Acxiom sets up site to allow individuals to see their data


In 2013, 44 years after Acxiom went into business selling consumer data, the company opened a website,, to allow Americans to see the data the company holds about them and make it easier to opt out of tracking. However, using the site requires visitors to input a substantial amount of personal information for authentication; the results of these searchers omit many of the data elements Acxoim sells its customers; the privacy policy allows the company considerable latitude in using that information; and there is no facility to allow individuals to delete their data. Opting out suppresses the information from some uses, but does not remove it from Acxiom's database.

tags: Acxiom, opt-out, credit scoring, data protection

Writer: Sarah Downey; Natasha Singer

Publication: Online Privacy | Abine; New York Times

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