Cyber Security - What PI Is Doing

With the rise of new security challenges around malicious hacking, excessive data generation and data processing, and the challenges posed by the ever-increasing number and types of devices connected to the internet, PI is cultivating and developing new narratives around security. We are exploring the relationship of the protection of national infrastructures and personal data security. The cybersecurity discourse has a great potential to liberate us all from the stale debates about security v privacy and through the exploration of the cybersecurity policies in various countries across the world we are looking to explore the mutual benefits of protecting security and privacy.

Working with national and international experts across disciplines, we are undertaking research, advocacy and policy work to enable an environment whereby:

  • cybersecurity challenges are framed around the individual and their devices that hold sensitive personal information that need to be secured, thereby removing the current policy emphases that focus on greater surveillance and datasharing powers of government agencies and industry;
  • there is transparency of publicprivate partnerships which arise as government institutions outsource their administration and security needs to the private sector, and that such partnerships are subject to rigorous accountability mechanisms;
  • cybersecurity laws and policies are designed to respect and protect human rights, rather than curtail them.