Director of Strategy
Alexandrine is Directory of Strategy at Privacy International. She manages and oversees the development and delivery of Privacy International's strategic portfolio aimed at ensuring that innovative solutions serve individual and communities and protection their dignity rather than state power and
Technology Advocacy Officer
Angelina is a Technology Advocacy Officer at Privacy International. She works primarily on projects related to: Health, Migration, Data Brokerage and Black Box Management. She's interested in the life cycle of the digital sphere, particularly how algorithms direct users' experiences with technology
Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning Officer
Artiom is in charge of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning component of PI’s work. He is responsible for development and implementation of PI's monitoring evaluation and learning strategy, contributes to improving of effectiveness of the programmes, helps to build organisation's and partners’
Senior Campaigns Officer
Caitlin is a Senior Campaigns Officer at Privacy International. She works to develop our public campaigning and with our international partners. Caitlin is also responsible for our volunteer programme.
Legal Director and General Counsel
Caroline is Privacy International’s Legal Director and General Counsel. She leads the legal advocacy at PI and counsels PI’s programmes on legal strategy and risk. Caroline is a US-qualified lawyer who previously specialised in privacy and intellectual property litigation at a prominent US law firm
Technology Lead
Chris is r esponsible for our technical research on corporate exploitation, and leads our work on data exploitation in networks and infrastructure . He works within all facets of the organistation he helps to develop and maintain technological solutions to help us engage with the public and meet its
Digital Campaigns and Fundraising Officer
Clara is a Digital Campaigns and Fundraising Officer at Privacy International. She works to develop our supporter communications and fundraising programme. Prior to joining PI, Clara held fundraising roles at several international campaigning organisations.
Programme Director and Senior Legal Officer
Ilia is currently leading our strategic area that challenges government surveillance overreach. She also contributes to PI's legal strategy and is also responsible for some of our litigation and interventions before UK courts and the European Court of Human Rights. She leads our project that
Senior Legal Officer
Ksenia leads PI’s programme focusing on police surveillance technologies, data exploitation and the law. She is also responsible for legal research and litigation on surveillance and data protection. Prior to joining PI, Ksenia taught law at Queen Mary, University of London and Royal Holloway
Senior Research Officer
Tom is a Research Officer with Privacy International and is responsible for research and dissemination in the Global South. He leads our research on fintech and identity. He has a PhD in African Studies from the University of Edinburgh, exploring ethnicity and politics in East Africa. He has a MSc
Legal Officer
Tom joined Privacy International as a Legal Officer in May 2023. His work primarily relates to the impact of big tech and new tech on privacy, in particular in relation to health, employment and data brokerage. Prior to PI, Tom has worked within the environmental law sector, at NGO ClientEarth and
Senior Technologist
Ed is a Senior Technologist at Privacy International. He is responsible for our technical security and research, and leads the development of our security framework and tech engagement with our International Network.
Programme Director and Senior Technologist
Eliot is Director for our Corporate Exploitation Programme, challenging Big Tech companies, data exploitative practices and the deployment of algorithmic management and surveillance systems. Before joining PI has worked at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UNEP and as a web
Executive Director
Gus has worked at the intersection of technology and human rights for over twenty-five years. He developed national, regional, and global campaigns on communications privacy. He worked on national security and anti-terrorism policy, and led global advocacy against border registration, biometric
Legal Officer
Ioannis oversees PI's legal coordination and leads our work against system exploitation, government hacking and corporate social media intelligence. He is also responsible for some of our litigation and interventions before UK courts and the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the European
Resources Director
Joanna Oniszk is our Resources Director. She joined us in 2015 to take on donor coordination and financial management of the organisation. She has over ten years of experience in variety of finance and management roles in corporate sector, international organisations and charities and holds an MA in
Legal Officer
Jonah is a Legal Officer at Privacy International. He works on our legal advocacy and litigation challenging surveillance, other invasive uses of technology, and discrimination arising from algorithmic management by both governments and corporations. Jonah has a particular interest in European human
Advocacy Officer
Josie is an Advocacy Officer at Privacy International. She works on our countering authoritarianism and surveillance at borders projects, and on our strategic areas strengthening dignity and democracy. Prior to joining Privacy International, Josie was a Senior Research and Policy Associate at the
Network Coordinator
Julie is responsible for coordinating Privacy International’s global network of partner organisations. Privacy International works with civil society organisations from around the world to generate strategies to develop and sustain a global movement. Julie coordinates the joint research, advocacy
Advocacy Officer
Karla is an Advocacy Officer at Privacy International. She works on our strategic areas Defending Democracy and Dissent, Dignity, and Demanding State accountability. Karla has extensive experience working in the regulatory sector. She was a Senior Legal Advisor at the Federal Telecommunications
Senior Legal Officer
Lucie is a Senior Legal Officer at Privacy International working across litigation and legal advocacy efforts. She also leads our work on the surveillance of migrant communities, border externalisation and public-private surveillance partnerships. Lucie was admitted as a lawyer in England and Wales
Senior Technologist and Public Education Coordinator

Nuno (he/him) is a Senior Technologist at PI. He conducts technical research, desk research and data analysis to inform our work and since joining has contributed to policy developments across several areas of PI's work. Nuno is also coordinating our ongoing work on Public Education. The focus of

Advocacy Officer
Sana is an Advocacy Officer at Privacy International where she works on the strategic areas ‘Demanding State Accountability’ and ‘Dignity’. Before joining PI, Sana led the Policy and Advocacy team at Justice Project Pakistan, where she engaged in domestic and international advocacy to reform the
Policy Officer
Sarah has a particular interest in upholding human rights and the rule of law with the increasing use of new technologies in policing and counter-terrorism measures and their wider implications on society and enjoyment of human rights. As well as maintaining privacy in relation to emerging digital
Legal Officer
Tara is a Legal Officer at Privacy International. She works on legal advocacy and supports PI’s litigation efforts in the areas of surveillance, the authoritarian use of technology and social and economic justice. Tara was admitted as an attorney in South Africa in March 2018, and holds a Master of
Global Advocacy Coordinator

Tomaso leads Privacy International's global policy engagement He develops the organisation's international advocacy with the UN, the EU, and other relevant intergovernmental bodies. Previously he worked for Child Soldiers International and for Amnesty International’s (AI) International Secretariat