Israel copies Taiwanese system for quarantine enforcement 


Israel intends to deploy a cellphone tracking system developed in Taiwan by Chunghwa Telecom, which launched it on February 1 in Taiwan, where it was used to track the subscribers of Taiwan's five network operators. To begin, Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control compiled a list of people who need to be placed in quarantine or home isolation after coming into close contact with COVID-19 patients or travellers returning from high-risk countries. After local health and civil affairs departments check to make sure whether the listed individuals can be reached at the cellphone and addresses they have provided, their mobile numbers are sent to the telecoms companies, which regularly report on the locations, derived from GPS data and base station triangulation, of the associated devices. If someone is discovered to be breaking quarantine, an alert is triggered and their service provider sends a warning message to the individual and the local police, health, and civil affairs agencies. 


Writer: Shelley Shan
Publication: Taipei Times