Security flaws in police body cameras place footage at risk


At the 2018 DefCon security conference, a researcher from the security firm Nuix presented the discovery that body cameras from five different manufacturers shoe cameras are in use by US law enforcement are vulnerable to remote digital attacks, some of which could manipulate footage so it could not be trusted as an accurate record of events. Vulnerabilities in devices from Vievu, Patrol Eyes, Fire Cam, and CeeSc allowed Josh Mitchell to delete footage from a camera or download it, edit or modify it, and reupload it leaving no trace. All of those, plus devices from Digital Ally, had issues that could allow an attacker to track their location or modify their controlling software. Mitchell found further vulnerabilities in the related mobile apps, desktop software, and cloud platforms, and additional vulnerabilities in models with Bluetooth, wifi, or mobile data connectivity. Besides compromising the footage these cameras collect, the vulnerabilities also present safety risks for law enforcement carrying them.

Writer: Lily Hay Newman

Publication: Wired

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