Clearview AI offers US federal and local governments facial recognition for contact tracing


The automated facial recognition company Clearview AI has suggested to US federal and state authorities that its facial biometrics could leverage cameras already in place at gyms and retailers in order to identify individuals in the interests of contact tracing.

Simultaneously, the company is asking for a stay in a privacy lawsuit in federal court in Illinois under the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act. The company wants the case to be moved to the Southern District of New York, where it is facing four similar potential class actions.

[Update] Following protests from the ACLU and others, the Westport Police Department decided to scrap the drone programme, acknowledging that according to public health experts the urgent need is not for surveillance technologies but for testing, social distancing, and support for hospitals.


Writer: Chris Burt
Publication: Biometric Update

Writer: Robert Gearty
Publication: Fox News (via MSN)

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