China: Guangzhou installs temperature and identity-checking tablet on buses


The Guangzhou Public Transportation Group has installed a biometric tablet next to bus drivers' seats so they can check the temperature and identity of every passenger who boards. The tablets will also photograph each passenger, allowing them to be identified by China's facial recognition network in the hope of helping control the spread of the novel coronavirus by enabling contact tracing for anyone displaying symptoms. The Group claims the data so gathered will only be used in the interests of public health. China has also enlisted infrared scanners and surveillance cameras to the cause; the Chinese AI company Hanvon claims its latest facial recognition technology can identify people wearing masks with 95% accuracy. 
China is expanding the scope of its biometric network in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Guangzhou Public Transportation Group is now using biometric tablets to check the temperature (and the identity) of every passenger who boards one of the city’s buses.


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