Los Angeles Police Department uses Palantir software to target "chronic offenders"


In 2018, documents obtained by a public records request revealed that the Los Angeles Police Department required its analysts to maintain a minimum of a dozen ongoing surveillance targets identified using Palantir software and a "probable offender" formula based on an LAPD points-based predictive policing formula. The Palantir software, which LADP began using in 2011, analyses data from myriad police sources that LAPD says helps target chronic offenders and lower crime rates. Critics such as the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition call the practise a "racist feedback loop" because the data from which the reports are generated has the results of LAPD's racist policing embedded within it. Individuals can be removed from the surveillance list if they have not had police contact within two years, but this is difficult to achieve once they are on the list. 


Writer: George Joseph
Publication: The Appeal

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