuffs".
IACP 80/81 - Body Armor, bomb disposal equipment, gas masks, tear gas grenades, riot helmets & equipment, metal detectors, mobile crime labs, night vision equipment, countermeasure systems, tear gas, training courses, fingerprint identification equipment, armoured vehicles.
Texas Instruments
Dallas Texas
Source Ref: Janes Defence Weekly (JDW) 26/10/91, Journal of Electronic Defense 9/92, p26 Exhibition:
Export/Imports :
JDW 26/10/91 : Texas Instruments to supply 650 Thermal Sights worth $85 million for armoured infantry fighting vehicle, 217 Thermal Imaging sights provided by Marconi Command & Control also involved FMC, Nurol Savumma (Joint Venture).
J. Elec Defense 9/92 : TI Defence Systems & Electronics Group has provided 4 Escort electro-optic thermal surveillance systems to Turkey. The FLIR systems were delivered to the Turkish Ministry of Interior to be fielded by the Turkish National Security Forces. The passive sighting, common module system can be run from a battery for man-portable operations and can be used on a jeep. The whole systems weighs less than 15 lb and can be carried in 2 backpacks.