Israel: Security service may use patients' smartphone data for contact tracing


Ministers have permitted the Shin Bet security service to "use the cellular phone data of carriers of the disease to retrace their steps and identify anyone they may have infected", and will relay the information to the Health Ministry, which will send a message to those who were within two meters (6.6 feet) of the infected person for 10 minutes or more, telling them to go into quarantine. An update to the original order has extended the period during which it is in force from 30 days until the government ends the state of emergency. The collected data will be saved for a further 60 days to perform an internal investigation of the Health Ministry's efforts. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel has said that while it believes the intrusion is not justified by the health benefits, it does not believe that it will be used to wiretap conversations or access other data of substance from phones.