Working at PI

At Privacy International (PI) we believe that for people to be treated with dignity and to preserve autonomy, we must defend the right for all people everywhere to have access to privacy protection in laws and technologies. The empowerment of the individual is core to our work.

Accordingly, PI aims to empower its staff and create a good work environment. PI celebrates diversity in its people, its approaches, and its strategy. People here are looking to change the world by developing expertise, creatively disseminating research, and conducting effective advocacy.

Our work holds the powerful to account. We uncover their capabilities and investigate their claims. We explore the strength of laws and technologies, and test their boundaries. Safeguards and protections must be verifiable, and we ensure they are under constant review. We live up to our own demands and conduct our work in an accountable manner — to the public, our board, and our funders.

How do we work

Working at PI means joining a team of people who focus just as much on how we work as the objectives of our work. Our core values are that:

  • We work with others to better understand, to engage, to change minds (including our own), and to build a movement.
  • We lead by example, set high standards, and critically evaluate our work. This means also learning from our mistakes.
  • We deliver on our promises. This means that we are accountable and we work on until we achieve our objectives.
  • We are all responsible for building and maintaining a good and strong PI and field.
  • We know that this is a unique moment in time where we can influence the shape of the future and we are fortunate to have this opportunity. PI is looking for people who share these values and want to build a sustainable movement to protect privacy everywhere.

What we do with your data

If you apply for a position at PI, your application is shared with relevant staff internally until you become a candidate for employment. 

In the recruitment process, further data may be collected from you for the purposes of progressing your application, this will either be with your consent, because there is a legal requirement to obtain the information or because it is necessary for the purposes of entering into a contract. This data may include biographical information, contact details, immigration-related information, references, and payment details for reimbursement purposes. This will only be shared on a need to know basis with relevant PI staff and our trustees. 

For successful candidates, we will keep this data as long as necessary for the purpose of your employment with PI, otherwise we will securely delete your data 6 months after the end of the recruitment process

We keep all accounting and administration information for auditing purposes, in accordance with standard practice and UK law.

For more information about how PI’s personal data practices please see PI’s Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy includes information about your rights in relation to your personal data, including the right of access and your right to make a complaint to the data protection regulator, the ICO.


Postion Type
Application Closing Date

Salary: £36,000 pa
Location: London


The Technologist will explore and uncover how data is exploited by industry and government. The role will conduct research that will appeal to policy-making processes around the world. The Technologist will analyse devices, applications, and services, and their generation and uses of data, and what it takes to secure them. The role will explore the use of algorithms and critically analyse deployments of machine learning. With the rest of PI team and our global network of organisations, the Technologist will explore strategies for privacy protection into the future.

The role will join our Tech Team to support the delivery of PI's Programme areas. The Technologist will also support the development and deployment of secure and sustainable internal and external services for us and our partners across the world.


The empowerment of the individual is core to our work. Accordingly, PI aims to empower its staff and create a good work environment. People here are looking to change the world by developing expertise, creatively disseminating research, working with others in this field globally, and delivering effective advocacy.


Organizational Strategy Development and Delivery

  • Support Programme teams to ensure their work adheres to acceptable tech standards, particularly our Data Exploitation programme.
  • Contribute to PI's wider organisational mission, strategy and development by participating in strategic planning and other cross-organisational processes.
  • Proactively engaging with staff and PI's partners across the world on security, privacy, data, and surveillance issues.

Internal and External services

  • Delivering internal and external services in a secure and resilient manner.
  • Maintaining core services in a transparent and repeatable manner.


  • Developing and evaluating PI policies on privacy, data protection, human rights, security, data analysis, artificial intelligence, connected devices, and other emerging debates.
  • Be an ambassador for PI and security best practices in the fields of human rights and technology.
  • Producing educational material about security and functionality for audiences with limited technology understanding

Project management and Programme delivery

  • Conducting technical investigations and research.
  • Strategic engagement with key communities to identify research, cases, challenges, and encourage partnerships.
  • Disseminating PI's work to targeted audiences.


Essential (demonstrable with past experience)

  • Knowledge of human rights and technology, in particular privacy
  • Experience working in diverse environments and globally
  • Experience in communication of sysadmin and cybersecurity concepts
  • Experience in legal or regulatory interactions with technology
  • GNU/Linux or Unix system administration experience, including virtualisation
  • OO Software development experience e.g. Java, C#
  • Experience in security of systems and networks e.g. IPTables
  • Experience in Project Management, either as part of, or leading a team.

