Georgia secretary of state accuses Democrats of hacking voter registration database


Shortly before the 2018 US midterm elections, Georgia secretary of state and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp accused Georgia's Democratic Party of hacking into the state's voter registration database, though without providing any evidence to support the claim. The motives behind the claim were unclear, but a report published by WhoWhatWhy suggested that the claim may have referred to a cybersecurity investigation conducted by the Democrats that uncovered significant flaws in the state's voter registration system that would make it easy for anyone with minimal computer expertise to access the database and change or even cancel registrations. Several months earlier, an indictment of Russian military intelligence officials special counsel Robert Mueller revealed that foreign actors had targeted Georgia's election infrastructure. Kemp declined the Department of Homeland Security's offer to improve the security of Georgia's elections.

Writer: Makena Kelly
Publication: The Verge

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