Oracle moves into audience tracking by acquiring AddThis


In 2016, Oracle, long known as an enterprise software company, acquired the audience tracking company AddThis as part of expanding its business into marketing technology. AddThis places buttons on web pages to enable visitors to share stories or follow accounts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and provides audience tracking to online publishers and marketing companies. The company is also known for developing "canvas fingerprinting", intended as a replacement for cookies to enable cross-website tracking. AddThis claimed to be able to provide activity data for 1.9 billion unique visitors a month and more than 15 million mobile and desktop web domains. The purchase price was believed to be in the neighbourhood of $200 million. AddThis will join prior acquisitions BlueKai, which provides advertising data, and Datalogix, which provides marketing data, in Oracle's Data Cloud division.

tags: Oracle, adtech, marketing tech, advertising, tracking, canvas, Data Cloud, BlueKai, Datalogix

Writer: Ingrid Lunden

Publication: TechCrunch

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