Quantcast claims better analytics can save money on programmatic advertising


In 2013 and 2014, Quantcast's CEO, Konrad Feldman, claimed that real-time bidding, the latest trend in advertising technology, was providing a new way to game advertisers. RTB, also known as "programmatic" advertising, uses cookies to track what users have looked at and then retarget them through ads on other services. IDC expected RTB to command about $5 billion in ad spending in 2014. Feldman's complaint was that the last ad a customer sees before making the purchase gets all the credit when the purchase is likely to be a response to the culmination of a number of ads. Feldman, who believes his company's analytics can solve this problem, argued that much of the money spent on RTB is in fact wasted. Part of Quantcast's own strategy was to reduce retargeting on Facebook - the company was the 18th member of FBX, Facebook's advertising exchange - by exploiting its mass of user information to identify the user profiles and audiences most likely to buy its customers' products.



tags: Quantcast, advertising, analytics, cookies, publishing, Facebook

Writer: Jim Edwards

Publication: Business Insider

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