Poland: App helps police monitor home quarantine


The Polish government has developed the free Home Quarantine app for both iPhone and Android, which allows the police to check that individuals do not break quarantine; those who do may be fined up to PLN 5,000 and also offers support to those who are quarantined. Once users activate the app by entering a phone number and a code sent via SMS, they send a reference photo. Every so often the app sends an unscheduled request for a new photo to be sent within 20 minutes. The system checks both the person (using facial recognition) and the location, essentially replicating what would otherwise be a visit from a police officer. Non-quarantined people cannot sign up, as the app is connected to a database of telephone numbers belonging to those ordered into quarantine. The app also gives access to relevant health information and a hotline. The government intends to add more functionality to the app over time.