Acxiom and AppNexus


In 2017, a group of data brokers led by Acxiom, AppNexus, and MediaMath, and including Index Exchange, LiveIntent, OpenX, and Rocket Fuel,

launched a consortium to make targeted programmatic advertising more widely available. Part of the consortium's goal is to enable the companies involved to compete better with Google's Ad words and Facebook's ad platform, which together account for 48% of all digital advertising spend. The consortium also intended to create a common omnichannel, people-based identifier for targeting; coordinate campaigns across platforms to benefit from economies of scale in advertising; provide interoperability in the mobile web; and enable advertising across mobile, TV, the Internet of Things, email, and emerging channels such as Snapchat and hotel TV.

tags: Acxiom, AppNexus, Index Exchange, LiveIntent, OpenX, Rocket Fuel, advertising, linking

Writer: Oarex

Publication: Oarex

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