South Africa develops contact tracing app


Researchers at the University of Cape Town are developing the smartphone app COVI-ID to help the South African government track people who may not know they have contracted COVID-19, as well as people who have come into contact with those who have tested positive. The app will use Bluetooth and geolocation (via GPS, cellphone tower signals, and wifi) to collect the personal locations of users along with their infection status and store the information on the device using self-sovereign identity. It will also generate a red, yellow, or green QR code the user can show anyone tasked with protecting public safety. The data is intended to help the Department of Health trace others who came into contact with someone who has tested positive; there are concerns about privacy and stigma towards those who are infected. Smartphone users will have to carry their mobile devices at all times in order for the information to be trustworthy.

Writer: Luis Monzon
Publication: IT News Africa


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