Privacy International's submission to the UK consultation on ‘A new pro-competition regime for digital markets’

Privacy International, together with other civil society organisations and experts in the field of digital rights, responded to the UK government’s consultation on ‘a new pro-competition regime for digital markets’.

Key advocacy points

In our comments, we recommended that:

  • Civil society should be included in the open dialogue with the Digital Markets Unit;
  • the interest of individuals are included within the Digital Markets Unit’s overarching statutory duties;

  • the criteria to assess the strategic position of companies is broadened to ensure that it considers their impact on society;

  • the legal test to decide on pro-competitive intervention considers the adverse effect on competition and consumers;

  • the Digital Markets Unit is equipped from the onset with the powers to seek redress from damages caused.

Photo by BP Miller on Unsplash

Photo by BP Miller on Unsplash

The UK government proposes to establish a dedicated Digital Markets Unit to implement and enforce the new pro-competition regime for digital markets. The Digital Markets Unit will be responsible for designating companies with 'Strategic Market Status', overseeing a mandatory code of conduct for those companies and implementing pro-competitive interventions

The way digital marketplaces are shaped has a tremendous impact on human rights. However, this perspective is not always sufficiently present in decision-making nor in public debate. For these reasons, Privacy International welcomed this consultation and made specific suggestions to put individuals and their rights at the centre of the consideration of this reform proposal.