Desirable (demonstrable with past experience)

  • Participation in open source technology for privacy and security
  • Degree in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, or equivalent experience

Knowledge of:

  • Webservers based on Nginx
  • Databases based on MariaDB, SQLite or Postgres
  • Groupware such as Redmine, CalDAV, CardDAV, Jabber or Etherpad
  • Fileservers such as Samba
  • Collaboration environments such as CVS, SVN or Git

To apply, please send:

1.  a CV (not more than two pages)

2.  a covering letter (not more than two pages)

3.  a sample of non-academic writing (for example blog or analysis piece, or creative writing)

Closing date for applications is 20 May 2018, 18.00 BST.

Please send the material in one email to: recruitment@privacyinternational.org (Please include the title of the post you are applying for in the subject of the email). 

Interviews will take place in London between 24 and 25 of May.  We are able to arrange video conference interviews with candidates based outside of London.

There is a possibility there will be a second round of interviews, which will be decided only after the first round of interviews has taken place. It would be held during the week commencing 28 May 2018. 

Volunteering Opportunities

Postion Type
Application Closing Date

Want to volunteer for a charity that holds governments and companies to account on their intrusions into our private lives? Then apply to join Privacy International’s volunteer program!

Privacy International is a London-based charity committed to fighting for the right to privacy across the world. 

In our volunteer program, you won’t be making coffee or doing the photocopying. Volunteers are treated as full members of the team, and play a meaningful role in our campaigns, litigation, and research projects.

Here’s what we’re looking for in volunteers:

  • A knowledge or interest in the intersection of rights and technology;
  • Pursuing or holding a degree in law, political science, communications, social sciences, or similar academic studies;
  • Initiative and demonstrated ability to work without supervision; and
  • Excellent communications skills.

Volunteers will assist Privacy International's team at our London office. We ask that you commit to a minimum of three days per week for three months. However, based on your personal, academic and/or professional commitments, we are flexible about this.

We have four intakes of volunteers per year, although there is flexibility over start and finish dates:

  • Spring intake (approx 1st March- 31st May): Application deadline - 4th January
  • Summer intake (approx 1st June - 31st August): Application deadline - 5th April
  • Autumn intake (approx 1st September - 30th November): Application deadline - 6th July
  • Winter intake (approx 1st December - 28/29th February): Application deadline - 5th October

Please take a look at our projects and legal actions to get a sense of our current work before applying. We are  interested in hearing from individuals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. 

What we do with your data

Please see our privacy policy to understand how we use and protect your data, including your rights in relation to your data. The data you provide us will be shared with relevant staff internally for the purpose of processing your application. 

As part of the recruitment process and for administration purposes, with your consent, we may collect and process further information from you. This data may include biographical information, contact details, immigration-related information, references, and payment details for reimbursement purposes. This information is shared with relevant PI staff and we do not retain it for any longer than necessary once the recruitment process, or as relevant volunteer period, has come to an end. 

We keep all accounting and administration information for auditing purposes, in accordance with standard practice and UK law.

How to apply

  • Please send your CV and a short covering letter (max 300 words) to melissab@privacyinternational.org
  • Your cover letter should clearly indicate which specific area(s) of our work you would like to get involved in and why you think you have the appropriate skills and interest.
  • In your application, please clearly state which intake you are applying for. We will NOT consider any applications until after the application deadline date. 
  • We will respond to you within four weeks of the application deadline.

Important notes for applicants

  • If you are not a European Union (EU) citizen, you will be responsible for making all appropriate visa arrangments. If you are applying from outside the EU, please ensure that you research visa requirements, and the timeline and costs before applying to volunteer at Privacy International. Unfortunately, Privacy International cannot contribute to any costs that you may incur in arranging your visa and neither can we apply for a 'certificate of sponsorship' on your behalf. You may want to consider applying through the BUNAC programme, which gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to work as a volunteer in the UK for up to six months. Details of this programme can be found at https://www.bunac.org/usa/intern-abroad/professional/britain.
  • We will cover reasonable travel (within Greater London) and lunch expenses while you volunteer with us.
  • We ask volunteers to use their own laptop if they can. Let us know if this will be difficult for you.

What’s it like to volunteer at Privacy International?

While I have done internships before, my time at PI gave me a remarkable opportunity to carry out detailed research on real life surveillance techniques. The team at PI does not treat you as a run of the mill volunteer, but actively gives you engaging work and encourages you to participate in brainstorming, team meeting and court and parliament hearings. I enjoyed my time immensely. - Sneha Saumya, Autumn 2017 Volunteer

Volunteering at PI was a great opportunity to develop my research skills related to privacy issues. I was able to work closely with team members and contribute to meaningful projects in a fun and challenging work environment. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in learning about and contributing to the fight for privacy. - Nick Lally, Autumn 2017 Volunteer