Privacy International’s Submission To The Home Office Investigatory Powers Act 2016 Consultation On The Draft Codes Of Practice

The powers set out in the Investigatory Powers Act are wide ranging, opaque and lacking in adequate safeguards. The Government have now published updated Draft Codes of Practice for certain parts of the Act.  Unfortunately, the Codes do little to solve the Act’s problems.  Instead, they add little transparency, occasionally expand powers, and undermine some of the limited safeguards in the Investigatory Powers Act. These Codes demand close scrutiny. The unusually short timeframe for the consultation has limited the role that respondents can play. It is now an absolute necessity that Parliamentarians take the opportunity to grasp the breadth of these powers, demand explanation behind the examples provided in the Codes and seek material and documents behind the Codes.

Privacy International's Response to Consultation on IPA Codes of Practice is available here.