Supercom repurposes electronic surveillance system for quarantine


The global secure solutions integrator SuperCom has begun piloting a modified version of the company's PureHeath platform, which incorporates a specially designed "PureCare" smartphone and "PureTag" ankle bracelet, aimed at ensuring that people comply with quarantine requirements during the coronavirus pandemic. The expectation is that the smartphones, which are easier to distribute at scale, will be used widely, while the ankle bracelets will be reserved for high-risk individuals. The company provides a web-based platform that organisations can use to monitor and manage all their devices. The technology is similar to the technology Smartcom ships to monitor house arrest. The company has signed a 4.5-year, $1.35 million contract with the government of Estonia to provide monitoring for people under house arrest, and another with a government agency in Canada.


Writer: Eric Weiss
Publication: Find Biometrics