Flaws in geolocation data collection jeopardise criminal proceedings in Denmark

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Denmark released 32 prisoners as part of an ongoing review of 10,700 criminal cases, after serious questions arose regarding the reliability of geolocation data obtained from mobile phone operators. Among the various problems with the software used to convert the phone data into usable evidence, it was found that the system connected the phones to several towers at once, sometimes hundreds of kilometres apart, recorded the origins of text messages incorrectly and got the location of specific towers wrong. As a result of these problems, many innocent people may have been wrongfully convicted, while potential suspects might have been ignored. Following this development, prisoners began submitting requests for release, while the authorities imposed two-month moratorium on use of mobile phone records in trials.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/sep/12/denmark-frees-32-inmates-over-flawed-geolocation-revelations

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