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Privacy International has been producing world-class research reports for over a decade, in collaboration with academic institutions across the globe. We work on a huge range of topics and produce in-depth reports, from topics like communications surveillance, to country specific reports and submissions to the United Nations using local research and experience.

Privacy International and the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties' Joint Submission in Consideration of the Sixth Periodic Report of Italy Human Rights Committee 119th Session (6-29 March 2017)

This investigation focuses on the techniques, tools and culture of Kenyan police and intelligence agencies’ communications surveillance practices.

This briefing highlights opportunities for NGOs to raise issues related to the right to privacy before some selected UN human rights bodies that have the mandate and the capacity to monitor and p

In this special briefing for International Women’s Day 2017, we explore through the work of the Privacy International Network some areas of concern being addressed in relation to privacy, surveillance,

This investigation looks at how surveillance is being conducted in Thailand.

Privacy International’s investigation, which is linked below, contains evidence of the Syrian government’s ambitious plans and projects to monitor the national communications infrastructure, the technical details of which are revealed for the first time.

This stakeholder report is a submission by Coding Rights, Privacy LatAm and Privacy International (PI).

This stakeholder report is a submission by Privacy International (PI) and the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM).