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Advanced Middle East Systems sells surveillance technology. That's why we're campaigning for better export controls on surveillance technology.

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Last week’s revelation that Bahraini human rights activists have been tar


Privacy is internationally recognized as a fundamental right.


Together with a coalition with 18 Japanese rights groups, Privacy International today delivered a letter to the Japanese Minister of Justice to protest against the implementation of a fingerprintin



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254 surveillance vendors in 35 countries around the world… catalogued and exposed.
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Big Brother Incorporated

The Index is a catalogue of 255 vendors of surveillance technology. The brochure highlights are drawn from material released as part of the WikiLeaks Spy Files. This research was conducted as part of our Big Brother Incorporated project, an investigation into the international surveillance trade that focuses on the sale of technologies by Western companies to repressive regimes intent on using them as tools of political control.
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What can we do?

We investigate. Documenting the surveillance industry means these companies can be held to account. If you have any information, share it in confidence with

We campaign. Help us raise awareness and bring this secretive trade out into the open:

We litigate. PI works to change export law in the UK and EU by challenging governments to defend their policies in court. To support us, make a donation.

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Your contributions allow us to campaign for your right to privacy at national and international levels, monitor new corporate and governmental threats to privacy and produce high-quality research to inform the public debate. Every penny you donate makes a difference. And if you're a UK taxpayer, HMRC will contribute an extra £2 for every £10 you give.