Thai Tech Startup Association works with government to develop questionnaire


The Thai Tech Startup Association, Department of Disease Control (Ministry of Public Health), Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Ministry of Digital Economy and Society), and National Innovation Agency have developed a questionnaire on an app which as adverised on the Thai Tech Startup Associaiton the questionnaire is designed for people to self-assess if they are in high risk or not. Developed by the Department of Diseases the questionnaire asks a variety of questions related to symptoms and travel history as well as name, family name, citizen ID (no longer mandatory after receiving extensive criticism, gender (male/female/not specified), date of birth (date, month, year), occupation (student / employee in private sector / civl servant / business owner / others), and phone number. Thai Tech Startup Association, the developer of the application, said the information provided would only be communicated to the medical team to contact the user back if they are at high risk.