Data analysis to improve electoral strategy (Liegey Muller Pons)


A company called Liegey Muller Pons (LMP) offers data analysis tools to help candidates and political parties improve their political campaign strategy. The three founders of the company were member's of former President François Hollande's 2012 campaign team. LMP was then hired by current President Emmanuel Macron during his Grande Marche campaign before the elections and during the presidential elections by the Socialist Party candidate Benoît Hamon. LMP offers data analysis that allows candidates to identify which polling station to prioritize to launch door-to-door campaigns and which areas are more likely to feel concerned by a candidate’s ideas. Macron hired LMP to provide a digital platform to gather data during his Grande Marche massive door-to-door campaign in May 2016, aiming to gather 100,000 answers to a questionnaire. Other tools offered by the company include a tool to plan which area to target for door-to-door campaigns and another one to facilitate the door-to-door collection of data. While the company claims that it only works with aggregated data, and not individual data, many of the tools they use have raised questions regarding transparency and compatibility with data protection legislation.

Source: Report by TacticalTech and Judith Duportail "The 2017 Presidential Election: The arrival of targeted political speech in French politics"