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State of Privacy Briefings

The State of Privacy is a Privacy International-led baseline study of privacy and surveillance issues globally. It was initially launched in March 2016 as ‘State of Surveillance’ with 13 country briefings. In this iteration of the collaborative initiative between PI and its partners, 17 country briefings exist for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, Jordan and South Africa and Uganda. Further country briefings and additional information on existing countries will be periodically added.

Each profile is based on a survey of questions on key fields:

  • Domestic and international legal frameworks;
  • Data protection laws, accountability mechanisms, as well as an insight into thematic issues including: ID cards and databases, voter registration, SIM card registration;
  • Sectorial initiatives to explore emerging issues with information as available

PI researchers and network partners collected information since 2014 up until mid-2016 responding to the survey questions from open source materials and interviews. The result is a concise and referenced profile of each of seventeen countries.