North Carolina county bars non-resident access


In April, the US state of North Carolina's Dare County enacted a series of emergency declarations that establish checkpoints at all points where roads cross the county borders; travellers show an ID card with a Dare County address or a county-issued permit in order to enter the county. Dare County, which consists of barrier beaches and other islands on the Outer Banks of the coast, is served by only three roads in and out of the country, and all routes cross bridges or causeways. Because the county already has COVID-19 cases, it's unclear whether the measure serves public health.

Non-resident owners of homes in the county have filed a federal lawsuit. The case was referred for mediation; soon afterwards Dare County began allowing non-resident home owners into the county. However, many others were still being denied entry and the restrictions may violate the US Constitution.


Writer: Edward Hasbrouck
Publication: Papers Please